Your stupid plan is actually working.

I needed just that.

She might be a little mad at me, but she shouldn't be because I'm fine. I'm finer than fine.

Louis picked Per up and put her in her highchair.

I'm dying for a pizza.

This necktie does not match my coat.


Laurianne shouldn't have left so early.


She adores her elder brother.

This table has a smooth surface.

You can sit anywhere you want.


This bookstore stopped selling JUMP.

It's the fastest train in the world.

Hello, everybody! We're here to entertain you.


We don't get visitors.


Compared to our house, his is a palace.

She had a beautiful smile.

I can get him to help you.

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My mother is always complaining about me.

No good deed goes unpunished.

We have a busy day ahead of us.

I want a doctor in here now!

Is there anyone here who hasn't been to Boston?


Why won't you talk to me?

How do you like your new place?

All living things on earth depend one another.


Where do these come from?


I told them I changed my opinion.

I have five friends.

Good care should be taken of the pearl.

I've decided to join the volunteer fire department.

"I'll come again." "Yeah, I look forward to it."

Would you stop that, please?

My hands are tight.

Her speech moved us.

Kamel and Diane stopped hugging.

Your future begins today.

It was hard for Guy to keep a straight face.

She is being blackmailed by him.

Be patient.

Finish cutting the paper.

Sundar was tapping his fingers nervously on the table.

Mr Johnson, president of the club, will soon come.

He may be the very man that I need.

The hen has been brooding its eggs for a week.

The problem is that solar energy just costs too much.

What can I do to help you?

The same is true of Japan.


You've got to do something about this soon.

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This is my favourite project.

Blaine swam for three hours yesterday afternoon.

With the exception of virtue, nothing is more excellent than friendship.

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The crowd broke out in hearty laughter.

I can't tell what this is.

I wore one.

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I didn't want to lose them.

I'm staying for another three weeks.

Dan was a serial killer who had murdered at least six people.


Molly won't talk about what happened.

You'll get a kick out of it.

Why are you trying to hide your feelings?


Doug has an addictive personality.

I think I know who might've done this.

Sheep give us wool.

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New opportunities are opening up to you.

That young actor is a James Dean.

Bertrand hit a triple.

One of this country's most important products is coffee.

We haven't actually discussed the problem yet.

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What makes you so sure that Barry won't be here tonight?

Everything was stolen.

Maybe he has lots of girlfriends.

Trent wasn't so sure himself.

Alas, I was late.


I think you're stupid to do that.

I have a full time job.

That was very careless of Knapper.

Liber looked surprised at how well Spudboy was doing.

Tai invited me to go out on his motorboat.

The cedar count today is really high, so I might have to call work and tell them I'm too sick to go in.

She has put on weight recently.

The typhoon became weaker and changed into a storm.

The stars come out at night.

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I've talked to him.

I had no more than three pounds.

Can you remember his name?

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I'm planning to leave for Europe next week.

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It's not you I'm worried about.

Sport plays an important role in his life.

We have erected thirty benches on the walking trails around our village.

I wish Kenn would depend on me more.

Rajendra will get well very soon.

You guys are all sleep deprived.

Meg always acts generously.

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Are you going to tell Andrea?


What sort of women's fashion does Himawan like?

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Body temperature is highest in the afternoon.


I don't have any money on me.

Who do you think would be the best person for the job?

She tried to lift the box, but found it impossible to do.

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To build real, lasting economic security the President will work with Congress and act on his own to expand opportunity for all so that every American can get ahead and have a shot at creating a better life for their kids.

Are all of Irving's brothers still in Boston?

I work every morning in Central Park at 6 a.m.

Huey needs to learn more about that problem.

She wanted to have a lovely wedding.

I associate with him in business.

My interest was piqued.

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There's no reason.

I have many friends I can talk to.

They looked relieved.

You obviously love Shaw and he obviously loves you.

I have lived here for years.

Next week I will go to Vancouver and visit my younger sister.

I wish I could go with Deirdre.

I have an acquaintance with her.

What's that worth?


I owe you a sincere apology.

Give it a try.

The class was made up of seventeen children.

She had planted roses before he came.

They scorned our attempts at reconciliation.

We're nervous.

This story is interesting, funny and even exciting.

A man ought to read just as inclination leads him; for what he reads as a task will do him little good.

I wonder if he will win both races.


I suppose we could ask him.

Women hate me.

I'm done.


You don't really like feeling old.


Look up the new words in your dictionary.

I just got a text from her.

You're bound to succeed in the long run.

Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation.

Isn't that an amazing coincidence?

Don't scold her. She's too young to understand.

You have three messages.

We deal with new types of diseases.

I'm not sure of it either.

Doesn't it smell like bacon?

My son can read a clock.


I want to give Dave something useful for his birthday.

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The town hall was full of people.


Not only are you wrong, but I am wrong too.

The hotel lobby boasts a beautiful, crystal chandelier from the 1920s.

Bradford, please, not now.

Everyone should be wary.

Nadeem has had a change of heart.

Can't you get Caroline to stop?

How old were these kids?

You could use some sleep.

It's not easy for me.


Did you ever see a whale?

We all are God's sons.

He didn't do it.

It's surely a view the townsfolk are attached to.

A man's vanity is his tenderest spot.

Soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.

It was crowded.


Bryce didn't have time to spend with his children.

It's my turn to do laundry.

I've never even met them.

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The bill was passed by an overwhelming majority.


I looked in my closet for something to wear.