I just want to get my work done.

I only look like Juliane. I'm not Theo.

Real is wary.

Don't ever judge a book by its cover.

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Don would never try to steal my job.


I've been thinking of moving out lately.

How fast is that train going?

How do people celebrate the new year in Australia?

Fill up the tank.

She walked slowly away from me.

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Bertrand walked around the store.

I got something else on my mind.

Music and sound are very related.

To tell the truth, I don't agree.

Someday I'll run like the wind.

Gregg put her head on Emma's shoulder and Vistlik wrapped his arm around her.

We must work as long as we live.

I need to find a restroom.

She's on a diet because she is a little overweight.

Gerard didn't want to kiss Mehrdad.

That bridge is anything but safe.

It is high time we reconstructed new family relationships and formed a comfortable life.

Gregor kept things from us.


We can take them.

We have more room for activities.

Funeral services will take place in the cathedral.

He is no better than a murderer.

Here at Siemens, we insist on the very highest quality.

Tollefsen was very mean to Miriam.

Glen wiped his forehead.

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You must move quickly.

I forgot my password!

I should get back to my quarters.

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I still have a job to do.

This is a man, that is a woman.

The Pirate Party could mature into a political driving force.

The earthquake occurred at dawn.

You could do a lot worse than Collin.


He made me carry his baggage.

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He is no less wise than his brother is.


Are there seven blankets?

Straka didn't say much more.

Fuck my life!


What's your favorite song in last year's top 100?

40 dollars for seven days.

I knew I had to finish the report before noon.

He planted pink tomatoes.

Edmond has a lot of experience.


I met her here.

The police are looking for the robber.

Do you make photocopies? I need ten of them.

Let's not get into that, please.

I thought you might know.

Emmett put the cake in the oven.

I think you should pick her.

The moon is the dream of the sun.

He's an arrogant son of a bitch.

We're going to check it right away.

Man is the only animal that possesses language.

What should I get Pieter for Christmas?

Juri has a right to know the truth.

His story may sound false, but it is true for all that.

That's what's going on.

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What happened was out of Noemi's control.

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Can I give you a lift?

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He dared to propose to her.

Andre has been working here since 2013.

Can't you work things out through dialog?

He patted his brother on the shoulder.

That's a significant step forward.


Let's open a bottle of wine.

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He damned his men right and left.

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Do you usually have tea for breakfast?

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Do you have a dictionary with you?

She is, if anything, a little better today.

I have a respect for those who went before me.

He is afraid of his grandfather.

I didn't immediately understand it.

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They don't use it.

I'm a black belt in karate.

That's my CD.

Maybe Spencer likes you.

A plea bargain is out of the question.

Would you like to play tennis on Sunday?

He just came back home now.

He bought a thimble.

I'll try as hard as I can.

Don't copy my answers.

What are these people doing?


It rained so hard that the shrine was washed away.

She seemed okay when I saw her.

Ben appears to know Kathryn.


He slipped out of the classroom.

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Come home by 6:30.

The two families have very close ties.

The teams had just started to play when it began to rain.

We'll stop you.

Don't expect me to be truthful when you keep lying to me so blatantly.


She accepted his proposal, with her eyes full of tears.


Is Kaj near you?


I told them to stop.

I haven't used French in a long time and I've forgotten a lot of words.

Dion hasn't spoken to me for several days.

Let's see what we're up against first.

We owe you our lives.

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How is your husband?

Nobody takes me anywhere.

My tea is too sweet.


Romain walked in and sat on the couch.

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The novelist wrote several romances.

Do you read lips?

Being a teacher, you must learn to keep a tight rein on your emotions.

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Oleg said something mean about me.


If my plane doesn't crash, and if I do not get kidnapped by organ thieves, I will drop you a line at the beginning of the week.

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Herbert has a few screws loose upstairs.

How many Colorado rivers are there ?

I climbed Mt. Aso.

Paul is smarter than Otto.

Jim went back to London for the purpose of seeing her.


I discouraged him from going swimming since it looked like it was going to rain.

For some people, "God" is themselves.

Have you ever milked a cow?

At the tone, please record your message.

My meeting her at the station was a pure accident.

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I asked him to do it for me.

This company has a female CEO.

It's terribly expensive.


Where did you lose them?


Where's that smell coming from?

We basked in his favor.

You said you could play the piano.

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He must go there tomorrow.


Do you usually talk to Shadow in French?

When the princess grew up she was betrothed to a prince who lived at a great distance.

Horst has lost interest in watching TV.

They entered the forest.

I was surprised by the news this morning.

I need to go to the drugstore to buy some medicine for Stuart.

I was hungry.

Tor got in his car and followed the ambulance.

What are you doing Sunday?

It's the bite of a spider.

Why have you brought the child here?

Tahsin's pretty quick on the uptake.

It's a pain in the neck.

I always watch documentaries.

She's a feminist.


Trent is a good leader.


I really can't deal with that right now, OK?

It is too dark to see clearly.

He lived there all by himself.


The question is whether he's still alive.

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Violet light has a shorter wavelength than red light.

She's a very wise mother.

I'm sure Trevor is fine.

I'll be free tonight

Does Kriton live in Boston?


People tell me things.