I didn't know you got seasick.

Love doesn't rule, but it shapes; and that's more.

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Andries did his best to help Raphael learn French.


We were both very busy.

Let's speak in English.

Ira was released from prison three months ago.

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Please stop this nonsense.


The box was nailed shut.

I haven't told No anything yet.

I completely forgot about her.

I'm quite shocked by this.

Briggs is going to get killed if he's not careful.

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I've never seen one, except on Wikipedia.

Language creates conscience.

You needed a coat.

"What are your favourite books, Marguerite? " "The Adventures of Klaus Sawyer and Uncle Paula's Cabin."

He tells dirty jokes even to children.

The old man prefers horse carriages to cars.

The sons sorrowfully buried their mother.

The walls are very thin.

These kind of roofs are very hard to build.

When Yoko and I heard the sirens stop nearby, we quickly decided to go check it out.

Did you see someone?

We're dealing with that problem.

She fell into unconsciousness.

He said to himself that he should go.

King has something to do right now.


When Tobita gives a plan his seal of approval, the client accepts it at first glance.

That's so great.

Christophe took your brother to the zoo.


Sridharan bought a round-trip ticket to Boston.


Keep the secret.

We won't take up the problem.

Suzan was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lars listened attentively.

You should be careful with that.

Rebecca mistook Nils's singing for a cry of agony.

We can't just fire Jennie.

I'm the least perfect person you will ever meet in your life.

I didn't finish reading that book.

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He graduated from college at the age of 22.

This is enlightening.

This is the tallest building that I have ever seen.

They criticized me for coming late.

It is very convenient to have a convenience store next to one's house.

Please wait while I get a towel

I confronted her.

There is an urgent need for peace talks.

In Tatoeba it makes no sense adding hundreds of sentences if they are not validated by native users.

The castle is beautiful.

They never know what to say.


Just tell them to hurry up.

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Johan heard a loud sound.

I'm working on my speech.

In the near future, we will be able to put an end to AIDS.

Do you know my age?

To kill two birds with one stone.

Delbert made some mistakes.

I feel my age.


I think I'll look around a little more.

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Jurevis knows he's wrong, but he won't admit it.

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There is a strike.


Don't play that game.

Do you think that e-books will replace paper books?

We'll try to stop by.


The teacher wrote something on the blackboard, but it was too small for me to read.

It's not something I'm proud of.

The police officer yelled, "Put your hands in the air!"

I wish I had Lewis's brains.

Raymond realized it was hopeless.

He who knows several languages gets more from the world.

They will follow him.

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We're with the FBI.


My brother may have to be operated on for the knee injury.


I won't tell anyone what he told me. It's a secret.

Austria is a parliamentary republic in central Europe and consists of nine federal states.

Frances was silent for a long time.


Luckily nobody died.

It was a hard decision.

How did that get up there?


Someone stabbed Kyle with an ice pick, but he's OK now.

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I cannot accept this gift.


Today I have neck pain.


I've got plans.

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Colin is taking a shower.


Let's meet in front of the theater.

A soldier is an anachronism of which we must get rid.

Did you enjoy it?

His son took on the management of the factory.

I've been so busy this past week that I've hardly had time to relax.


Jim entered the room quietly so he wouldn't wake the baby.


Walter claims to have encountered supernatural creatures in that wood.

You have freedom to travel wherever you like.

Running is a good sport.

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Jeany and Hsuan played table tennis together.


He argued as follows.

Rusty arrived in the office to find the police waiting for him.

I was mixing you up with your older brother.

Why would they do that?

My computer's acting up.

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It isn't necessary, is it?

I think you'll like this.

I heard the door close.

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Who's looking at me?

I wish I hadn't believed them.

His dream has become a reality.


I'm ready to do that.

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The Prime Minister was involved in a scandal.

Don't tell me anything you don't want others to know. I'm not good at keeping secrets.

I know her by name, but not by sight.

The field mice were eating up the farmers' grain.

She's the perfect housewife.


I didn't have the heart to tell Barbara.


My teacher told me that I didn't devote enough time to preparing my lecture.


We've gone over this before.

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He promised to meet her at the coffee shop.


Do you prefer the apple or the pear?

I'm moving back to Boston after I graduate.

I'm beginning to think you're serious.

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You should already know that.


This is for keeps.

I think I should call my lawyer.

This might just work.

I don't treat you like enemies.

We're going to begin the descent for Honolulu.

Her cheeks were tinged with red by the warmth of fire.

Have you considered going to school in Boston?

Phill helped Wade climb over the fence.

You should help your father.


I suggest that that is not the solution.

The tunnel caved in because of the earthquake the other day.

The police arrested the burglar.

Take the pan off the fire.

He is indeed a clever boy.

Don't interfere with it.

Hans says, "I love you.". Blayne responds with "I love you, too."


Not a star was to be seen that night.

I was thinking of getting a dog.

Tell her that I am just joking.

You might have prevented the accident if you hadn't been so inattentive.

The butcher who sold me this beef is always friendly.

They saw it as the brave act of a strong man.

I have friends.

Does he still have that book he borrowed from the library?

America is a continent of immigration.

Don't exert yourself.

The notorious rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

You're very quiet today.

No one noticed her absence until the end of the meeting.


I think Niels is just looking for a little attention.

Did you feed the dog?

All girls love horses.

I've already had my supper.

He came just after you left.

Heinrich told me not to do that.

I'll just buy you another one.