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Our Weekly Falmouth Enterprise Column


By Nancy E. Bennett

Friday, November 16, 2018

Arley, female, beagle

There is popular and then there is Arley popular! This young beagle has people coming to the shelter in droves to meet her.

Cute, young and with puppy enthusiasm, Arley is great fun to be around. She seems to delight in everything and is thrilled to spend time with people.

At just 10 months old, she has a lot of training in her future. We are looking for a family with time and patience to housetrain her and teach her appropriate manners. This family should also be prepared to give her the exercise a young dog will need.

Poppy, female, 2 years old, Staffordshire terrier mix

Fully housetrained is 2-year-old Poppy, who also has great manners in general. Her foster family regularly reports on how well Poppy is doing. She is thriving in a home environment and has happily settled into the routine of the household.

We think Poppy would do best with a family that would be home with her most of the time, would take her for daily walks and would give her lots of affection. Anyone who has met Poppy knows that the last one is very easy to do! In her excitement to greet people, she could knock a small child over, so we are looking for a family with no children or older children.

Rambo, male, Alaskan malamute

Our big boy Rambo is an Alaskan malamute mix. He is less than 2 years old and is still not quite a full adult. This breed has a lot of energy, so a family that is able to give him plenty of exercise is a must. We think it is important that his new family have experience with the breed.

Rambo is on his way to being a great adult dog but right now his size and exuberance would be too much for small children. Also, while he likes to play with other dogs, we feel he will do best as the only pet in the household.

Penny, female, Dutch shepherd mix

A few weeks ago we mentioned how Rambo was regularly playing with a friend at the shelter. Well, that friend was our Dutch shepherd mix Penny. Penny was experiencing some anxiety, and we felt it was best to give her some time to overcome that without her having to worry about people regularly coming to meet her. As you can see this 3-year-old girl is very pretty, so she did attract a lot of interest.

Penny has been making great progress and is starting some training after Thanksgiving, so we feel the time is right to mention her again. We are looking for a family familiar with her breed and one willing to continue her training.

Thanksgiving Tips

Having lots of visitors over the holiday might overwhelm your dog. Keep in mind your dog's personality and the change in its routine and consider having a quiet place for the dog to retreat to.

Also try to keep the Thanksgiving goodies out of the dog's reach and discourage your visitors from sharing their food with your dog. If you wish to give your pet some special food for the holiday, it is best if it is something made especially for dogs.

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