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I don't get along with my stepfather.

Toby sold his house three months ago.

Dorothy came out of the closet to his parents at the age of 24.

Nathan came back out of the cave.

Nakido is better than Twitter.

I'm going by myself.

Huey is almost always late.

It's really interesting to translate all this stuff into other languages.

I call the boy and he comes.

I wouldn't have done it.

Terri isn't one of us.

I know you're quite busy.

Bob expressed words of thanks on behalf of his classmates.

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He was sent by his company to Kazakhstan.

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All the students go home early on Saturday.


He cut it with the knife that he received as a present from his brother.

Try to be as polite as you can before Mr Green.

I'm well aware of that.


Why are you always late?

Smoking is not allowed here.

It's not right for you to do something bad just because someone else has done something bad.

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Renu went off the rails in his teens, but he's done a bit of growing up since then.

The baby's name was Rakhal.

What on earth are you trying to say?

Can I get another one?

Glynn, how is the current situation?


These are the Faces of Evil. You must conquer each.

It began to dawn.

I gave my half to them.


A big tree has fallen in the storm.

Pia says he's gotten complaints about you drinking.

We have been waiting for hours for you to arrive.


Adlai fell apart.

Dan arrived in London with a group of experts.

I don't understand the words on the face of the coin.

What do you read?

Come closer.


Hirotoshi might not like it if we didn't come to his party.

Would you just listen?

I gave Alexis explicit instructions.

Kees made the most of his opportunities.

I can tell from your face that it's not good news.

What advice do you have?

Unfortunately, a Japanese dub of the film is not included on this DVD, but at least there are Japanese subtitles.

Mandolines are convenient for slicing vegetables.

It's too tight.

I think Lin is motivated.

Do everything according to the cookbook.

The name doesn't come to me.

Kaj was too scared to even yell.


It doesn't make them happy.

You've got food on your face.

Does Starbuck want to see it?

However if you can speak Chinese, Korean, etc. you're able to share your way of thinking with many more people.

I want to find out when Hirotoshi is planning to finish doing that.

We need to find out how many people are planning to go with us.

Tollefsen is getting the boat ready.

Are you going to eat your roll?

You look awesome.

He was at a loss what to do next.

Do you like surprises?

The river delta has flooded many times. I don't know why anyone continues to build there.

It is strange that he should not tell me anything about it.

I'm familiar with the situation.

Any input would be appreciated!

Where is the intellectual challenge in this?

Buds can develop into flowers or leaves.

We need to add shelves to our store.

He is popular among us.


Although we tried our best, we know we won't win.

The poll was taken yesterday.

We're not stubborn.

Lord and Pascal were my friends.

I don't recognize it.

I don't know what you want me to say.

She raced him down the hill.

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Guillermo isn't sure why he's here.

Your socks don't match.

I don't know anybody here.

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This high humidity makes me feel tired.

We have often been to Tokyo.

I certainly had no idea Donovan was planning to move to Boston.

I can run at the rate of fifty miles an hour.

English is spoken in America.

I have three cameras.

Her eyes were wet.

I'm seeking a solution even now.

Each of his friends is going to camp this summer.


The cook was astonished at his incredible appetite.


When I entered his room, he was reading a book.

He doesn't have a dry sense of humor.

She met many boys in the chatroom.

You're doing it wrong.

Who else helped you?


Sriram was booed off the stage.

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Mah used to work in Boston.

"When do you get up?" "I get up at eight."

She had lived in Hiroshima until she was ten.


That was just the beginning.


They don't realize that they're being used as pawns to obtain a wider political objective.


Claude rode his bicycle to school yesterday.


Do you have anything to write?

He's a realist, and doesn't believe that miracles are possible.

We need to find a way to help Manjeri.

You can't swim.

Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who has an odd fetish?

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I feel tired and exhausted.

That could be my teacher.

I still feel bad about it.

Tell him that I'm sorry.

That party was off the hook, dude!

I suggested that we should start early.

The handle of the pitcher was broken.


He is facing many difficulties.

We're here to meet him.

It was careless of you to leave the key in the car.

Bathe your feet to get the dirt off.

He will be a doctor when he grows up.


His wife is in the hospital because she was injured in a car crash.

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Somebody must've picked it up.


I need you to make a phone call.

It varies with the weather.

Do you want to hear about what we did?

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You know very well how it happened.

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The telegram was a trick to get her to come home.

Do you know any martial arts to be traveling like this?

Edmond grew up in a communist country.

Someone yelled for help.

Myrick has been close.


The side of the house was covered with ivy.

Isn't she a little young?

I'm trying to figure out a solution.

Can't you see I'm not interested?

A loud knocking at the door woke him up.

Please be brief.

Is it private?

They won't let me see him.

That would help.

She always boasts of being a good swimmer.

I got a call from her.

You're the most amazing person I've ever met.

I'm just glad I could help.

Toft can't trust Vicky.

I appreciate your offer.

You should seriously consider majoring in music.

I think that you and Jinchao could make a cute couple.


Dan entered the facility through a damaged metal grate.

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Marvin had no motive to kill Tricia.

Marshall didn't make a good first impression.

I certainly don't mind helping you.

I heard screaming.

Nobody can prevent this plan from being carried out.


I had a problem with my car this morning.

There is nobody inside.

I tried to make friends.

It'll probably rain.

Our meeting room has no windows.

Put some more wood on the fire.

Not every student studying law can be a lawyer.

We'd do anything for you.

He wants to get rid of the ants.

Smith demanded payment.

Please hurry up.


It's good roasted on a spit.

It shouldn't be like that.

Through trial and error, he found the right answer by chance.