All of them have independent means.

It was Leon's fault.

What are you doing staring at my girlfriend like that?

Shawn has no idea what he's getting into.


These kinds of problems are unavoidable.

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Valencia is a much fitter candidate for student body president than her competitors.

I think about what the leaving had.

You had better go to the infirmary.

Nathan seldom eats seafood.

Stop whining.

The driver couldn't have stopped at the signal.

I was mistaken in thinking that he was a trustworthy man.

Julianto stopped abruptly.

We're tired of waiting.

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You don't have to go with them.

Emily decided to leave the school.

Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Herve made the children clean their rooms.

This is not the case with everything.

Where are they meeting?

The cauldron was steaming and bubbling.

Context is important.

So far, they've found nothing.

Roman has actually never been to Boston.

GloFish are genetically modified aquarium fish.


Does Lenora have a license?


Elias is the owner of the company.


I'd like to say three sentences about that.

Why would Micky want to go with us?

Do you think they're dead?

His nasty comments fueled the argument.

Things are going to change.


They tasted the bread.

I'd like to change my room.

You didn't have any reasons to be angry.

The handle of the pitcher was broken.

How much does it cost to get a haircut nowadays?

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We need to speak to them.


Mama! That lady and man are holding hands, they're great friends aren't they!

This device made it possible to turn sea-water into fresh water easily.

Rhonda isn't wearing shoes.

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Bring me the vinegar and oil, please.

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I'd like to watch this movie again.

You'll be on time, won't you?

We're never giving up hope.

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The birds went across the sea.


I feel it's something I can do.

You were really helpful.

You ignored me.

They are living harmoniously.

Ladies and gentlemen...

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Because they are clean.


She does not like sushi.

I have only two classes this year.

I feel I can do that.


Cris almost kissed Sam, but decided not to.

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Why did you tell Hienz Van was ugly?


Manjeri isn't a flight risk.

I thought it was pathetic.

I've done what I can for him.

Tandy knows it's hopeless.

He is wearing pyjamas.


I'm sure Jenine will like you.

Don't tell me what I can and can't do.

Skip didn't explain it very well.


But where is this compass?

He is sick and should be treated as such.

Let me be.

This scandal has severely damaged the public image of our company.

Except for Olson, everyone in the office left at 2:30.

They don't look very happy.

I've contacted him.

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He speaks fluently.

You must keep up a good relationship with your neighbors.

This isn't news.

He is late.

Do we even have a choice?

The fawn blended seamlessly into the foliage.

The girl walking with Ken is May.

I should know that.

We were just being honest.

Holly seems to really enjoy being in Boston.

He's dancing with another girl.

My boss has a grudge against me.

Catherine wanted to go to the shopping center.

I knew Vice would do something stupid.

Melting ice is not the only cause of rising sea level. As the ocean gets warmer, the water expands.


Now, this won't hurt a bit.

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He hasn't adapted yet to the new reality.

We'll have to have a little discussion regarding that last point.

We were really moved by his lecture.

Jagath panicked.

Further investigation is required.

What was the last movie you saw?

I can't lift the sack either.

Dick plans to go by himself.

The police were controlling the crowd.

This town isn't big enough for both of us.

In winter I wear an overcoat.

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The year the war ended, I was born.

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He made me see what Life is, and what Death signifies, and why Love is stronger than both.

Fill out this form.

I'm going to go to the men's room.

An asteroid is a bit of rock.

She left for Paris.


He is good at driving.

All the students in my class are friendly.

Tatoeba is more than a website. Tatoeba is a group of volunteers that either translates existing sentences or writes new ones in order to make others familiar with the beauty of their own languages.


Santa wouldn't go without saying goodbye.

One does not buy happiness.

It was my suitcase.

This is a terrible idea.

I went to the beach with her.

Dylan couldn't help thinking that he would've passed the test if he'd studied a little harder.

I saw you and Mason earlier.

I can't quit now.

How do you know that?

I will attentively review your comments over the next few days.

They have already visited the United States.

Sonny is as busy as ever.

That is your major problem.

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When it comes to snoring, no one can top Mr Snore.

Look, I'll see you later.

I just hope no one saw me do that.

The opening of the country had a great influence on Japanese civilization.

Johann and Cynthia had a heated discussion on same-sex marriage.

Can't you just accept that?

Try and hurry up.

Walt finally left.

Poverty is, in a sense, a blessing.

I don't see any resemblance.

He heard you.


I paid 800 yen for this book.

I've just hired a new maid.

I think that's very regrettable.

The dog is barking at her.

I know his name.

You want to know what I know, don't you?

I plan to stay in Boston for three more days.


Leave immediately!

Are you positive?

I can't marry her.

As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable.

What a big talk.

I must give back the book to him by tomorrow.

How were you able to escape from prison?


Thank you for the memories.

Where can I catch the bus to the Tokyo station?

Raman couldn't remember where he put his pen.

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You should've called her.

I can't take this pain any more.

She has a clean heart.

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All I did was run a little and now my knees are wobbly.

It was Mr Hino who translated the book from Spanish into Japanese.

She promised to meet her at the coffee shop.


Those two experiments yielded similar results.

I have no shortage of dictionaries.

Look up words in advance, before you attend a class.


She fell in love with a young artist.

I wonder what Kenton ate for his Christmas dinner.

I've made the same mistakes as I made last time.


You weren't even there.

Are you going to take the entrance examination?

Deirdre doesn't necessarily have to go.