Helen forgot the key in the lock.

You seem fine.

The train arrives at platform number 5.

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I enjoyed my time in Boston.


When you're at work, if you have a lot of workmates, it's surprisingly difficult to build a consensus.

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I don't know why I even thought you might consider helping.


Dan became the target of dangerous criminals.


The vise is closing again.


I love the song of the mockingbird, the bird of four hundred voices. I love the color of jade, and the enervating perfume of flowers, but most of all, I love my brother, Man.

I had a feeling that Sergio wasn't going to be able to find his dog.

Are we talking about the same Nicolo?

The company issued a press release.

He's not really your father. Heh-heh.

The hotels along the beach were evacuated.

She wants to keep him at a distance.

Can you tell me about them?

When we are told not to come, we become all the more eager to go.

Ray did that already.

We enjoyed skating.

I can't seem to stop eating.

I like being busy.

You don't scare me anymore.

We've got to find him before he does something stupid.

They did it for the money.

We've got to get out of here right now.

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Ronni seemed to know everybody there.


It is hard for foreigners to learn Japanese.

He's a specialist in economics.

Izumi knew Marsh had threatened John.

Everything went wrong for him.

I saw her jump into the pool.

Everyone believed him.

He made Kazuhiro an offer he couldn't refuse.

Now it's serious.

I made up my mind to study harder.

That's my brother.

That big busted blonde is as dumb as a rock.

Barry has a lot of confidence.

Why do you call me an angel?

It takes an hour to get to the station on foot.

I know why you're upset.

The point of hipster subculture is to avoid conforming to societal norms.

Her arms were bound fast.


I can't wait to meet her.

Can't we just ask her to go?

Now tell me, are you a good person?

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Indicate size, color, and style on the order form.

There used to be a coffee shop near the school.

Victor is going to have to do better than that.

Theodore has already checked in.

"What is the time?" "It is twenty minutes to three."

That bad person was arrested.

The prices of raw materials such as oil or coal continue to rise.

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I'm just telling you to think about it.


He defeated his enemy.

I've never been very good at playing the piano.

I don't find it intimidating.


Takeuchi's easily offended.


She practices the piano in the afternoon or in the evening.

Mayo would never kill himself.

Sigurd used to live on Park Street.

Will you wrap this package neatly for me?

Do you want me to throw that away?

He was relieved of his heavy responsibility.

The fire burned our house.

If there are difficulties give me a call!

Keith is following Kirk.

I already know what you want!

Rathnakumar raised me.


Have you ever burnt your coat with a cigarette?

I know what I'll do.

Tell him who you met today.

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Izumi doesn't get invited to many parties.


I'm having a hard time understanding how this works.


Debi isn't as innocent as he tries to make himself look.


Broaden your horizon so that as you become more and more able to take care of yourself you will move intelligently.

He divorced her after years of unhappiness.

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.

Money's tight for me this month.

Count how much money you have left to see if we must go to the bank.

I have a brother of an age with you.

I just wanted to give him some advice, but in the end I made him angry.


Everyone is responsible for his own actions.


Water is essential to life.


I want to talk to the police.


That was really mean.

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Do you have any ID?


Be careful not to offend Randell.

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He was a Frenchman. I could tell by his accent.

I didn't ask her any questions.

Vishal is pegging up the hankerchiefs.

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She beat the enemy.

It shouldn't be much longer.

They dream.

We've run short of money.

Let me tell you what else you need to do.

We pay her well.

Whose office is this?


This is a movie for men.

He was in such a good mood when his team won the championship.

Who did Dylan say he was looking for?

That doesn't please me.

Look what happened to him.

He deceives others with his appearance.

Our English teacher is at once strict and kind.


She's a little political.

Sonny was wearing gloves.

It will rain tonight.

I did this too!

If you're not sweating when you do cardio, then you're not doing it hard enough.

Do you speak Tigrinya?

None of Murthy's classmates knew who his father was.

Will you be home next weekend?

It should be noted that "let me go" and "let go of me" do not mean exactly the same thing.

Marci always wanted to be a teacher.

She gave her father a tie.

I haven't eaten Chinese food in a long time.

What's the minimum wage in your country?

I don't know why I'm in a bad mood this morning.

I did what was required.

I wonder if Herbert knows any French.

She'll be back soon.

The sun was about to come up.

It is by no means easy to please everybody.


I hadn't really considered that until now.

I'm glad you brought this up.

The universe is about 13.75 thousand million years old.

I watched John and Miek walking hand in hand.

Cristina already knows the answer to that question.

Are you efficient?

Isaac prefers studying at night.

Have a look at the girls.

A fever would have done as well as a cross, if there was any occasion for either.

I don't know who to ask for advice.

I think you did it.


Caroline really needs help now.

I told Panzer that we'd probably be late.

Alvin is still mad at us for not doing what he requested.

Do you eat that?

This dictionary is primarily intended for high school students.


For years I've been saying that this wouldn't end well.

My mother always gets involved in my private life.

What do you think Laurent is going to do?

Nicholas complimented me.

Anton has to come.

Kelvin dug a hole.

They're going to be fine.

Nobody contacted me.

If I had money, I would buy that camera. As it is, I cannot buy it.

When would you like to have your coffee?

When you go, I'll miss you very much.

You need to keep trying until you get it right.

Next week, my nephews and nieces will come to spend a few days at home.


I'm sure glad no one was injured.

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Lance won't be there, will he?

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I never said that!

None of them have a job.

Would you like to know who did that?

We're not yet through.

It never really ends.

I like this song better than the last one you wrote.

Please don't be afraid of me.

He studied English history.

Louis cooked a special meal as a surprise for her birthday.