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We could read.

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The banana was brown and mushy.

It's not a good car, but it's a car.

He entered the bank disguised as a guard.


I wasn't aware of that.

I arrived later than usual.

How do you like this little bronze figure?

"May I borrow this pen?" "Sure, go ahead."

If this organization is left as it is, it will soon go bankrupt; its recovery is as difficult as swapping horses while crossing a stream.


Which highway leads to the football stadium?


Brodie handed Janos a sheet of paper.

The world is a beautiful place.

I believe his name is Rakhal.

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You can't eat your cake and have it.

Justice will take its course.

I didn't do that for the money.

Would you like to go out and get something to eat?

He abases himself for the wrong reasons.

I saw him go into the toilet a few minutes ago.

She was occupied with household work.

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He was asking for it.


Foundations maintain the structure of the building.

I love God, Heaven's father, who created me.

Gold's heavier than iron.

Everybody loves the vuvuzelas!

I made certain of that.

I can handle her.

You don't need to say it in such derogatory terms.

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Let's unearth the sweet potatoes.

Kemal has apparently committed suicide.

I wanted to clear that up with you.

I really enjoyed betting in Las Vegas.

Abraham then arose in the same night, and went with two servants to the distant land, together with Isaac, riding on donkeys.


This is an outrage!


I didn't expect Rex to get here on time.

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The attacker ran away.

According to the file you gave us, Mats hasn't yet graduated from high school.

It is wrong to tell a lie.

Ofer seemed very nervous.

I am supposed to go to Tokyo next week.


We'll get help.

I'm really looking forward to seeing that film.

He never takes the train.

I found his house with ease.

I don't understand his reluctance to go.


He isn't so tall.

He came after you left.

No is one of our best singers.


I have confidence in Joshua.

I am in cloud number nine.

We have to find them.

I want to be a nurse.

I want you home in time for dinner.


You don't seem very concerned.

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Who was the last person to log on to the computer?

A pistol bullet went clean through his leg.

We were in fits of laughter when the cat twirled around the room chasing its tail.

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It happened that the day was my birthday.

I've always respected her.

I borrowed those comics from his sister.

What should I do about them?

A person named Sato came to visit while you were out.


In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Malaclypse is the best employee we've ever had.

Maureen is sure to try and stop me.

I've never seen him.

I'd like you to come at nine.

He wasn't just humouring me. Those were the eyes of someone who really understood my feelings and sympathised.

Where are Charlie and Charlene today?

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Where can I put my bags?

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He makes nothing of getting up early in the morning.

Stop phubbing me.

I have to go to a stupid party with Pierre and his stupid friends.


Your instincts were wrong.

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That's almost correct.


The final decision rests with the students themselves.

If I'd taken that plane, I wouldn't be alive now.

Her mother lives in the country all by herself.

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In our factory, goods are produced.

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Mason hasn't slept in days.

The book was split along its spine.

Success doesn't taste of anything and doesn't smell of anything, and once you've gotten used to it, it's as if it never even existed.

Not having got a reply, May wrote to Bill again.

They were trampled by the crowd.

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I live near a dam.

Vera had to disassociate herself from her former best friends, who got into drugs.

Tor is coming back here as quick as he can.


He is sure to pass the exam.

I couldn't breathe.

Don't eat raw pork.

Didn't I warn you about him?

Vincenzo drove Laura home in his sports car.


You must come back before it gets dark.

She bundled all her dresses into the suitcase.

Guests arrived by twos and threes.

Why do you hate Neil so much?

The day was beginning to break.

The children from the village would often gather up on top of the hill and from there watched the trucks and automobiles going back and forth to the city.

Ilya fell asleep with his glasses on.

That's how he invented the machine.

Tim has three sons, I believe.


A blizzard is an example of extreme weather conditions.

I'm trying to learn English.

Your penis is small.


I have only 10 books.


Little children like to touch everything.

I don't know what I'll do when you're gone.

This isn't my job.


We've got a lead.

My hair refuses to sort out this morning.

What are you doing here? You can't come in here!

Lin has a good voice.

Will you please go there?

These books are new.

It couldn't hurt to give it a shot.

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When you die, I will be happy.

Jimmy, call security, right now!

We've got to get them to help.


Is there anything special you want to do this weekend?

I thought I warned you about that.

I think what Margaret is doing is worthwhile.

It might not be worth much, but you have my support.

I can see Ed.

You understand what I mean, don't you?

That isn't actually what I meant.

She lowered her gaze.

Sharada put his organizational skills to use and soon the office was running smoothly.

He gets lost wherever he goes.

Jitendra has a sprained ankle.

Arthur was in his early fifties.

She flatters herself that she is the best speaker of English.

Martyn did nothing to help Jenine.

I'm going to do some shopping.

Put your hands up in the air.

Could I see you for a moment?

We have lived in the U.S. for ten years now.

I think that knowledge without common sense counts for nothing.

What's your favorite fast-food restaurant?

Debbie has a son who is a dentist.


Their work seems good to me.


Maybe that would work.


It's been a stressful day.

The sun was hidden by thick clouds.

I prefer John's car to his employers one.


They need to be prepared to pay more.

The priest went into the confessional blindfolded. He didn't want to see the sinner; he wanted to guide him for his repentance.

Carsten told me he had nothing to look forward to.

Here's a picture of them.

I've seen an article on the Tatoeba blog about a new version coming soon. Have you read it?


I tried to stay on friendly terms with her, but it was impossible.


I'm really embarrassed.

Could you speak to them?

Dominick didn't go after all.

He is Portuguese.

Scientists believe that about 13.7 billion years ago, a powerful explosion called the Big Bang happened. This powerful explosion set the universe into motion and this motion continues today.


We have to be there Monday.

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Who was rummaging through my things?