Our television has been out of order for more than a week.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a loud explosion.


The ship had a marked list.


What do you think of his suggestion?

I live a privileged life.

I didn't expect you to answer.


Lester's injury didn't appear serious.

There are petals all over the floor.

"I love you" is the title of the majority of songs that anybody sings in their life.


Either you or I must go in his place.


Should we go and try to find Gerard?

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Women shouldn't practice abortion too much.

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That idea's not bad.

If we work as a team, we can achieve anything.

A man named Mr. Itoh wants to meet you.

I'm still married to her.

I needed to be sure he'd come here.

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Were they good?

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He likes adventures.

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It doesn't matter whether you come or not.

To avoid injury or discomfort, be sure that the vagina is lubricated before intercourse.

She likes sleeping.

Which do you like better, spring or autumn?

Jim was so tired that he lay down and slept.

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My father told me to rest well.

I suddenly remembered that I couldn't afford so many books.

When I accidentally stood on the cat's tail, she hissed at me and raced out of the room.

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Marcos is looking for his cat.

She is quite a clever girl.

They didn't answer.

The men looked at Jessie in silence.

She used to help him with his homework.

Does the fact that horses have hooves mean that they have no fingers?

I can see the castle from my bedroom window.


She wrote me four letters.

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I feel I could've done better.

Do you often hear from Bobbie?

Can I have some water?

Claire still didn't know what to do.

I'm in enough pain already.


She finds reading boring.

I think this lamp has a short because the light comes on only if I jiggle the cord.

Why would you want to hurt me?

We'll get you anything you need.

We tend to slack off after many hours of hard work.

I didn't even see her go.

I have some difficulty breathing.


I won't be defeated.

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He is clearly insane.


I can help you stop smoking.


I love California.

Once upon a time, in a land not very different to yours lived a beautiful young woman named Belle.

She made a lot of spelling mistakes.

I'll help Heinrich when I can.

I suspect Elvis knows more.

The students discussed the plan for many hours.

Why didn't anyone tell me?


It's suspicious.


We're looking for him now.

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Tell Adlai I'll just be a minute, OK?

He belongs to the ESS (English Speaking Society).

We did warn her.

Next time I will do it myself.

Kenji abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.

She eats nothing other than fruit.

I think I'm the only one awake.

We're more than ready.

She's very happy-go-lucky.

You can probably buy one of these cheaper elsewhere.

I have to go help them.

Russia lost 20 million people during World War II.

I found six mistakes in as many lines.

I compared my car with his.

How are they doing it?


Honey doesn't drip from the sky.


He is able in business.

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I'm very sorry for what I've done.

Which is longer, the Shinano River or the Agano River?

I'm getting sleepy again.

It's always a little bit different.

Geoffrey got more Christmas presents than Greg.

If I were going to tell anybody, I'd tell you first.

How can people be so blind?

I just came by to pick up the check.

This is my friend Rachel. We went to school together.

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Maybe Suresh wasn't busy.


I broke her heart and made her cry.

The cat scared me.

Today, I am very tired.


My uncle gave me the watch.

Before leaving, his men set fire to the city.

She wore a yellow ribbon.

Elric doesn't like to eat fish.

He is the law.

Major decided that it wouldn't be beneficial to study French.

Mr. Thompson has been very busy today.

You can do anything you want, depending on what floats your boat.

Do you have a passport?

The father sorrowfully buried his son.

It seems like you don't remember me.

You should really be wearing a helmet.

Do you hear from your son from time to time?

Why did you arrive in Japan?

I'll get you some water.


It was so cold I clung to the blanket all day.

Saul was the last person to leave the room.

The car turned over and burst into flames.

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We look exactly like them.

Can we speak in the other room?

Can Jackye drive himself home?

She stood still with her hair flying in the wind.

That's not the right answer.


Some fish fly.

What's different from Japan is that the doctors of Singapore generally all know each other.

One of the kings of Egypt was a boy.

Your password has just been sent. Check your email.

Don't try that again.


Keep on working when I am not there.

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Tell me why you didn't ask them.

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Be loved!


Ha ha ha, very funny.


He'll get over it.

Ramesh is the only survivor of the plane crash.

I can help Blayne find what he needs.

Was it something I said?

I came from Iran.

The news of the accident was only too true.

Robin is not as good as he thinks.

Nathan said he didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Tandy would get embarrassed.


You're in charge.

It doesn't count.

We'll likely never know for sure.

Donn invited Son to his birthday party.

Tell me the good news first.


Why don't you give it another try?

The scent of flowers filled our home.

Miles was an extraordinary woman.

She is a bigot.

Look at that guy, he's really cute.

Niels looked after my dog while I was in the hospital.

See you in a minute.

I saw Kirsten's car in the parking lot.

I don't think Jarl will be using this.

Hey, that smells good.

I abstain from voting.

Do you have a mobile phone?

Douglas was a short, heavy man.

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He's after me.

What is for dinner today?

No one should have to do that.

Get your own place.

Thanks for writing so often.

Everyone sympathised with her.

Never open the door of a car that is in motion.

You're late.

This is getting creepy.


I was in Australia with them.


The old woman fingered each bead of her rosary with deep devotion.