Whoever may say so, I won't believe.

Two thousand American soldiers were killed.

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The room was in a perfect order.

A person's true value can't be seen by eyes.

Do you really think I'm going to kiss you?

Now just hold on a minute.

It was very expensive; in fact, I paid 100 dollars.

She isn't perfect.

When parents get old in Japan, they are customarily looked after by their children.

Did you enjoy the party yesterday?

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

Mongo couldn't have done what he did without some help.

I don't appreciate being interrupted.


Brooke ate a Japanese-style breakfast for the first time yesterday.


He was punished with justification.

The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time.

We should have a drink.

I didn't want to scare her.

Dan told me the biggest lie I've ever heard.

Note the function of the background layers of these graphic designs.

Although a lickspit licks spit and an ass-kisser kisses asses, both expressions are used for people who are tarred with the same brush.

I hope Giovanni feels the same way you do about this.

Murray used to play the guitar.

It's like it never happened.

We were passengers.

He's a casanova.

Could you do it now?


I don't think Judge lives here.

My best friend works for an NGO in Afghanistan.

Wolfgang grinds the wheat.

"When did Mr Ogawa arrive?" "Ten minutes ago."

Our teacher favors only the girl students.


It's clear that he stole money from the safe.

I think I can take care of myself.

She's seventeen.

You always want to control everything.

We must keep nature in good condition.

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When I was a child, my mother would often read fairy tales to me.

Is that fire extinguisher working?

Not only can he speak Mandarin, but Shanghainese as well.

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The plastic surgeon botched the facelift and was sued for millions.

The room wasn't tidied by Rosa.

You should follow the doctor's advice.

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Dan tied Linda's hands.

Ranjit seems unbothered.

It was Johnnie's wish.

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Hunger is perhaps the strongest of all human drives.

Her expression is full of anger.

I've been concerned about him recently.


You have to get her help us.

Carol didn't have a weapon.

Do you agree with this?

We must treat others with sincerity.

Did Danielle have any help?


Adam spent 3 years in jail for drug possession.

There's a lot work to do today.

I pray every night.


Don't underestimate us.

She spoke in a gentle voice.

Major used to meditate every morning.

I wonder what to make for dinner.

I hope Brian's not too mad at me.

Music is wonderful for the soul.

I don't consider Sorrel a great man.

Do you feel unbeatable?

Eileen told me to meet him there.

Tharen's house is around here somewhere.

Arne is a very mean person.


One morning, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don't know.

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I spent an idle week there.

They are in for trouble.

I hope that you will like it.

She sat next him with her eyes closed.

Can someone help me?

I don't deserve sympathy.

The students are having a recess now.


I can make your problems go away.

The floor is so dirty that It requires washing.

Duke lost control of his car and crashed it into a tree.


You can read where you were, but you can't write where you'll be.

Clara can't be a poet.

Why are African lions disappearing?

Did you enjoy the game?

Tarmi desperately tried to save her on-off relationship with Joel.

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I have something I want to say to you.


I never did thank you for all the help you gave me.

I'd much rather have a piece of cake.

We didn't help him, so he did it off his own bat.

Thomas doesn't obey his parents.

I can't tell you why she was absent from school.

I understand Japanese a little.

How long do you think Mongo will work for us before he quits and goes to another company?

Vampires live forever.

Vickie didn't convince me.

I have no interest in money.

Her nails are red.

Why don't you say something?

He's head over heels in love with Pandora.

Her decision shocked everyone.

Stand still and keep silent.

Thomas holds a high position in an oil company.

The Congress had no money.

I find words with concise definitions to be the easiest to remember.

I thought that he had already finished the work.

I can't help them with that.

You have to organize your time.


The orbit around Sirius is elliptical.

Pedro's friendly.

My father works here.

Please take some of them.

She didn't turn up after all.

The jurors came into the courtroom

Shahid likes to play mind games.


I never want to drive in Boston again.

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Guests began arriving a little after 2:30.

Actually, I didn't know that.

It's been stolen.

The server is overloaded.

Takayuki told me that he spoke French.

An icebreaker can carve a channel in the ice fifteen meters wide.

I suggest that you proceed very carefully.

Kathleen was embarrassed.

He begrudges you your success.

I had the artist paint my portrait.

He often forgets to keep his promises.

What have I become?

This sentence consists of seven words.

He was so poor that he couldn't buy bread.

Mick has a very high opinion of you.

She created a scandal out of the blue.

She's a square.

She was looking for a room with a bath, and found one near here.

Try to keep your eyes open.

Many students work in part-time jobs.

The little boy lost a mitten playing in the snow.

I'm not sure I want to do this now.

I never actually wanted to go there.


Did someone contact Darci?

Librarians are woefully underutilized.

Jeany was hired away by a rival company.


I can't do it alone, Teruyuki. I need your help.


You have to risk big in order to win big.


It's good to see you all again.

This is the fruit of your imagination.

I'm afraid I have a polyp in my nose.

It didn't end well.

Since when have you been in a relationship?


Srikanth is a born artist.


The plan should be carried through.


She got her navel pierced.

I never said that.

Do you watch the 8 o'clock soap opera?

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I wasn't particularly interested in what was going on.

Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

We're going to make it work.


I found a good Mexican restaurant.

I'm happy to know she's well.

What's your philosophy?


Do stop talking and listen to the music.

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I can't deny that.

This happened often in the spring.

I can't believe you've never heard of a kumquat!

The kids are running wild.

Don't waste ammunition.


Miriam is now looking very tired.

Sherman is the only one I'll talk to.

I know it's a lot to ask.