You don't have any plants or animals, right?

He needs a few jokes to lighten up his talk.

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Not one of them was there.


I have a pain in my foot.


Lui will adapt quickly.

I don't like drinking.

Since then he had put his whole soul into his work.

I won't accept that kind of challenge.

Shawn likes potatoes.

We've got a right to be here.

I don't want any special treatment.


Who gets to tell him?

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There is still snow in our country.

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I'll send you the payment today through Paypal.

The lawyer was expecting him.

Matti is the tallest guy in his class.

I might be able to do something.

It's only a matter of time before the meteor strikes.

This city is in France.

If only you had stayed with us, you wouldn't have gotten into trouble.

You're quite beautiful.

Would you like student volunteers to pick you up at Kansai International Airport?

Aren't they Americans?

I'm not leaving without her.


Don't forget to go talk to Nanda this afternoon.


That's not exactly the way it happened.

I have only five rubles.

Can you give me the recipe?

I guess we're getting old.

Speaking in English is fun.

It is just a prank!

I'm thinking of going to Boston next week.

Father went red with anger when I behaved rudely towards him.

Joseph has stopped smoking.

The school was established in 1650.

Evan buttoned his coat.

He is very fond of playing the guitar.

Stay out of it, Pratap.


We resumed negotiations with that company.

Religion is the metaphysics of the common people.

And as she spoke she threw off her long cloak and everyone saw it was the queen.


Those people did not neglect their child because they used the Internet too much.


I'm not saying it's impossible.

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It gets very cold tonight. Maybe it will snow tomorrow.

Spass walked into the room, carrying a bouqet of flowers.

I will come to your party this evening.

He is an all-round man.

He went to visit her at the hospital every other day.

Guess who's coming tonight.

We were successful!

You look poorly.

The United States are a republic.

I think Mac knows about John and Shaw.

How far can you stick your finger up your nose?

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Do you trust me, Naomi?

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I had failed to refrigerate the milk. It went so sour that it's inedible.

Why have you been avoiding me?

Now you know it wasn't my fault.

You look smart.

Flashy people irritate him.

A little competition is good.

This case is important.

That pen is more expensive than this one.

Admitting what you say, I still think I am right.

Dan came to the police station for questioning.

Seymour is as giddy as a schoolgirl.

The manuscript had been written out by hand.

Let's go by car.

It's almost time to take a break.

The man is mourning after receiving sad news.

I wouldn't recommend it.

I'll tear a page out from that book.

Sandra volunteers at a homeless shelter twice a week.

The teacher said, "That's all for today."

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I often feel depressed.

I know there are others.

Looks like her mom.


He feels weak after his illness.

Do you think she's in trouble?

I wasn't cooking anything.

I don't like her that much.

I've made some mistakes.


He fell asleep with the window open.

We could use some new ideas.

Spencer is three inches shorter than Pamela.

The treasure is still in the forest, where it is buried under a tree.

He thought her very charming.

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As he was studying, the door was suddenly flung open.

It wasn't that great.

I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.

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It is my dog.

Don't run so fast.

It was the warmth that I missed the most.

I think we should ask Anthony why he left his last job.

He moved the furniture.

Vaughn is in bad shape, but he's alive.

I'm tired, and a bit annoyed.


Do abbots mow hay? Never do abbots mow hay! Abbots pray.

They'll be asleep.

The output of E->J translation software can be improved greatly by the way the user utilises it.

I'm amazed by the ease with which you solve the problem.

The woman has beautiful cheeks.

We chopped some onions.

They're made for each other.

Mr. Takahashi gave us some homework.

Of all the possible reasons, he chose the least expected one.

I come here often.

Well, what should I do?


Maybe we should fight.

You're spoiling me.

People were against Mother Teresa at first, but she never gave up.

Don't you think you're lucky?

Murat wouldn't stop badgering me.

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I think we'd better buy more food.

Teriann had no place to go.

I thought you wanted to get married.


Real was cremated.

Squirrelman's superpower is that he can turn into a squirrel.

Here are a few examples.

I knew you wouldn't forget them.

Apart from joking, what do you mean to do?


I've been told to help you.

There are 187,888 lakes in Finland.

My father died five years ago.

Humans are peers of a united race, Thus in creation, share the same base. If one is affected with pain, Others share the faith of same. When you are indifferent to this pain, You shall not earn the Humans' name.

Spencer demanded that we give him back his down payment.

She went ballistic when I said that.

The students did the work without help from others.

The ground is covered with snow.

Whose is the dictionary on the table?

I'll help you fight them.

Tuan is on maternity leave.

Don't change sentences that are correct. You can, instead, submit natural-sounding alternative translations.

You lost me.

Valentin was an architect.

Should I order you some food?

Their job is to exterminate rats and mice.

Why would you believe Jarl?


Trevor did everything he could for Nicolas.

Cattle feed on grass.

If I miss the train, I'll get on the bus.

Why do I have to do it right now?

The workers of the northern countries have paid a high price for the displacement of production in the southern regions.

It doesn't look like a good place for bargains.

The more chocolate you eat, the fatter you'll get.

I want to leave early.

Don't break the branches.

I like watching lesbian porn.

We talked on the telephone.


Shannon disregarded my advice.


Louise couldn't tell the difference.


You and I shouldn't be talking.


We used to be in school together.

If they started at two, they should arrive at six.

Stop this nonsense.

Strictly speaking, tomatoes aren't vegetables, but rather fruits.

I promise to leave her alone.


Pim is one of the world's richest and most famous men.

You may as well ask for your teacher's advice.

Have you ever set a trap for a bear?

They are not at all interested.

That's up to him.

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What exactly is your point?

Stop pretending to not understand.

Don't forget these.

Orville seemed to be surprised.

I would like the least expensive one.


It happened before I met him.