No girl in my class is prettier than Linda.

We'll have a picnic tomorrow, weather permitting, of course.

Ruth used to date Erik.

I don't think I'm going to see Josh.

We must focus on building a solid grass-roots movement.

Pay attention to your surroundings.


Martyn doesn't feel like taking a walk with his dog this morning.


The translators of the Bible were considered blasphemous.

Have you ever been to that village?

Felix asked us to be silent.

Ford was poorly educated.

The water is flowing.


Kit used to be best friends with Jun.

Do you have any actual evidence?

George was in love with Sandip.

Nichael'll succeed.

I bought the same camera as you have.

Call me if you need my help.

Samuel wants me to go to Boston with him.


That's his opinion.

Do you even remember them?

I think Malus is patient.

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I'll ring them tomorrow when I come home.

Bucky was asserting, judging by the verb in front of him, that the sentence was past tense, while Janos, seeing the gerundive under her eyes, was swearing it was a present.

Don't try to sweet talk me.


Jane is not such a bad sort.

I have a new plan.

This is the very dictionary I've been looking for.

American news stories always refer to "The Japanese" no matter who is being talked about.

He was established as Foreign minister.

How can you trust her?

He came down with a wallop.

I said that's all I know.

Clear off the table.


Diane's biggest disappointment in life is not being able to have children.

Sleep's the best thing for her.

She expends her energy on parties.


I can wait a few hours.

He does not live there any more.

You must conform to the rules.

They both started laughing.

Randy went back to the table.

February has twenty-nine days in leap years.

Juliet never complains, no matter how hard the work is.

Her face grew pale.

Please remain seated.


Could you please acknowledge receipt of this note?

They walked downstairs.

Finishing the report by 2:30 shouldn't be too difficult.

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He was admitted to the engineering school.

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Let's get some food. You look like you're about to pass out.

You live in constant fear.

"Could you please buy me a book?" "What kind of book?"

I am keen on Corey's passing the examination.

Are you psychotic?

We put the futons away in the morning.

I told them not to come back.


This bag is not big enough.

Can I sit next to him?

You're asking the wrong guy.

What're you doing with this?

Bradford said that's very uncommon.

What's the matter with you today?

She is very sad.


Are you feeling a little better now?


This typewriter has seen plenty of use.

I won't go to Australia this year.

I substituted flour for oatmeal.

Does Nancy have to do her homework now?

Maybe you should ask around and see what other people think.

The electorate is largely uninterested in the lackluster candidates.

I don't enjoy traveling.

I assume Mikey was kidding.

You've already decided to quit, haven't you?

I'll pay by cheque.

Don't you ever make me cry again!

Louise regrets insulting Janice.

Honzo went to Boston to study art.


How rich are they?

Though it is true that every normal human being is able to use language, it is misleading to compare this with his ability to eat, sleep, or walk.

Sarah knew that Travis wanted him to ask her out.


Rudolf says that Kee can go, but that he can't.

They started kissing.

Take another step forward.


How would I know?

You don't know Sidney like I do.

Ramanan slammed the door in Yvonne's face.

I have to get home.

They expected the British to win.

Amarth slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

Tatoeba is sick right now. She should stay in bed.

It's anybody's guess.

I have a few things I need to do.


Our passports were cancelled.

Srikanth seems to be able to stay thin even though he eats quite a bit.

Matthew hasn't been his usual self lately.

Kinch looks like he might be interested.

Mud clings to my shoes.

Tuna is at my house.

Lori designed an experiment to test his hypothesis.

I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry.

I'm not sure why Greg didn't want to meet Sedat.

Are you going to go with Helen?

It's too hot and I'm very tired.


Xiaoding's father's name is written down on the envelope.

You're after Louise.

There will be no big typhoon for the moment.

We won't let anything happen to you, I promise.

Keep her quiet.

Don't get discouraged.

Ray honked the horn and leaned out the window.

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They can manage.


I just saw that I got hacked.

He is on another phone at the moment.

Why did you ask us for help if you didn't really want us to help?

Take the wheel.

Nicolo made me promise not to tell Oliver about what happened.


Michael doesn't understand how that could have happened.


Anatole told me he was really hungry.


It's Troy you should be yelling at.

The sky was filled with airplanes.

You have to leave everything.

I'm afraid I have internal bleeding.

Where did you buy all this?


Her ideas sound crazy.

I only have one more favor to ask.

The murderer was finally caught last night.

Let's dance.

Do you like Indonesian cuisine?


Adlai poured the tomato soup in his mug and drank it.


A few serious problems remain.

"Do you have a cigarette?" "No, I only smoke other people's."

I shall go from Italy to France by railroad.

It's hideous.

Smoking prohibited inside elevator.

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Your information was accurate.

They have been helped.

Let's keep this private.

It was unthinkable.

Can you give me a brief description of the thief?

She was in an abyss of despair.

I bet that I can finish this task in an hour's time.

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I wonder how much we'll have to pay.

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I'm at the airport now.

They supplied money to him.

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

I wouldn't bet on that horse if I were you.

Can I use the laundry any time?

Food arrived on the table.

Let me explain how this works.

It was Kenneth who first suggested that we hire Kieran.

Somehow you must find a way to finish this work in one month.


They were high school sweethearts.

People sometimes ask me what I'm going to do when I retire.

The trains are running late.

We were returning a favor.

Per can't hide the truth from Archie anymore.

We've got trouble.

He must be an American.

Maybe I expect too much.

Thanks for doing that for Pia.

The stock market crash forced many retirees back into the job market.

They walked upstairs.

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Why don't you buy a vehicle?

Are you sure you're not tired?

She really got on my nerves.


While working in the Shuttle during orbit, astronauts work in comfortable clothes such as knit shirts, pants, or flight suits.