Do you think Clifford is unfair?

He drew a deep breath.


As a consequence, additional tests must be carried out to ensure complete security.

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In 1920, British astronomer Arthur Eddington proposed that the Sun and other stars are powered by nuclear reactions.

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Donal is naked.

When will your parents get home?

She shouted that she was safe.

I'll take charge now.

The pain finally went away.

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These horses are his.

What would you suggest we do?

If you want to go, then go.

Hello Grandfather.

In the middle of the crowd I chanced to catch a sight of Madonna.

His words had a great effect on my life.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest.

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I'll come when I have done my homework.


Salted pretzels were the favourite snack of the kids.

Hui has come to see you.

They're also too good.


She switched on the lamp because it was dark.

I know I have a biased opinion.

When push comes to shove, a family will close ranks to protect one of their own.

Julia is waiting for Kanthan to return.

They swam with the dolphins.

How long will you stay in Hakone?

Please give me salt and pepper.

Guy knows how to swim like a fish.

I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past two hours.

Meanwhile, I need some time by myself.

He immediately goes after her, like an ox to the slaughter.

It is expensive to live in Japan.

Can you give us any advice?

Judith has not started yet.

Friends are thieves of time.


Phiroze is a prostate cancer survivor.


You can park here.


He is very sensitive to criticism.

The bank director was held in high regard.

I really believe that.


Please promise me you won't do that.

I felt ill. Why?

We're looking for a place to eat.

I wish you had told me what to expect.

Suddenly there was a sudden squeak somewhere. It was very sudden. Sudden... Try saying that word fifty times then using it in a sentence...

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It doesn't seem like what we should be doing right now.

His ideas are always very practical.

I don't have time to take any more pupils.


They say that I'm an old woman.

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Nobody's there right now.


My father is home.


Was there anything else in the box?

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She went down on her knees to pray.

Could I try to do it?

Shahid saw where Marcia lives.


Why don't you leave him then?

That's pretty hard to forget.

Apple seeds are poisonous, but are only dangerous to health when consumed in large quantities.

It rained heavily all day.

They build their house for themselves.

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Compare this genuine jewel with that imitation.

Ramsey will go whether Hughes does or not.

Complete that which you can today. Don't leave it till tomorrow.

It is no exaggeration to call him a genius.

I forgot it was Matthew who taught you how to play the guitar.

Rik is Sekar's nephew.

That's the problem with doing things your way.

She fell into conversation with her neighbors.

Well, obviously, we have a rapist in Lincoln Park.

You're the owners.

Why don't you follow your sister's example for just once?

In any case, I must finish this work by tomorrow.

Metin seemed to enjoy watching Charles and John fighting.


Tanya called to say he can't come to help.

Give Eddy all of it.

Just let them in.

I've seen my dog sneeze but never my cat.

When was the last time you gave charity?

How many patients are there at this hospital?

I'd like to make an appointment for a cleaning.

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This play is a musical.


Can you do it, Roxana?

How many years has Krzysztof lived in Boston?

Evan is fairly pretentious.

He's saving up to go to university.

Juergen sounds horrible.


The cat says "meow".


I don't want to go with her.

Unskilled labor is poorly paid.

We're enjoying another beautiful day here on the beach.

He has a common name.

No one seems to know why Maurice isn't here.

I went to see them.

Next year, I'll want these ones.

It was the best part of the whole trip.

He fell into the river.

You can use post office to ship all goods to private individuals and companies.

If you have finished reading the book, return it to the library.

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Drew wants me to give up.


A Union army doctor watched the battle from a distance.

The boy sat there reading a weekly magazine.

I was happy to see her go.

It's been five years since that book was made into a movie.

Frederick isn't very good at math.

How much more of this can Tai take?

How do you like that TV news program?


Meeks told me that he thought the dress that Carlos was wearing was too short.

The next Shinkansen train leaves at just nine o'clock.

Dan didn't even worry about that.

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I don't claim to have as big a heart as Mother Teresa, but I am willing to help the orphans in any way I can.

I decided to buy a car.

Bigots are incapable of discriminating, since they lump individuals into homogeneous groupings.

That's too risky.

Matti doubts if Edward will keep her promise.

My father told me not to read books in bed.

That was my finger.

Stefan thought he was hard done by when he was overlooked for a promotion.

Listen to him.

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Those two aren't similar. they're the same.

We got together in the park.

Phill told Frances what John had told him.

Ken met her on his way home.

No one was wearing a seatbelt.


Pedro has quite a temper.


Can you pay cash?

They visit us from time to time.

The Ghost of Cock Lane is an English ghost story from the 18th century.

Don't depend on others' kindness.

It is beyond the boundary of human knowledge.

Nicolo was never convicted of the crime.

My friends were so boozed up that I had to drive them home.

The student missed class three times in a row.

I'll set you free.

Hamilton promised me he would be here by 2:30.

Children are subject to their parents' rules.

How do I get to the post office?

Why did you interfere?

Think about death.

Don't be so suspicious.

Does she speak French?

If you listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that they don't say anything.


I know of a place that you like.

Margaret, whose father you met last Sunday, is a very good tennis player.

They said there was not enough time for a full investigation.


I'm seeing all the sights.

I just guessed.

Sanand said you were coming.


Why don't I just talk to her?

This is the lady I spoke of yesterday.

He knew that she had been ill in bed for a week.

Clare hopes to run a company in the future.

Can you keep her there?


I'm calling to confirm your appointment.

I'd like to go to college.

What the fuck is your reasoning?

I was completely shocked by Price's accusation.

The guns weren't loaded.

The author of "The Last of the Mohicans", James Fenimore Cooper, was the first environmentalist.

Laurel didn't leave Avery.

Six months have passed since the author was killed in an accident.

Be careful. It's very sharp.

I just didn't believe them.

We need to communicate with each other.

I felt it was my duty to come.

These days, nearly every car has a GPS.