At the peep of day we were aroused by the voice of my good grandfather, who planted himself in the stairway and shouted in a stentorian tone, "I wish you all a Merry Christmas!".

There is a leap of logic in what he says.


I was told you knew how to do this.


I will become angry.

Keith came to Boston when he was thirteen.

These ideas look great on paper, but never work out in the real world.

Both of my sisters are not married.

I'm your elder sister.

Are you going to eat your roll?

I didn't factor those variables into the equation.

The old people make a habit of getting up early.

If that's what you want to do, I'll help you do it.

Lee took off his coat and hung it in the closet.

With so much damage to the wing, the pilot can't control the plane.

She has never danced with him.

Pitawas was shocked by this.

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I told Ti to go ahead.

I was shocked when I heard the reason Norman gave for his action.

Ummm. I have no idea how to answer the teacher's question.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

He will explain it to you when he comes back.

I'm hungry! Let's go and have dinner please!

I have put off my coat.

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I asked my teacher what I should do next.

Have you wondered why Matti is always late?

Terrence looks disoriented.

Do I really need to tell you again?

If I'd known what you were going to do, I'd've tried to stop you.


Who can blame you?


From time to time she felt an attraction to poetry.


The programmer fixed the bug.

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Write something nice on my cast.


Suresh and Randy aren't Canadians.

He's a tenacious guy who always manages to come out on top. He's the kind of guy who can turn any situation to his advantage.

Left alone, I sometimes feel like crying.

Science does not solve all of life's problems.

This program is a rerun.

At any rate, the program was a success.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

When an average person sends a message in a bottle, it's just a childish fantasy. When Christopher Columbus sends a message in a bottle, the fate of an entire country is at stake.

I need them to see this.

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I'm studying English.

Let's be quiet.

"Claire, there is something I want to talk to you about..." "Yes, what is it? Is it something serious?" "Yes, sort of..."


Get your hands off of me.

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You're risking your career.


At the age of fifty she embarked on a new career.

Can I get a blanket?

Luckily nobody got wet.

Bucky's funeral is today.

Don't let it go.

A certain door-to-door salesman made a fool of a trusting old lady and went off with a lot of her money.

What should they do in this situation?

You shouldn't mess with her.

Please don't lie to me, Pam.


Alcohol lowers inhibitions.

Lois's appearance has changed.

I've simplified it a bit.

My friends invited me to supper.

I see with my eyes and hear with my ears.

Alain and Charlene are playing Rummy with their friends.

I don't even know where Isidore is now.


It's coming up for Christmas.

Which meat dishes do you propose?

I left him in charge.


Wait until the tea leaves settle to the bottom.


The old man envies the youth.

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The first term starts in April.

The boy was so dependent that he could not function in society.

The weak-willed are prone to go to the dogs; the strong-willed turn failure into success.

His colleague was transferred to an overseas branch.

They won the match again.


It's time for us to go home.

Rathnakumar put the pan in the sink.

He has a telephone to himself.


He will be back in a couple of days.

Neville has caused a lot of trouble.

He was sentenced to prison for one year.

There was a time when I would've done that.

Your shoes are here. Where are mine?

Are you having a hard day?

They demanded money from him.

We talked without the aid of an interpreter.

He is weighted down with various cares.

Jaime is a troublemaker, isn't he?

Littering is prohibited.


Take this aspirin.


Procrastination is very democratic. It does not discriminate by platform, genre, or protocol.

Every room was searched thoroughly.

Juliet suggested to Kirk that she apologize and make amends.

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Marty's dog left muddy paw prints all over his new carpet.


I'll come into the office early tomorrow.

I had my bicycle fixed yesterday.

What's the weather like?

Is the rumor that Anne will get married to John true?

Has anyone talked to you?

We're all nervous.

Is that an area you are familiar with?

He turned a deaf ear to me.

I'll remember that.


Is Linley on our team?


People were ground down by poverty.

This is a letter from my old teacher.

Does she belong to the tennis club?

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Don't lie to them.


Let's concentrate on the job at hand.

The chair is broken. You'd better get someone to fix it.

I forgot to tell Noam I wouldn't be there.

She admitted that I was right.

He can't buy himself a car.


Have you finished writing your thesis?


No prior experience is required.

Roberto tried to persuade Roy to go to John's party.

You are right.

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Adlai makes an excellent martini.

I heard you playing music last night.

I go to Tokyo University.

Chocolate and strawberries eaten together is sheer heaven.

Why are the lights off?

We finally arrived at the ski hill... the snow had turned into rain.

I wasn't confident at all.


I'm hoping to go to Nanaimo sometime next year and not just for work.


Gene gave the flashlight to Saumya.

I can't look at Suwandi.

I'll never doubt you again.

I think you've confused me with someone else.

Tandy said he still feels pain in his legs.

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You don't understand how worried I was about you.


I think I'd better go with Leon.

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Your daughter's on drugs.

I used to be able to speak French better than I do now.

I'll tell him you called.

We are going to make a video.

Neptune is very similar to Uranus.

Tell Jill it's not too late to sign up.

Some implicit elements can be made explicit.

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Bill got an emergency call and had to leave work.

Ramesh often speaks a little too loudly.

The drought may tell on the harvest this year.

You have our party's undivided support.

I haven't asked anyone yet.

I want you to take some time off.

This photograph reminds me of my childhood.

Put down your name and address here.

She hit him again and again.

Please show me your detailed plan.

There'll be plenty of time for that later.

Elric has gone back home to Australia.

I'm going out tonight, regardless.

Ishmael, come over here!

I'll introduce you my brother.

In the summer, the temperature ranges from thirty to forty degrees Celsius.

Al rented a limo for the prom.


Nakagawa was on the point of going out when I called on him.


Ole was just about to say something when Simon walked into the room.

Of these two opinions, I prefer the latter to the former.

Can you write Braille?

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What if the problem is Beverly?

One of the reasons that we love nature is that, unlike ourselves, nature is not envious or deceitful.

How long have they been playing tennis?