Where's the nearest metro stop?

She succeeded in the work.


The timing is critical.

It is not you but I that am to blame.

Cathrin and Mats both have ponytails.

The island was inhabited by a fishing people.

I was on patrol.

You're very quiet today.

The gap was bigger than I expected.


When Friday comes around, it's time for me to let my hair down and enjoy the weekend.

I visited Hollywood while I stayed in Los Angeles.

To some extent, you can control the car in a skid.


The noise awoke me from my sleep.

I have no strength to lift this stone.

I'm perfectly fine with it.

Mike urged her parents to let her go out with her friends.

You haven't told me what we're doing.

You can't do anything about that.

Let's think of something to do.

He speaks Chinese very well.

Oh, I got it.

Poetry is a search for the inexplicable.

He sells cars in France.

It could be fun.

Ray usually studies two or three hours a day.

You've got to stop, Hector.

Has Mike quit drinking?


We're inflexible.


Tears began to spill down his cheeks.

I always needed some attention.

I like this song. It has an infectious rhythm and it's good to dance to.

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See how Lenny can swallow an entire hot dog without chewing or choking? That's why upper management loves him so much.


It isn't likely that Beth will shed any tears if Mara gets fired.

I'm not good at math, so I can't solve this question.

It may rain at any moment.


I always stay at home on Sundays.

I think it's time for me to lose some weight.

I feel like I'll be ready.

Nicolette won't let anyone else come near the barbecue.

Do you really want someone else to do it?

Shatter is flirting with some girl inside the bar.

I should cancel the trip to LA.


Hang in there, Sherman. Don't die.


You're not aiming high enough.

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I think he is a very kind man.


You eat like you're still in college.

I'm good at keeping secrets.

You really staying eight weeks in Hamburg?

I understand no English and German even less.

They never take back their cups at the end of the day.

Someone's been here recently.

I have the same symptoms as you do.


I thought I knew what to do.

I won't be silent.

Previously, Mr Johnson also proposed banning the consumption of alcohol on public transport in the capital, which is believed to have reduced the crime rate on trains and buses.

I have to clear the garden.

It's a problem, however you look at it.

I want to leave this difficult job to her.

Scientists will come up with new methods of increasing the world's food supply.

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He entered the room.

I'm going out for a drink.

They were spoiled, as might have been expected.

He did not so much as speak to me all the evening.

Starbuck's big-headed.

He came to Japan when he was a boy.

I would like if this didn't happen.

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For four years, he cut the grass at the original price, but I noticed that toward the end of that year, he had a helper with him quite often.

Hui told me about his new job.

Police dogs are trained to obey without hesitation.

What did you buy this car for?

Has everyone been told?


I think it's nice, too.


Something has to be done to stop the bleeding.

This looks like a great place for a picnic.

What've you got?


Do you care to hazard a guess?

The man enjoyed his bath, slept soundly, and set off early next morning.

I don't like both of them.


Takeuchi got his nose pierced.

I've got news.

I'd like to see him at 2:30.

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Would you know anything about that, Valentin?

Jenine bought a couple of loaves of bread on his way home from work.

Jerrie isn't the only one who thinks so.

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We're the only ones here from Boston.

Why not ring her up now?

Actually, that's not quite correct.

Maybe it's time you got to know Toerless better.

Would you help me clean the bedroom?

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We stand for democracy.

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Just stop bugging me, okay?

The Prime Minister said that he didn't want to pre-empt the findings of the inquiry by making any policy changes before its recommendations were handed down.

Who'd want to hire us?

I shouldn't have gone there.

Chandra records observations of the universe in the high-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum.

She smiled a charming smile.

The Tudor Dynasty fell in the year 1603.

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Kim plans to throw away his old toaster.

We're doomed.

I have food.

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We have to take him to the hospital immediately; he is seriously injured!

Phiroze doesn't care what Tai says.

Let's not talk about it now.


I'm looking forward to the trip.

I knew you'd never let Liyuan die.

Give me those socks, my feet are getting cold.

He knows how to tell jokes.

Hurf hasn't had the chance to do that yet.

You should apply for that post.

I praised him for his diligence.

He is superior to me in mathematics.

Milk has to be kept at a relatively low temperature.

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Let me show you our camp.


The train left before they got to the station.


Everyone here already seems to be with a partner... what am I going to do?


I've only descended further into loonyville.

Malaclypse never seems to spend much time studying.

She quit her job.


You don't have to move to Boston.

Did he acquaint you with the facts?

I heard Wolf speaking French.

Watch them closely.

Your body needs you to slow down to a more moderate lifestyle.


You should have taken all that into consideration.


I'm going to exercise every day.

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They're wearing expensive clothes.

You don't have to tiptoe around me.

Ariel is resourceful, isn't he?


Having graduated from college, she became a teacher.

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Giles was left with no other choice.

Life consists of rain and sunshine, of snow and heat, of thunder and lightning, and of winter and summer.

Can't you talk to her for me?

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It just felt natural.

If you have lied once you will never be believed ever again, even if you are speaking the truth.

Syed repacked his suitcase.

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Do you want this done quickly or do you want this done right?


What's your strategy?

We associate the name of Darwin with The Origin of Species.

Your new novel will come out next month.

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Slartibartfast put his gun back in its holster.


It's useless talking to them.

I had to shoot my horse because he was in a lot of pain.

We should have made a careful plan in advance.


It's a snowstorm.

How does that work?

There are many park fountains that have money in them.

What is your last name?

I took my shoes off and threw them out the window.


I didn't tell you to sit.

Troy pretended to be angry.

Give this copy to her.

Everything Brent does is controversial.

We need all the help we can get.


Mike suddenly burst out laughing.


All our children go to school in Boston.