I'm surprised you weren't invited.

The snail drew in its feelers.

The cherry trees are in full blossom.

I think it's horrible.

Le Corbusier was a French architect.

He thus revealed his glory.

Pilar asked me to leave the room.

It's quite obscure what this sentence means.


Tracey looked over his shoulders, expecting to see someone.

I prefer English.

Hey, come on. Don't make a face.

Alejandro and Phillip were standing just outside the door, whispering to each other.

I got nowhere with the work.

Why did you just say that?

Plastic should've worked harder.

Contributors should avoid personal attacks.

Greg never did have much use for scientists.

I can't think about Subra now.

You've got to call me tomorrow.


She refreshed her memory with the photo.

Only yesterday did I know the fact.

We'll have to postpone the game.

Ralf cheated on the exam.

The board unanimously decided to appoint her as CEO.


Be sure to look over your paper again before you hand it in.


You really need to get a haircut.

I like to visit cemeteries. Is that normal?

Where did you study?

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That was enough to issue a warrant for Dan's arrest.

He went abroad for the purpose of studying English.

That's what they all say.

I thought you were going to kill me.

Patrick and Elwood wanted to get married and have kids as soon as possible.

Loren coughed.

There was nothing interesting in the newspaper.

Presley stacked the boxes up against the wall.

Ravindranath doubled his investment in a year.


His jokes made us laugh.

Len is quite friendly.

Mr. Brown's unique style of teaching left an indelible mark on generations of students.


My father is free on Saturday.

Everybody loves me.

They're expressing their love by hugging.

That's a faster way.

Skeeter will come early.

Christopher likes to swim.

Narendra rarely talks to anybody.

Pain is an entirely personal sensation.

Compared to yesterday, the weather is better today.

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I would rather be poor than be rich by taking advantage of others.

They will be surprised to hear the news.

You could've just called.


Sabrina didn't see Christie sitting under the tree.

It'll soon be breakfast time.

I never thought Beth would do that.

I am supposed to babysit the children tonight.

Charlene played golf last Monday.

It was a daring adventure, full of thrill and excitement.

Do you know their address?

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Jack didn't make any mistakes on the math test.

How do I get over the river?

Josh never forgets to give his wife flowers on their wedding anniversary.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

This word means several different things.

How about playing tennis?

Collect your thoughts before you begin your work.

I am surprised to see you here in this hotel.

Can I tell Wayne about this?

Joel was careful not to get his shoes muddy.

Picasso is a famous artist whom everyone knows.


I'm a private investigator.

Could you please help me?

She lives quite close by.


We've got to find them.


I have bills to pay.

That water tower holds a three-day supply.

As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.


Todd never left the building.

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Tell them to hurry.

I don't want to forget this moment.

I enjoy her company.

I'd love to know what's happening.

Sumitro seemed surprised.

She's not a good person.

I can do that better than anyone else here.

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Ask your sister to follow your rules.

I'm not quite sure who I should talk to.

They looked forward to a time when they would no longer have to live from hand to mouth.

Valentin goes along with whatever Danielle says.

He's not sick.

He fancies himself somebody.

It's not normal.


Erick forgot his umbrella in his car.

Both of us graduated from Harvard.

They charged us more than we expected.

These stairs are a little slippery, so please be careful.

I do not want to see their perverted smirks.

I wish you'd said that before.

Andrea kicked a chair in anger.

We're celebrating language diversity.

Stephanie pointed to the ground.


There are many books about George Harrison, and it seems there is no mention of a Florence.

She diced a carrot.

The Melbourne police raided the bookstore for violating censorship laws.

I couldn't prevent that from happening.

I can't think of a better time to go.


Where can I get stamps?

That was cooked in oil.

Let's congratulate Louiqa.

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He was in a hurry to begin the new job.

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It wasn't very smart of you to throw that note away.

If you show me your tongue, I might show you mine.

It is forbidden for you to touch that switch.


Stop it. You're embarrassing me.

He could not go to college.

Can't we tell her about it?

As far as modern writing is concerned, it is rarely rewarding to translate it, although it might be easy. Translation is very much like copying paintings.

We're not satisfied.

You shouldn't speak when the teacher is speaking. It's common sense.

Did Dawn sign?

We're running a little behind.

Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius, doesn't it?

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Daily service every 3 to 5 minutes.

Why can't we be friends?

I think you're mistaken.

As a man sows, so he shall reap.

He was a great general and statesman.

The website you told me about was very interesting and also useful.

Emily didn't provide any details.


Takao seems like a very nice man.

I did not live in Sanda last year.

What are you holding in your hand?

His colleague was transferred to an overseas branch.

Do you have a guilty conscience?

Kuldip said Peggy would help him, but I didn't think she would.

We are very concerned about the future of this country.

Zamboanga City is known as Asia's Latin city.

I dream about him every night.

Kimberly gave Toft a push.

Mann loves her pony and her pony loves her.

Don't forget to bring back this book.

I live in a two story house.

Journalistic spins heavily affect on everyday discourse.

You shot them.

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Scott's sister likes to prepare sashimi.

Did you sleep with him?

She blew out all the candles on the birthday cake.

Dieticians are experts in the food industry.

He's a yes-man.

I spent the entire weekend studying in the library.

Boyd was completely surprised by Ro's offer.

Reid fell down.

Don't look so surprised.

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More than twenty boys went there.

That is bad to me.

You can't blame yourself for that.


It'll cause trouble.

There are many things that time does not heal.

I will present myself at the meeting.


I'm beginning to not like you.

I need to let him know.

Is the horse black?

I want some food.

In my opinion, you are wrong.

It's stuck.

I have more problems than I can count.

Lloyd and Naresh are still waiting.

Our two brothers wrought their common death.

I'll step outside.

You are going to the phone and calling the doctor!

She told him to go away.

She considered him to be a blessing.