You can search words, and get translations. But it's not exactly a typical dictionary.

Do you have anything in the refrigerator that I can eat?

Sam needs a bath.

I hear that popular group will be disbanded.

Judy deserves a pat on the back.

Betty can play the piano.


I'm a bit drunk.


He wanted to repay the kindness of his friends.


I'm sorry. I was only joking.

Did Dewey sleep too much?

It'll cost at least five dollars.

I cooked dinner last night.

We're probably going to lose.


Calvin is a cameraman.

It's unlikely that I'll have time to finish this project before next week.

He found his missing brother at last.

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I'll get my bag.

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Tal told Casey that he grew up in a poor neighborhood in Boston.

I've known John since 1976.

Nathaniel sounded as excited as Nathan did.

We risk losing control of the situation if we don't act quickly.

The movie we saw last night was filmed in Australia.


We have recently discussed this problem.

My parents were sitting under the tree.

The train will pass Motomachi Station.


Did you speak to him?

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He is also returning late today.

Can Hamilton sleep in my room?

I wanted to talk about it.

What did you give Mike on his birthday?

We have a gig at the club tomorrow night.

For once in your life, you're exactly right.

Ilya went off the rails in his teens, but he's done a bit of growing up since then.

I have a complicated matter I want to discuss with you.

Who would buy something like that?

How could you say that?

Vasilissa washed her face, dressed her hair, put on her best gown and sat down at the window to see what would happen.

I'm not going to eat that much.

Salicylic acid is an organic compound.

May I have a napkin?

Did Edith borrow money from you?

This sweater will stand washing.

Whose son is Donne?

Samir's prints are on the gun.

The minute I have something to drink, I turn bright red.

Are you sure she'll come on time?

What do you want me to do with Alf?

It sounds familiar.

Ti talked to Saul about things he usually kept to himself.

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Cindy quickly lost interest.

Spudboy must be aware of the danger.

We're dying to meet her.


There was at least one person in the classroom when I left.

I found the pencil I lost.

I am too fat.

What's the meaning of this?

Could you please turn off the radio for me?

Hey, don't go.

I had a pretty good weekend.

Barton seldom makes a mistake.

I don't see any harm in that.

I'll be with you right now.

He pleaded for me when I made a blunder.


There are dumb people like Dan everywhere.

We would rather go to the zoo than to the park.

It's all right to drink, but drink in moderation.

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Tony is single.


He'll go, too, won't he?

And desire follows me at my heels and bites me, for I love you, o Lady Death.

He tried not to look at her.


Kristen called in sick.

That's apparently not a crime.

I was asleep when Mark arrived.

Grant was extremely popular.

The cat ran after the rat.

You have to be joking!

This, the first of the miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana in Galilee.


It has a refreshing taste.


Coffee and Pu-erh tea are elixirs of life.

Give me some beer.

My mother says Japanese kids aren't naughty, but they live very far away, so Santa Claus doesn't bring them gifts. Thank goodness I was born in Spain.

I'm not worth saving.

Did Van succeed?

You must assimilate into new surroundings.

I'll talk with you about that later.


I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out onto the street .

She takes pride in her high school.

Access to A is available from B.


Malcolm gives me a lot of advice.

John has everything that he wants.

Nici is willing to testify.

I love him who loves me, and hate him who hates me.

You're the first person to mention that.

Emmett might still have a chance.

What's Kerri running from?

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The property must have been nearly a thousand acres all told.

You wouldn't hurt anyone, would you?

Let's go and see as many things as we can.

Tiniriwin is a Berber music group from the North of Mali.

I'm pretty sure Lin's rich.

Put the key in the ignition and start the engine.

We don't have a mechanism for sustained funding.

Where are all our suitcases?

I see no reason why I shouldn't accept her offer.

I want to show you another way that can be done.

We have been friends ever since.


I don't know where exactly.

I couldn't allow that to happen.

She asked him how to turn on the machine.


He lost his reason when he saw his house burn down.

Is it OK if I bring a guest?

I'm glad it worked.


It's not that big of a deal if Lui doesn't like me all that much.

I really like hard boiled eggs.

I just can't resist chocolate.

Roosevelt was born to a wealthy family in New York City in 1858.

I took off my coat.

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That's right, when you greet him you must strangle him with all your strength. He'll be glad.


We'll take this nice and easy.

Ira couldn't find his passport.

Please do not send the package yet.

Everything was working.

I haven't had a good laugh in a long time.

I warned Roy not to eat that.

My friend doesn't want sugar.

You're after me.

A majority of Japanese workers plan to take more than three consecutive days of summer vacation.

I've got a plan.

The Shinanogawa river is the longest river in Japan.

The street is decorated with banners.

This is the final straw.

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The success resulted from your efforts.


Rudolf said he had plenty of friends in Boston.

That's our house.

What's the problem today?


Tell me how it happened.


I'm looking forward to seeing your father.

It is sad that he has been sick for such a long time.

Don't worry. I'll take care of that.

You're a lie.

It is the hen that makes the rooster crow.


I never pick fights.

The last time I saw Kinch he was eating an apple.

I'll wait up for her.

The floorboards creak a bit when you walk across them.

Everyone had fun.

Jenine's old car has finally given up the ghost.

I was distressed to see Joanne so unhappy.


I guess I haven't made myself clear.

I brought some dessert.

We estimated the losses as exactly as possible.

France is a vibrant democracy.

You shouldn't have to do that again.

He could not help jumping for joy at the good news.

You're really a good photographer.


The odds are two-to-one that the Reds win.

They admired the scenic view from the hill.

At last, he gained his ends.


Whatever you pick is fine.

We're very concerned.

I still can't believe they had a snow leopard in that zoo. I thought they were an endangered species.

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You're ruining everything.


The actions she took were too careless, and she was left defenseless.

What Those says is true.

This dress is a good buy.