Connie talked about growing up in Boston.

Let's go back to our places.

Matthew is a much better swimmer than I am.

This teacher is in charge of the third year class.

I think I'm gonna sneeze. Give me a tissue.

Hohn can handle it himself.

A fence runs around the house.


To hear him speak English, you would take him for a native speaker.

I bet ten dollars on that horse.

None of my students failed.

You'll love it.

You should not discriminate people based on their gender.

When does the bank close?

I will bring back a lot of food.


You two look like you're having fun.

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I don't think you'll die today.

The investigation was incomplete.

Japanese industry has made great advances since the war.

What happens tomorrow?

There are no houses around here.

The yakuza were tormenting Hiroshi.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.


Lajos said that he wants to live in Szeged.

Clarence hides some leaked documents.

Never hesitate to tell the truth.


She is active.

When can we watch the next part?

Nothing bad's going to happen to me.


What's your favorite fruit?

Will you tell him I called?

I don't think Bobbie ever talked to Christopher.

My mother has made me what I am today.

You shouldn't smoke.


Tomas traveled to another dimension.

The Communists chose to blockade the western part of Berlin. They cut off food and supplies to more than two million Germans in an effort to extinguish the last flame of freedom in Berlin.

I didn't ask about anything else.

I've turned over a new leaf.

The granny gave me a shove and dashed to the door.

This is a matter of the utmost gravity.

We like children.

I went to the library to read some books.

I'm a vegetarian who eats a ton of meat.


Nancy has been on good terms with my sister for more than five years.

I prefer patients who can't talk.

This is a girl.

I know where you can find Knudsen.

I knew I had been there.

Wendell didn't help me.

America needs you.


There is big oversight in that plan.


I lost the watch dad gave me.

It transpired that fire was caused by a careless smoker.

Why is everybody crying?


In France, lunch is eaten at around two.

What remains of life as well as being loved?

The father does not impugn her capacity as a good mother.

I won't examine you.

It is two o'clock in the morning.

He sometimes forgets what he was talking about.

They earned it.


Maybe someone made her do it.


Georgia is his native state.

Casey is a good guitarist, isn't he?

Morton has bought a house in Boston.

Italian television is useless.

She stayed at the hotel for several days.

I thought that Kelvin might be breaking the contract.

Patience conquers all.

There were persecutions of Christians under the Romans.

We learned that the moon goes around the earth.


They don't use chairs or tables.

My friends will be here at any moment.

I like to ask questions to doctors.

Poland is a big country.

Linda is sixteen, but had no trouble passing for twenty.

I know how this works.

They started talking.

He kissed her passionately.

Bernard doesn't act like a teacher.

You can put it anywhere.

Have you offered to help your teacher?

Do up the box with decorative tape.

Claudio didn't want to deal with Tharen.


I spent a week at my uncle's.

Not being watchful, the driver failed to stop in time.

This book is surprisingly easy to read, isn't it?

There are holes in the roof.

He did not like her manner of speech.


It was so foggy I couldn't tell who it was.

Tollefsen shared his bucket of popcorn with Morgan.

I told him to be quiet.


How do you make a triangle-shaped onigiri? No matter how many times I try I can only make round onigiri.

Can you bring her?

She suggested that I should clean the bathroom.

That wine is good.

Just a spot of shut-eye has already refreshed my mind.


He's young and healthy.

We'll have to be ready to go.

I could hear Jurevis yelling for help.

I don't think we can make an exception.

Can we go home?

He has taken charge of his father's company.

Do you want me to believe that?


They began walking toward Alastair.

The three primary colors are the basis of all the other colors.

Cold drinks will be served.

I can't deal with him anymore.

Don't step on my head.

Their comments were illuminating.

People are sometimes tempted to eat more than they should.

Bret and I were in grad school together.

I keep all my telephone receipts in this box.


I told you that I wasn't tired.

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He's one of the most important figures in modern literature.

You're the pathetic one.

Where do you plan to spend your summer vacation?

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Stacy hid behind the shower curtain.

I won't let anyone hurt Po.

How many people did we leave behind?

She can speak French, and fluently at that.

This is quite unequivocal.

Jarl is quite irresponsible.

The movie was so sad that everybody cried.

I almost passed out.

Australia was no exception.

They're afraid of us.

I know you can rely on him for transportation.


Life experience is the chief body of knowledge.


They don't teach that in schools, but they should.

I don't think Kitty was very happy.

Takao married for money.

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He blames his failure on bad luck.


Bobby is allergic to milk.

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Mihari is guarding the gate to Pinku Reiga's mansion. In spite of her harmless looks, she has earned herself a reputation as a cold-hearted, fierce and merciless killing machine.

Randell owes me one.

Who were you talking to?


Don't open it.

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Can I still get something to eat?

I'm so happy to see you.

My wife's hands are slightly smaller than the shop assistant's.

Those children were being cared for by an aunt.

Don't worry, Gregg, I'll be discreet.

Would you hire me?

Floria spent hours looking at the fish in the tank.

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It's been a while since I don't do this.

This article has to go through the censor's office.

Show me what you have hidden behind your back.

No time-wasters.

I'll still have the watch Felix gave me.


Why didn't they tell us?

Why did you quit your job?

No matter what happens, don't forget to smile.

We'll catch up with them later.

Alex smelled gas.

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Allen told Kamiya that he was hungry.


I know I should have said something, but I didn't know what to say.

It's great for families.

Stanly sometimes goes to Boston on business.

Failure gives me strength: my pain is my motivation.

Leave a message, please.

This is kind of expensive.

The worst thing about summer is the heat.

I have two children and they will soon arrive.

It's difficult to breathe when humidity is high.


Is there any chance that Noam won't get here on time?