This should be over very soon.

You saw a drunk lying in the street.

I want to talk now.

She was seduced by Tait.

Tiefenthal is volunteering.

I didn't expect so many people to be here.

I am quite unhappy about it.

The bridge is safe; you can drive across.

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The context is the most important thing in a translation. A translator might forget a word, but if the context is clear enough to him, he could make himself understood with no problems, but if he gets an isolated sentence with no explanation, he might understand it ambiguously and he won't translate the real meaning from the original language. That's why you should always provide context when asking for a translator's help.

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None of these books are useful.


Some staff members at health clubs ought to be trained in the proper use of a defibrillator.

We go to school by bus.

It's not an error.

Show her how it's done.

He's your regular workaholic.


I'd rather wait here.

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She intended to go shopping with her mother, but her mother was busy.

Have you ever drunk carrot juice?

There goes our bus. Now we'll have to walk.

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I should go warn Neil.

He was impertinent to his father.

I'll see him before that.

He visited his aunt yesterday.

It's my birthday soon.

Don't make things harder than they are.

He won't starve to death.

I can't deal with Lanny right now.

I want to ask him something.


I'm sure I've seen him before somewhere.

There was no real evidence against Page.

Why is it tolerated?


When water freezes it becomes ice.


You shouldn't go.

It's not bad here.

We're selling her one of our tickets.

There's so much stress put on kids to perform well in school, but with good reason.

It is not more than two miles to the village.

I know him by name, but not by sight.

Would you accept those terms?


Santa couldn't believe his ears.

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Soccer is the favorite sport of the French.

I don't feel sick or anything.

Pim reacted badly.

She might know the answer.

"On your feet," shouted the guard.


Magnus is on the verge of tears.

I want to tell him I love him.

That's all I needed to hear.

The Red Cross gets help to disaster victims without delay.

I will be in London by this time tomorrow.


History is a branch of the humanities.

Compared to you, I'm only a beginner at this game.

I only hope I'm not too late.

"I haven't read a book in my life", said Loyd.

This is where Roger used to sit.

Cathy certainly had an interesting story to tell.

Sekar does not know the difference between a diamond and an emerald.

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No matter how hard he tried, my opinion didn't change.


Jacob can do better.

She was born in Mexico.

I won't tie your shoelaces for you.

She often eats breakfast there.

To rule a country is not an easy task.


Ritchey wasn't able to provide an alibi so the police arrested him.

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What does Nora really think?


Jesus looks hot.

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Why would we want to help them?


Do not obtrude upon her sorrow.

Mariou has a brother named John.

Can you tell me more about her?

Time you've enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

I have a networked personal computer.

You and I should talk.

He is putting on weight.


I've got a crush on you.

You cannot pluck love out of your heart as you would pull a tooth.

What a cool picture!

No one is more determined than I am.

Is Stanly crazy?

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A poet can survive everything but a misprint.

Mark Halperin, a documentary film maker, said: "Outside of the U.S. Civil War and World War II but including the attacks of September 11, the election of Donald Trump may be the most cataclysmic event this country has ever seen."

She insisted that I should see the doctor.

I just got a call from her.

The army had plenty of weapons.

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When does the class finish?


We recognized it from your description.

Anna and I hugged each other.

Irfan asked Gil why she had done that.

You had better ask him which way to take.

Omar seems to be a bit taller than Fred.


We ate way too much last night.


They'll come back.

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I'm waiting for Malus to get back.

This could save many lives.

Knut is expected to be here until 2:30.

However, it is good if one can speak English well.

See if the gas is turned off.

I don't want him to leave.

His aunt takes care of his dog during the day.


The ground was covered with leaves.

I'm the one asking the questions.

Don't tell me what I know.

We were frightened by a savage scream.

I almost passed out.


Illness prevented Jim from attending the meeting.

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This alarm clock gains one minute a day.

Many students bought the book.

Let's go to Shinjuku tomorrow morning.


Ken has many more books than you.

A year has passed since then.

Will Vishal be OK?


This is the highest tower in Japan.

In the end, they approved the proposal.

How was it today?

Are you really Horst?

It's not nice to talk like that.


The house is beautiful.

There is not any fear of catching cold.

Now what will all the idiots believe who remained alive?

Heinrich looks very relieved.

This is the first time I've baked a cake.


I'm lactose intolerant.

Shamim has to wait another three hours.

Without the magnets on their heads, they could find their way home in any weather.

Can I email from here?

We need to follow Kristin.


Do the dancing maidens sleep, or are they dead? The scent of the flower says that they are corpses. The evening bell tolls their knell.

Roxane is dating someone at the hospital.

I'm always moody.

Nothing I heard at the meeting made me change my mind.

Bernard knew something.

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Even if you're really going through hard times, a good friend can improve your spirits.

I thought this looked familiar.

I'm afraid there is very little I can do to help.

Skef left to meet you three hours ago.

Are you wealthy?

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Are we going to see you soon?

Don't sit up late at night.

It must have been something really big for him to strike a triumphant pose like that.


Wendell's strange.


Nicolette is having dinner.


My stomach is full.


The trees are tall.

Corey is playing by himself in the front yard.

What did Randolph do with the money?


A fork fell off the table.

Did you just realize that?

When it had stopped raining, he went for a walk.

Things will get easier from now on.

Everything will work out on schedule.


This table is a priceless antique.


Stumbling on something this simple, I can tell it will be difficult going forward.

Preserves must be stored in a jar with an airtight seal.

I want to put a private investigator on Skeeter.

Why should I pay that much?

I was rude.