Days pass by quickly when you're busy.

Beauty is but skin deep.


Each of the students has to attend the morning.

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Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.

I can't help laughing at him.

The queen is mentally incapacitated.


Which one's the new one?

Twelve years old is old for a dog.

We need to get down to business.

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She didn't even say thanks.

Bonnie tried to open the door, but couldn't.

You'll never know whether or not you can do it until you try.

Nick is the perfect guy for you.

You're going to need this.

She would often bring home table scraps from the restaurant where she worked to feed to her dog.

I waited for Teruyuki.

In Japan, children begin to play the violin at the age of three.

Ernie was asleep when I left.

My best friend is like a sister to me.

We'll have a sleep over.

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Shop till you drop.

Many letters of encouragement refreshed my sad heart.

I want everyone to hear what I have to say.

Stop taking things so personally.

I have not heard from her since then.

Was Kenn the one who suggested this?

He came several times.

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I want a piece of chocolate cake.


My head really hurts.

Why do I always wake up at this time?

Let's check with her.

I have to close this transaction within a week.

Victoria says: "Norwegian is very similar to written Danish, but the Danes mispronounce everything."

We must treasure nature more.

The buses run every ten minutes here.

The economic situation grew worse.

Allen certainly looks like he's rich.

My father is used to travelling.

It's not too much to ask you to come to class on time.


Just hang on.

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Albert couldn't convince Vice to go home.

Socially awkward children are more susceptible to bullying.

I'm with management.


See that the window is closed.

We sometimes say: "Common sense is quite uncommon."

I received an email from Konrad this morning.

I'm getting married next Sunday.

I want my room painted white.

I've asked Cindy not to do that.

Do you want to save them?

I've known that for a while.

I have become disgusted of living.

Cyrus helped me to understand a lot of things.

I will write you when I know your address.

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Sanity secretly wants his country to be purged of all foreign elements and return to a time that he views as its "golden age."

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She needs a little cheering up.


Having studied Japanese, Jenny had no trouble in Japan.

I think you should choose them.

That ATM at the supermarket, does it work?


He is full of new ideas.


We had to learn to read the word.


You cannot be both unhappy and fully present in the Now.

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I don't think it will rain tomorrow.

What's in the beach bag that's in the trunk of your car?

You pay for convenience.

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I need to see him right now.

Joanne accepted Kusum's gift.

Sociolinguistics recognizes that a person may speak his mother tongue using various registers depending on the social situation.

Has Norma always been overweight?

Warren doesn't like to rely on others.

Make yourself comfortable.

Are you sure you can do it?

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It'll be fine tomorrow, too.


She needs to sleep more.

Sitting on a couch, you won't achieve a lot.

I hope we can get together again. Yes, I'll be looking forward to it.

If it were not for your help, I could not have succeeded.

They shouted at the top of voices.

Linder is sitting in his car in the parking lot.

I don't even think about it anymore.


How do you do?


People in these areas are growing hungrier each year.

I know you have homework to do.

I feel terrible about that.


My vocabulary is limited.

He loved to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

The elephant won't move an inch.


Nobody is interested in my country.

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Pria walks his dog every afternoon as soon as he gets home.


I thank you with all my heart.

May you be blessed with good health.

Have you already decided who you're going to hire?

Where should I go?

If I wait, what's the possibility I can get a seat?

My father must do the work.

That man died of lung cancer one week ago.

Don't forget to brush your teeth.

"Are you going on holiday by yourself?" "No, my problems are coming with me."

This fruit has a bad taste.

The woman was asked to make allowance for the poor health of the baby.

I am not a panda.

My father usually goes to his office by bus.


We obey our parents because we honor them and we love them.

You should've rejected such an unfair proposal.

Heavy work in youth is quiet rest in old age.

Mr Yoshida never breaks his promise.

Sandra can ride a bicycle.

Myron thought he'd broken a bone in his foot, but an X-ray showed that he hadn't.

Jocelyn Bell was born in 1943 in Northern Ireland. Her father was an architect who loved to read. Jocelyn would often borrow her father's books. Through her reading, Jocelyn became interested in astronomy.

Baklava are sweet pastries made from layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts.

This is the worst case of the measles I've ever seen.

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We are always moving with the earth.

He is clever, no doubt, but he is cold, too.

This happened to me too!

Christina is busy and can't meet with you right now.

She saw the news.


The President called out the troops.

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Let's talk the night away tonight, shall we?

These goods are free of tax.

You two seem to get along well.

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I paid five dollars in addition.

Our planet moves in space with the lightness of a bird in flight.

A pity it ended like this.

I know there are hidden fees.

They're very smart.

She asked him if he was a student at this school.

I want to talk frankly with him.

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Love is blind, but jealousy can see even nonexistent things.

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Ranjit and Toerless are very friendly.

It happens to me as well.

There was a strong wind.

The skater spun round and round on the ice.

That guy is really a nutjob, don't kick against the pricks.

My mother is loved by my father.

Though Roxanne's English seems quite good at times, he doesn't seem to know his limitations and it's impossible to convince him that he's wrong when he makes a mistake.

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They sailed around the world.

Merat has been lying all along.

She is at the office.

You'll get the plane all right if you leave at once.

Would you give me your number?

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We need to be ready.

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The policeman grabbed the robber's arm.

You can't count on Nanda's help.

I'll do as you request.


He completed the project at the last minute.


There's a rumor Johnson is going to be traded.

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Cindie thinks he discovered that stoats have a language previously unknown to humans, that is so complex that even after years of study he barely mastered the basic vocabulary. In reality, stoats fooled him into thinking that so that he didn't realise the truth, which is that they have been talking to him telepathically all that time.

Mount Everest is, so to speak, the roof of the world.

The boxer said he would knock down his opponent in the first round.

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Do you want to go to the zoo with me?

I'm feeling claustrophobic.

I've been writing letters.

The only thing that the teacher was really caring about was his students.

The summit of the mountain is covered with fresh snow.


Ken did that.

It sure is tight.

All the expenses will fall on the sponsor.

Jennie has a trash compactor.

I don't want to wait for you.