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custom software development for your business
Simplicity vs simplification by Alexey Zimarev
You often hear that DDD is hard. During this talk, Alexey will show several cases and will try to convince you to think more in-depth about business problems, even if they seem to be simple at first glance.

What we can do

Custom software development

Our custom software development services will ensure you walk away with a well-tested, well-developed product, no matter the size and scope of your project.

Software and service consultations

Our experts can provide strategic consulting on various aspects of the software development process, service design, and user experience, which we find crucial for software success.

360˚ software service

We not only design, develop and test a system that the users will love, but also maintain it and help it grow with time. We not only provide an IT service, but also build long-term win-win partnerships with our customers.

We have created

A smart parking information and management system for cities and commercial car parks

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MÓJ PIERWSZY CASE STUDY 123#123 Zażółć gęślą jaźń

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Parking management system for Norwegian car parks

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We listen to customers

Skyrise team is professional, up-to-date on technology trends and an honest partner that I can highly recommend to anyone who is looking for skilled software engineers. Their communication is very effective, so you can be sure about the proper flow information between you, Project Managers and developers. What is important to point out, that all team members are experienced specialists, so you always receive the highest quality together with the very good price.

Eirik Rosenberg — Product Owner of ABAX Worker, Abax (Norway)

What I appreciate most about cooperation with Skyrise is their ability to understand a business case, and perform precise estimation of design, implementation and test.

Their communication skills, the technical expertise and reaction to challenges and obstacles are exceptional. We have been working together for over four years with iterations every month and I am glad to say that we are now more like colleagues than parties in a Buyer-Vendor relationship.

Bengt Jørgen Olsen, BT Signaal (Norway)

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