I saw some people there leading a low life.

Years ago, she used to hang around with a bunch of bikers.


I didn't know him last year.


Where is your bedroom?

Valencia is a much fitter candidate for student body president than her competitors.

In the first place, he's a lazy boy.


Kory let us go.

I can't find my girlfriend's clitoris.

This city is in the United States.

Jwahar heard a noise.

By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society.

Can you answer?

Aren't you afraid?

If it rains tomorrow, we'll go by car.

I'm coming with Linley.


There are a lot of people walking there.

Micky talks a mile a minute.

They arranged a meeting.

Dude, you're so dumb when it comes to women...

Generally speaking, history repeats itself.

The boys started fighting.

I haven't seen you in ages.

I don't anticipate any problems.

Please circle the right answer.

Fish are cold-blooded animals.

Her father was accused of statutory rape.

Carolyn is Molly's aunt.

The holidays came to an end at last.

Their way of thinking is behind the times.

We stood on the top of the mountain.


I know that you are rich.

I looked for Mongo and Darren for over an hour.

In honor of all the hard work we raised a toast to our first day in our new home!


Ethan is in the other room getting dressed.

She died in her bed at the age of 96.

I knew I recognized that face.

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It's time to reflect on your past.

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He is identical to his older brother.

Look at that cat. It is Mr. Brown's.

I think I can help you.

Police raced to the suspect's house.

It's hard for him to live on his small pension.

Spend money and enjoy life!

That idea we were discussing in class yesterday really piqued my interest.

I want to show you something first.

Remove your hat when you go inside.

He's always at home on Mondays.

Jeanne poured himself a cup of tea.


I heard him speaking French.


How was last night's party?


Why are you all still awake?


How beautiful the roses blossomed this summer.

Pamela wasn't very forthcoming about what happened with Sal.

The riot got out of hand.

The U. N. moved to impose sanctions.

She asked me to.


I shouldn't have married Svante.

Do you know how much it costs to be a member here?

That accounts for why the door was open.

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Should we wait for you here?

Have you ever worked as a bartender before?

John said that he had met this man at the conference.

It has been as many as ten years since I started to live in Tokyo.

The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark discount rate to an 18-year low.


Something terrible has happened to Danielle.

I was looking to kill time.

"The Green Starman" is an original film in Esperanto about an alien who visits a married couple on Earth and takes them back to his planet.


He gave me a ring at midnight.

You're not mad anymore, are you?

Why do you treat me like this?

Yes, he's our manager.

We have dinner every day at eight o'clock.

If he would help you, he might come to you at once.

She told me that he loves me.

You're the last hope for humanity.

Deborah began to worry about Annard.


They agreed on a price.

Ellen looks very upset.

I do not want anyone for this job.

Miles doesn't want to admit it, but he's excited about tomorrow's dance.

I would like you to assist me with my gardening.

Don't lower your eyes.

We need a medical team here!

Randolph thinks he's smarter than anyone else.

Should I call her?

Robbin scored three runs.

Where does this desk go?

I can't believe I'm going back to Boston.

She has green eyes.

That's what I should've said.

Nichael needs to shut up.


Why didn't you ask me for help?

I'm not scared of them.

This should be completely rewritten.

You couldn't have timed it better.

You may go home if you want to.

Somebody is blackmailing me.

I'm pretty sure that Marek doesn't know what you're talking about.

I'm hungry now.

Why are you back?


Niels was the only one drunk at the party.

Talking of dictionaries, I have benefited from various kinds.

This is the office in which he works.


Do a little gymnastics!


Monty sipped at his drink.

The villagers have done without electricity for a long time.

They have been in Brazil for one year.

The president of this country is eloquent.

I encouraged Stuart to learn French.

Did you really believe that is what Helen wanted?

Niels didn't receive any money for his work.

Vijay walked in from the porch.

It was very unpleasant.

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I'll fix you a cup of tea.

He had words with his friend and then struck him.

Donna doesn't like people who manipulate others.


If there were a problem, Part would say something.

The city hall is located at the center of the city.

Apart from a few faults, he is a trustworthy partner.

The radio was invented by Marconi.

I went to bed early because I was too tired.

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Ethan didn't say anything about you.

We have more important things to do.

What time will you be ready to leave?


Don't put anything on top of the box.

Her behavior is consistent with her words.

I wondered when you'd get here.

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I really don't understand the plan they presented.

We're going out now.

The drug addict had to undergo rehabilitation.

I broke my leg skiing.

I took the book from you.

The deputies are beating inmates.

You should be careful not to become overconfident.

He stood up from his chair.

I just didn't believe Sedat.

Mat cried when I left.

He's got a few screws loose.

Next time, you should buy a larger size.

"What's today?" cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him. "Eh?" returned the boy, with all his might of wonder. "What's today, my fine fellow?" said Scrooge. "Today!" replied the boy. "Why, Christmas Day."

The weather will be clear, followed by clouds later on.

The jury's still out regarding the health effects posed by cell phone use.

Plagiarism is a serious transgression of academic ethics.

Clifford isn't a member of our club.

For the moment there's nothing in particular I need to be doing.

This is perfect.

Do you know where I can get a taxi?

Colin felt her face grow hot.

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What's the best way to keep yourself from yawning?

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I didn't know that you cared.

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She has broken the toaster again.

Stop scaring us.

His memory never ceases to astonish me.


They invite us to their conferences.


It felt good.

I have never been to that town.

Vivisection is a shame.

What are your hobbies?

Eva's loud snoring kept me awake all night.

As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

Who is eating?

Well, I can't spend $12,000 on a handbag, but it's free to look at those who do with righteous condemnation.

Unfortunately, you cannot bring him along.

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Did Victor stay?

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Our country stands at the end of the beginning.


It's me that Teruyuki is waiting for.