We need your help finding him.

She seems to be involved in that murder case.

We had scarcely returned when it began raining.


Johann and Cristina then found themselves side by side at the start of this sentence and undertook to explore it.

Today I'm crying!

Why does this lizard have five legs?

I want to hear what everyone has to say.

Don't despise a man because he is poorly dressed.

How do you like that?

I have astigmatism.

You shouldn't have been there.

How far away do you think that ship is?

Indra is putting the children to sleep.

Alfred had to prepare for his trip.

He plays golf on weekends.

You can't blame her for not knowing what she hasn't been taught.

Most of them just don't care.

What's the final count?

God knows what he was thinking.

She is swimming.

The new rotas are now available.

Jack sat down next to his daughter.

A TXT file is a text file.

Can you be more explicit?

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

She stretched every day in order to become able to do the splits.

Can I go swimming, Mother?

The incident occurred while Secretary of State, Powell, was visiting Japan.

That would be catastrophic.

You said it would be quiet here.

In my country the customs are different.

Steen has more than thirty pairs of shoes.

Len can't buy anything today, because he left his wallet at home.

Wake me up at eight o'clock.

Please show consideration for other passengers.

I tried to call Marco back.

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We had the afternoon off.


The government is trying to bring things back to normal.


He is not less diligent than she.

The arrow fell short of the target.

I can't count on Marie.


He's ashamed of his body.

We have less snow than usual.

Let's suppose the grass fattens the cow and the cow produces 16 liters of milk every day.


I've been looking for something.

I can't stand.

It is only in accepting others that we can tear down our own barriers.


Have you ever had a baby?

If the money doesn't make you happy, then give it to me. I will be happy.

I just feel like I'm not doing what you expect me to do.


Ricky had a mustache the last time I saw him.

It's important to nourish your children with good food.

Sigurd needs to retire.

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He grabbed the letter out of my hand.

I, for one, don't like pictures like this.

Leo has wavy hair.

The bridge is very long and very tall.

Tomorrow, I have to make a very important decision.

The fact that she is ill worries me a lot.

What's the difference between a dog and a wolf?

There was no bathroom.

I don't want you.

I knocked on the front door, but there was no answer.

There must be only but a few rules; moreover, they have to be simple.

The advantage of ageing is that one doesn't demand anymore the things that one failed to obtain in one's youth through lack of money.

Marcel is wearing a new dress.

Weigh your words well.

The children are pretending to brush their teeth.

He dissented from the opinion of the majority.

Vivek could tell that Rafik was really upset.

He got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Give Herbert a smile.

They seem so busy.

Graham was right by my side.

His eyes were blazing with anger.

Give me that book, please.

I don't really trust you.

Her voice was sour.

Patty can sew very well.

I'm discreet.


The leaves blew away in the wind.

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What kind of fruit is green?


They didn't find it.

The weather is crook.

He fell behind in his English class.

She is first in line.

I am very busy today, but tomorrow I should like very much to have lunch with you.

The day they ban leaf blowers, I'll be ecstatic.

How exactly do you know her?

Some organisations have responded to the negative information about their future.

I see you everywhere.

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I said I didn't hear anything.


I don't want another car, I want my car.

I wish I'd been here to help.

What was Christopher doing the last time you saw him?

My muscles have got soft.

They shut up their store for the winter.


I've been thinking about your offer.


This isn't the worst of it.


Please answer this question one more time.

She asked him to come into her house, but he refused.

Why don't we stay another hour?

Pardon me for coming late.

He has at most 100 dollars.


I just thought it would save time.

He left on an expedition to the North Pole.

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

Quick thinking prevented the damage from being even worse.

Should he come, what should I say to him?

Lukas loves architecture.

Lester spent many hours using the language website, tatoeba.org, to improve his English.

Tomorrow ... tomorrow seemed such a long, long way off.

You don't have to be an artist to find the beauty in everyday life.


I didn't know I was invited.


I don't want them to get sick.

Lucifer looked out across the water.

A merchant is a person who buys and sells goods.


You are a living legend.

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Please keep your belongings and clothing clear of the doors.


There were three hundred cardboard boxes filled with old clothes ready to be sent to the disaster area.

He's a little rebel.

Would you like to attend the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans?

Science is very exciting.

You can wait in the car.

We're giving a dinner for her.

Where can I meet her?

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Raphael freaked out.

There seems to be no one willing to help.

She always reminds me of her mother.

Theodore is Raj's stepsister.

Let's take it easy.

All at once the bride burst into laughter.

Curt is the one I saw.

I can never get Nadeem on the phone.

They were trapped.

Your sister is the most diligent of all my friends.

Jagath and Jesper crashed John's party.


We're not turning back.


He was the one who suggested it.

My children rarely go outside.

I make it a rule to get up early in the morning.

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The girl said that she had never heard of such a person.

We had lunch together.

The glorification of those ideas were not to my taste.


This isn't how I remember it.


Halloween is just around the corner.

I don't know what Leora would do.

He wrote "Best regards" at the end of the letter and then went on to sign his name.

I'm still kind of busy.

I know him by his first name.

We'll explain.

Lawrence told me why he was late.

Once she starts talking, there is no stopping her.

I don't care what the doctor says: I will not give up hope that Ramesh will recover.

He has a girlfriend but he still flirts with me.

I don't know the word "impossible".

I went to school in Boston.

I'm going to study for the final exams this afternoon.


Wouldn't you like to go out and get something to eat?

What does this have to do with us?

He can't tell a cherry tree from a plum tree, but he can name them in twelve languages.

That sounds fun.

Jacob decided to postpone the decision.

Are you accusing Ima of being a thief?

I have to visit him.

This might be the last time we ever see each other.

I will look after this child.

Shirley is terribly busy at this time.

Creating Tatoeba was a good idea.