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Industrial & Warehouse
Cantilever racking
Selective Racking
Drive in rack
Push back rack
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Boltless Rivet Shelving
Workbench Shelving
Gondola Shelf
Raised Storage Area
Mezzanine Floor
Steel Structure Racking
Plastic Box
Stacking plastic container
Nesting Plastic Container

Supplier Details

Company Name: Suzhou CN-Racking Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms.Shelly Huang

Tel: +86 15162400356

Fax: +86 0512 67537656


Address: Yangcheng Industrial Park, Suzhou, China

WebSite: /

CN-RACKING is a China Manufacturer and Designer of: Warehouse Racking, Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking, Longspan Shelving and Heavy Duty Shelving CN-RACKING has over TWETNTY years experience designing and manufacturing storage solutions plus local knowledge of warehouse and logistic storage variations. From warehouse selective racking to custom racking solutions, CN-RACKING has a wealth of knowledge on maximising your available space using creative solutions. This industry know-how enables CN-RACKING to deliver to clients an expert solution on how to maximise their storage space, across varying areas: Warehouses , e.g. Selective Racking Distribution and Logistics Hubs Workshops and Storerooms, e.g. Racking, Workbenches Retail, e.g. Supermarket shelving and other display shelving Office, e.g. Archive Shelving CN-RACKING is designed and manufactured in China with most material (e.g. steel) sourced from within China. Contact CN-RACKING: Showroom and Factory Yangcheng Industrial Park, Suzhou City, China Operating Hours: 8:00AM - 6:00PM MOB: 86 15162400356 FAX: 86 0512 67538656 Email: