We don't need any more.

You flatter me.

I think it's necessary for him to go there.

I'd like to spend a few moments with Himawan alone.

Do you think she still keeps my letters?

Running hard is important for you.

The problems are easier than those I solved yesterday.

Most programmers hate debugging; making errors is much more fun than debugging them.


Are all of them your friends?


I feel like going to the movies, but I still have to do my homework.


Do you think I should write?


Brandi and I enjoy spending time together.


I was not conscious what in fact I was doing then.


That's their strategy.


What is it you want me to do?

I think Spyros made a big mistake.

What's her picture doing here?

Did it make you angry?

He cut a brilliant figure.

I admire the view of the entire city atop the Ferris wheel.

He drives a tow truck.

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I'll jump in.

I never should've got you into this.

You don't want to wait such a long time.


They split up.

Do you think Bobbie is right?

Kevin was brought up by his aunt in the country.


She's a good-looking woman.

The smaller basket holds less than the large one.

Much confusion ensued following this news report.

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I hope Julianto can get help.

We have some legal problems to work out.

There is something else.

Lyndon is single and has a three-year-old daughter.

Our school is ten minutes' walk from here.

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When he doesn't get what he wants, he pouts.

Our eyes, our ears, our sense of smell, our taste create as many truths as there are men on earth.

She held a flower in her hand.

It's very difficult to do that.

We've already discussed it.


I am on good terms with my brother.

He pissed away his inheritance on booze and loose women.

They refused to countenance any suggestion of a power-sharing agreement with a man they deemed a radical.

Bradley tells me you and Glynn are planning to get married.

Jack looks undecided.

The bicycle by the door is mine.

Why is Root so popular?

This is a nice change of pace.

Do you write that with a "J"?

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A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

Children love playing with squirt guns in the summer to stay cool.

They have jobs.

Jerrie wasn't home alone.

Spass doesn't know if it is true or not.

I would have somebody sweep this room clean.

I'm impressed with how much you know.

Talk to your boss.

It was fortunate that he passed it.

He's not worth it.

Life is dear to everybody.

This sentence requires a question mark at the end.

I saw Stephan hiding his money.

Some mammals, such as mice and human babies, are born in a helpless state.

How soon can I leave?

He's very touchy feely.

Don't try to trick us.


Now, get off the boat and swim to shore.

My parents forbade me to see Ramesh again.

I went to Boston last month.

I can't wait for Suyog to come home so I can show him this.

I don't have the authority to give you permission.

Do you have a soup dish?

She was in no humor for lunch.

You can't postpone the party.

I doubt that our new boss will be any worse than the old one.


"Popov is a traitor?" "Yes. We're to beat the shit outta him!" "How?" "Hell knows."

This should be completely rewritten.

No, it's the tomatoes.

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I was named after my great-grandfather.

Alastair cut classes again.

I have made it my life's mission to eradicate malaria.


It would be nice if we could get some new playground equipment.

I want to ask her out, but I don't have the courage.

I hope we have a white Christmas.

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Janos looks as if he's seen a ghost.

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On both sides of the road there are cherry trees.

It's impossible to study with so much noise!

That's a layman's idea.

It's in plain sight.

I'd like to have dinner with you.

Beverly left the company in 2013.

Palestine should be the country of all those who wish to live there peacefully, not a land destined to a religious or ethnic group at the expense of indigenous groups.

I don't think I can get through this.

He will stay in Tokyo for several weeks.


You have lovely breasts.

Rick really doesn't want to tell Rajeev where he was.

It is nothing that a little persistence and ingenuity can't overcome.

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I have to go home.

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Ice turns to water when it gets warm.

I still remember the first time.

One of the drivers fell asleep at the wheel, causing the accident.

What kind of places do you like?

He's born from a Jewish mother and a Muslim father; this helped him much to develop a kind of openmindedness.

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The paintings were in very good condition.

It's not something that could ever happen.

Lea didn't give me a chance to talk to him.

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I like a good cup of coffee.


You've got to learn to be careful.

When was printing invented?

Sulfur is used to make matches.

Students study in school.

Marilyn Monroe died when she was 36 years old.

This is reasonable.

Are we going to empty a glass?


The telephone is just a wonderful device.

He ran so fast that they couldn't catch up with him.

Style is to the writer what color is to the painter.

I don't want you to be unhappy.

"Pilot pulled off another one of his big heists! What did he do? For crying out loud, he robbed a goddamn bank!"

Bread is made from flour, water and yeast.

The decree of a president of the republic expires with an end to the state of emergency.


I translate sentences on Tatoeba in my spare time.

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Dan is on Linda's side.


Arlene tried to comfort her mother.

I played with my brother.

You ought not to stay up so late.

I don't believe that she can speak Hebrew.

Don't you guys feel great?

Jess has been found.

Bobbie held on to the rope.


I disposed of my old coat.

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Dirk has been looking forward to meeting you.


There's nobody there.

You never do anything right, do you?

Making babies is not hard labor.

I wish I was smart enough to invent something that sold well enough for me to get rich.

The earthquake caused a tsunami of immense size.

I don't want to hear that.

Emily broke his left wrist.

A double espresso for here.

Better a fowl in hand than two flying.


Shay burst out laughing when she heard the joke that David told.

Lester is richer than I am.

I've been to the supermarket.

You're the one who quit.

I've decided not to study French anymore.


I'm running and running.

Let's go see her.

Nick wasn't a nice man.

It all happened very fast.

I'm still single.


I will cut your fingers and tongue, Caty!


I want more than that.


The owners want you out of this house by next Monday.

Do you have any museum guides in Japanese?

I've got something you've got to see.

Is there something you're not telling us?

I invited Kristin to eat dinner with us tomorrow.

How's your job?

The government clamped down on the minority group.


My son still cannot count.