A man is responsible for his deeds.


I told you something wasn't right.

You must gain Casper's trust first.

When did you get to know him?

Linley is concentrating on the chess game.

We missed you, too.

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She regretted it afterwards.

Carsten was impatient to see Hillel again.

I don't think traveling by train is as safe as it used to be.


I don't feel like telling her about it.

What's the time?

I left as soon as I could.

How can I explain to my husband that he's hurting me?

Before deciding, I would like to consult with my family.

Petr opened the door and looked in.

That's what resolves the question.


I was not conscious of her presence.

Spring will soon come.

I hope Ji doesn't change his mind.

"Cheer up," she said to me.

Farmers today use technology not available to their forebears, to maximise yields from their crops and livestock.

The girl is reading happily.

You did this intentionally!

You're a really bad bartender.

It's rarely nice weather at Easter.

Rhonda loves talking about art.

Mikey died without an heir.

Axel went to a wedding last weekend.

I'm going to go see her.

I want bread and jam.

I'm very sorry, we can't accept your request.

Let's go back to the motel.

They couldn't comprehend the seriousness of the matter.

It's not what we thought it was.

Tyler's house burned down in mysterious circumstances.

We have a big job ahead of us.

He's got two cats, one white and one black.


I'll always care about you.

There are different types of niqab, some of which cover the entire face.

Tell me what you think will happen.

No one's seen them in a while.

Travis couldn't trust Graeme.

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Simon needs to change his attitude.

He was shocked to hear that his daughter had shoplifted.

She doesn't pay much attention to how she dresses.


I can't believe Edgar lied to my face about what happened.


I'd tried everything.

What a show!

His attraction lies in his character, not his looks.

I still haven't decided who to give this to.

Patience begins where it ends.

The top leaders of seven countries attended the meeting.

His present is a bottle of wine.

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Do you think he expects you to sleep with him?


We took turns driving the car.

In all of the gardens in my city it is illegal to trample the flower beds.

He began to make his escape.

Sanjeev is a glutton when it comes to money.

They don't really believe that nonsense, do they?


They just had a very serious conversation.


Dustin has never been in a fight.

I must say something.

I knew someone like him once.


Herbert is very interested in jazz.


You wouldn't really do that, would you?


Watch carefully and you can see how my lips move in pronouncing the word.

Even spending just ten minutes a day on this website will be beneficial.

Get it right!

What do you want to buy for him?

I can not tell if it will rain tomorrow.

I'm really sensitive towards the cold. Could I get another quilt?

They love their kids.


I think I'll always love Winston.

Let me introduce you to Mr. Brown.

Juha knows this area like the back of his hand.


I was hardly able to see him.

I am getting on for twenty and have become engaged.

Luc cooks for Rusty.

I have a big complaint about the list: it's not representative in the least.

Forget what I just told you.

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I must finish it before I go out.


Just a moment. I haven't made up my mind yet.


Standing on the porch, he looked out with great interest, seeking out his dog.

She backed her car into the garage.

He is the last man that is suited for the job.

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They say amniotic fluid has roughly the same composition as sea water.

Any mushroom can be eaten, but some only once.

After skiing, I find that I have a voracious appetite.

A special task force managed to catch a suicide bomber downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

Let's not talk about my problems.

She's probably just gone to visit her parents.

I doubt whether a native speaker would say it like that.


Don't you know me?


Do you like fruit salad?

I tried to follow your instructions.

Do you have a paper clip?

I always have that option.

You've already thanked me.


The world owes me, so fuck you!

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Many Americans are obese.

Let's have another.

Many women pursue higher education and careers, thus delaying marriage and childbirth.


We are experienced.


Why won't anybody answer my questions?

He struck a match.

Charley said you couldn't come.

Just out of curiosity, what would you do?

Safety always comes first.

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We're sorry to say that this house has been sold.


Factional in-fighting threw a monkey wrench into the deliberations.

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They definitely know.

I'm staying at my aunt's.

Antennas should be placed on the highest part of the building, preferably.

How tall he is!

You have to leave Boston now.

When can I get out of here?

Everyone sat back down.

Emma hasn't been busy recently.

He ran up the stairs breathing very hard.

The baseball game was so exciting that everyone stayed until the very end.

I think I'll turn in.

They decided to settle in a suburb of London.

I couldn't ask for a better holiday!

Let's see if Axel knows more than we do.

"Hey, what happened in the final episode of 'Axel and Neal'?" "They broke up, in the end. It was really bittersweet." "Oh my! And after being so deeply in love!"

I'm just a phone call away.

Half of you are idiots.

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No one pays attention to her.


All of you betrayed Antonio.

I know what you're doing.

Dan met Linda outside.

He lives inside an apple.

Who's in charge?

Remember what the park was, and what it now is!

What a big truck!

There is good fire from this coal.

The short man wears a sweater.


Gerard has been doing great.

Harv is able to play football.

Such a diligent man as he is sure to succeed.

This will give him something to cry about.

I am tired of the work.


The NYPD is the New York Police Department.


How many times a minute does the average person blink?

Throw the ball to him.

It will not be long before he turns up.

Isn't it about time to go home?

Did something bad happen at school today?

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This'll only take a minute.

Michiel is a butcher.

I won't tell anyone about him.


She doesn't listen to music at all.

Which color do you think she prefers?

That negligee is gonna knock his socks off!

I don't want to make new friends!

I would like shoes like that.

Wilson and I are going to talk about what happened.

We're just one big, happy family, aren't we?

Evan thought his life was in danger.

The people whom I meet are kind.

Have you seen Hui dance?

My roommate is 20 years old, and didn't know what a clitoris was until a few weeks ago. He thinks that his lack of knowledge is self-explanatory because he is gay, but I don't buy it. I think it just goes to show how shitty the public education system is here.