Do you feel better?

"Why are you grinning like that?" "The schoolgirl I just passed by was really cute."


Andrea drinks at least two litres of water a day.

On hearing of the victory, the whole nation shouted for joy.

He is a good athlete.

Leo and Alain are more or less the same weight.

I wrote three letters last night.


Tiefenthal hasn't had any other girlfriends since Delbert.


We all want to go with you.

How I have missed you!

Sangho and I have some catching up to do.

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I found it difficult to convince her.


Should I stay or should I go?

I met one of my old teachers yesterday.

He wears pajamas.

I heard that song before.

I took him at his word.

It took us half an hour to set up the tent.

Switzerland is called "Svizra" in Romansh.

I don't think we should hang around.

When was the last time you went to Australia?

Why is that funny?

Moran took a lot of pictures when he was in Boston.


Together we breathed a sigh of relief.

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I don't need reminding.

The report states that there will be a depression.

Lynn definitely looks younger than Dan.


The bigger a city grows, the dirtier the air and water become.

I bought a new suit of clothes.

If anything goes wrong, give me a call.

I read two books last week. I loved them both.

Annard has a moustache.

Few scientists understand the theory of relativity.

Crude oil is refined at this plant.


You keep it.

I walked quickly so that I might catch the first train.

Randolph and I both used to live on Park Street.

I heard coughing.

So she works at this factory, huh?


Whatever you do, don't push that button.

The three veterans lived together in a rented cottage on the outskirts of a small town on the edge of the inland sea.

Have you been to Grandma's Table which is very popular now?

The judge condemned him to death.

A large army and navy would be needed.

Come on, let's get out of here.

Have your paper on my desk by Tuesday.

Hurry up or you'll miss your plane.

You should try to help them.

I suggest that perhaps we should give Brandon a second chance.

Micky wanted to say goodbye.

The mind always loves to tack on to something, and when it doesn't have anything good for that purpose, it turns to the evil.

Everyone working for us earns more than the minimum wage.


They nodded silently.

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That's not a solution.


It was fairly funny.


This city has many historical buildings.


Fear no more the boss's bark, nor all the union steward's rages.


Figures of speech are tools well employed by writers in any literary genre.

Chinese language works much better than English in this market.

Triantaphyllos drives a black car, right?

She is old enough to hold a driver's license.

Ned and Rafik both glance at John.

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Straka thought that Christie would want to know that John was planning to be in Boston next week.

She is about to kill me.

They fought in defense of their country.

Have you seen anything unusual lately?

Have a little of this cake.

What'll you give me for this?

Wait, who told you?


I could not stop myself from crying aloud.

What would become of us if war should break out?

The coup attempt was foiled at the last moment.

I'm worried about all of you.

Tal decided to go to Boston to study music.


Let me know in advance if you are coming.


That's what I loved about them.

I wanted to change that.

This is much worse.


I'm going to cancel in another two days.

I think we can manage.

Africa is exporting beef to Europe.

I'm just following Malaclypse's orders.

Marsha told me he needed to get something off his chest.

Raj rescued Randall's dog from the burning house.

Beverly doesn't know the answer.

You so going to pay for this, Ritchey!

I've never seen a more enticing woman than the one standing in front of me right now.

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You are not permitted to touch the art.

Micheal's in there.

Didn't you learn that in school?

You have only to read this article to see how serious the accident was.

I've been in trouble before.

Oscar says he already knows how to do that.

You should not trust him.

She and I are in front of our tent.

The hill slopes downward to the river.

Sarah called to say he can't come to help.

I'm probably braver than you.

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I'd rather be in Boston.

I felt kind of awestruck.

Can you believe it? We're in Europe!

I say it's worth a try.

You are the one that I was looking for.

What Arnold did was incredible.

I knelt down to tie my shoes.

"It's true, it's true!" cried Pinocchio in tears. "I won't do it again."

She made many mistakes in typing the report.

I wonder if Francois will win.

My mother feels better.

Tuna can handle that.

He angrily tore up the letter from her.

Can't you tell me how to do this?

Good luck in life.

How early do you go to bed?

Be careful how you speak to Miki.

How dare you say such things about Vick?

He has done this.

I don't want Mario to take over.

You really should've gone by yourself.

Computers will save you much time and energy when you deal with figures and graphs.

He lives in New York.

I imagined that.

Could I have that crayon, please?

Family should always come first.

I've already told everyone that I'm moving to Boston.


It will be better for us to hurry if we want to catch the bus at six.

Thad bought Claude some chocolate.

The doctor administered medicine to the patient.

His conduct is open to grave objection.

The birds are flying around.

Shuvra burned himself.

Why don't you come inside and wait?

David has got nothing.

Don doesn't know what Laurianne wants him to say.

Let's set up a meeting.

Can you tell me what you're talking about?

You can't all come in at the same time!

I distracted myself from the boredom of my long journey by reading mysteries.

I don't want someone else. I want you.

Jose asked Pedro if she was ready.

He went into the water before me.

The pun is unfortunately untranslatable.

Television sets began to appear house by house at that time.

Either you or he is supposed to come tomorrow.


20 people were detained by the Federal Police.

Monica said he thought Nate was in Boston.

I bet nobody's sleepy.

We don't belong in here.

It took guts to do what Reid did.

I'm studying English.

I'm tired of all this nagging.

I feel outcast.

He traded on her kindness.

I am just dying for a Coke right now.

Everyone was talking about it.


His negotiators had disobeyed his orders.


You should consult them.

I say happy birthday.

I need to know everything there is to know about Steve.


Rebecca is obviously in love with Kathryn.

Bert and Glenn took turns standing guard.

They see him.

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I think I'll make stew for dinner.


From which station does the train leave?

I am my own biggest critic.

Danny was stuck in a crowded elevator.

We worked hard at it.

He added a little sugar to the coffee.


I was disappointed with the new product.