Have you decided not to wait?

We've been living here since October.

I spent twelve hours on the train.

Ian likes to wear clothes with vertical stripes, because she heard they make you look thinner.

Adam picked up the broken pieces of glass off the floor.

I've been good.

He's wild in bed.

After her graduation from college, she went over to the United States.

I have to talk to you.

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Give me a couple minutes to get dressed.

He can't possibly write the letter by himself.

So fine was the thread that no frame could be found to weave it upon, nor would any weaver undertake to make one.


He collected coffee cups.

Did you enjoy your tour?

The University of Coimbra was established in 1290. It is one of the oldest universities in continuous operation in the world.

Earnie has two computers.

Did you speak to her?

I didn't have the courage to tell her the truth.

All the guests have gone home.

The plan calls for a lot of money.

Unfortunately, that hasn't been possible.

I don't know how to express my gratitude.

Let's go straight to the beach.

Was that all you said to him?

Traveling will immensely enrich our minds.

You don't even know me.

Saify says that he can read a French book.


I met my teacher by chance at a restaurant last night.

In feudal Japan, the lord with the largest land holdings was called a "daimyo."

I heard the news about her.

It seemed like the only rational thing to do.

I'm just looking out for her.


We accomplished some good things.

Don't you have a driver's license?

Hurf and I are separated.

I'm glad you were able to meet Isabelle.

I gave him the day off.

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Hugh was careful not to touch Ji.

He has so many friends, he wants enemies.

That pen is more expensive than this one.

Guillermo started walking down the hall.

Rolfe's wife is called Skeeter.

I think the story is true.

Over the last 2 years we watched him change.

She stood looking out toward the sea.

We all took it for granted that Will could speak French.

How can you justify your rude behavior?

She likes French more than German.

I still say we should've bought that piano.

I have trouble falling asleep because I always have a lot on my mind.

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The introduction of foreign plants and animals can cause severe damage to ecosystems.


It is quite an achievement!

They look horrified.

It took only a 1000 yen to convince him.


I doubt that Kristian would ever consider driving such a small car.

I am a member of the sales department.

We had a birthday party for the old lady.

The cat is drinking.

Are you telling me the truth?

Eddy wrote a sentence about death.

We're pretty busy right now.


The police officer's partner was shot.


We would have helped them.


Roy needn't have hurried to the airport to meet his parents.

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He is a beginner.

I'll do anything to get Mosur back.

Jeff took control of the business.

Does anybody here trust him?

She attended the meeting at the request of the chairman.

You deserve a long rest.

The black and white bears living in the mountains in China and Tibet are called 'pandas'.


Bea just wanted to say thanks.

Do you want to see something extraordinary?

The assassination plot failed.

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I have a simple solution.


I really want to speak English fluently.

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What's this noise?


You're a month behind in your rent.

This parcel is addressed to you.

I'm still not sure.

I can't change what happened.

He got over the difficulties.


Look, I can explain this.

He has a very interesting book.

You can lose ten pounds in ten days. No effort required!

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The piano in Carlos's house is out of tune.

Let's encourage the players.

Let them have fun.

The result will satisfy him.

I really want you to meet her.

You can get it at any bookseller's.

Nobody can foresee when the war will end.

She had changed so much that I couldn't recognize her.

It is enjoyable to play tennis.

Please don't forget to write the letter.

I have everything I wanted.

We praise the good old times, but live today.

Rich looked to see if Jay was watching him.

My wallet was stolen in the cloak room.

I was angry and confused.


Do you have anything to add to his explanation?

I hear you've already contacted the broker.

He found her irresistible.

We heard it from Mr Such and such.

One can tell how much one has aged by looking at the faces of those one knew when one was young.


I've never met anyone like you.

It was a revelation to me.

I like watching movies in French.

Well, I must be going.

Isn't Lana on your side?

Where is everybody?

My children are very precious to me.

It's a completely different situation now.

You'll feel better when you get some sleep.

I offered her father a glass of punch.

"Whose newspapers are these?" "They are my father's."

Our teacher is a real idiot.

I didn't understand any of that.

Do you know if he can come to us tomorrow?

One of Lynnette's problems is that he can't read.


You should be more careful.

That really intrigues me.

Miltos demanded a refund.


I love Aimer's music.


I'm sure that you will succeed.

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Who's in command?

I haven't been sleeping very much lately.

With all these social activities, when do you get a chance to study?

I used to read three or four books a week.

You can't fool me.

He issued his report in September, 2000.

Where are you stationed?


They had been saving money for the trip for a year.

Would you like to try some?

Money ruins many.

Rahul would do anything for his sister, Rahul.

All is quiet again.

Fritz knew Nancy was falling for him when she laughed at his terrible jokes.

Are there any survivors?

I would like to live in Brazil.

That's why teachers love you.

I'm going to try to find help.

The Himalayas are higher than the Alps.

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I haven't found my keys yet.

Is there a public toilet in this building?

I got stuck in heavy traffic on the expressway.


You can't just walk away from this mess.

Barney advised Lance to take some time to think over her options.

She plays volleyball better than I.

Roger once ate at an cheap restaurant and got food poisoning, so now he is very careful about where he eats.

Aimee and Christophe traveled around Japan.

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How bad is the pain?

I am going to sleep.

Did you have any trouble keeping up with the others?

I don't know at all why he quit his job suddenly.

Do you want a soda?

Derek's eyes lit up.

He made heaps of money by ripping off naive suckers.

I am at a loss for words.

I want to be a movie star.


The crime of adultery was abolished in 1947.

Thanks to a fundamental restructuring, our surplus has swelled three-fold.

I'll be out of town.

Space hasn't cooked the eggs yet.

Can I get you some more water?


Rik only sleeps about five hours a night.

Betty didn't say a word.

This table is reserved.