When she came to the place where the footpath led across the marsh, she found small pools of water, and a great deal of mud, so she threw the loaf of bread into the mud, and walked upon it, so that she might pass without wetting her feet.

Time has passed very fast.


I feel at ease.

Frederic obviously doesn't like Seenu.

That song reminds me of a famous movie actor.

I was trying to be funny.

I want Roxana put in prison.

Darwin changed the way we see the world.

Since the consequences are potentially serious, there is a general precaution to avoid infections with this type of patients.


Mariko speaks English excellently.

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Sriram tried to get away from Tareq.

You can't help now. It's too late.

Suu doesn't play tennis.

If Sharon shows up, it's going to ruin Jun's day.

Hienz turned off the computer.


This watch is twice as expensive as that one.


What they say doesn't matter to us.

I wish I hadn't told anyone.

Any book will be okay as long as it is interesting.


Learn other languages in order to be more proficient in your own.


Sandeep stole my girlfriend.

I ended up going over the top, drinking too much and having a terrible hangover the next day.

Who would've thought?

I know Kerry doesn't believe in fate.

I think my complaint is valid.

I found the box empty.

Does it snow in Boston?

Don't try to bullshit me, tell me the truth.

Nowadays, commuters take traffic jams for granted.

I eat cheese.

Man, I'm hungry.


I outwitted him.

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Don't believe her, she tells lies.

Francisco waited for Sanjeev in front of the warehouse.

I don't care for television very much.

I'd love to go back to Boston.

What is the main goal of this project?

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I'll buy a new one.

We often have traveled to Tokyo.

The hostage-takers armed themselves with explosives.

We can't do the impossible.

If Vicki would eat less, he'd be healthier.

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It happens that innocents are sentenced to death.

Good morning my sunshine.

Uri doesn't always obey the rules.

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Xavier is a young student in economics at Paris University.

Niall lent Clara a book.

Let's get drunk today!

I was afraid of her having been punished.

I like to eat hot soup.


I am concerned about his poor health.

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A river flows in the valley.

Therefore it is important for us to be aware of other forms of politeness.

I've put on a lot of weight since Christmas.

They all envied my new car.

I never meant to do that.

A yellow bee hovers in a single spot.

Let's all do it.

I was in bed by nine.

I knew there was something wrong in this sentence.

I would like to know who my parents are.

He runs a company in Meguro.

Didn't you see my birds?

We weren't doing anything wrong.

She's bad.

When the thought of what I had done came to mind, I felt like an assassin.

Did you get a reply from her?

I'll give you a couple examples.


You don't know that for sure, do you?

Father takes a bus to his office.

Let us live, my Lesbia, and let us love!

Ninja likes teasing his sister.

It will get warmer and warmer.


He left his umbrella in the bus.

Let somebody else do it.

Eschatology is the study of end-times: personal and corporate.

What a nuisance for you, having to make all these changes.

There wasn't a single picture on the wall.


No one has ever said such things to me.


Lucky, weren't you?


Write with pen and ink.

One day, Pablo got lost in the Guatemalan jungle.

That makes it difficult.

Agatha went to Boston to see Andrea.

It sounds like you had a great time.

Terrance was in Boston last month.

I want to know what this is called.

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The price depends on the size.

I was all ears.

Everyone was so hungry.

Is this uncommon?

Maybe we should help her.

I was crying when he released her.

I wish I could play the piano as well as Susie.


That's why spectators love you.

It's all fake.

Take a look.


She came to Japan to study Japanese.


Most of our business is derived from architectural competitions.

Nancy has been on good terms with my sister for more than five years.

I would rather die than do it.

I said we'd find her.

Max got that bicycle from Marcos.

Sergiu and I made a bargain.

I must warn them.


Russ is almost as tall as me.

Rage yields weapons.

Leila moved to Boston.


I'll never forgive Manny.


He is financially embarrassed.

I hurt my back a little.

Let's do something different.

Do you know when the first parliament came into being?

She recollected the first day when she went to school.


With friends like Lila, one doesn't need any enemies.

You need to get Reinhard to listen.

I gave up on them.


I don't know whether to leave or stay.


I just gave her 30 dollars.

I haven't worked up the courage to tell her yet.

His explanation is far from satisfactory.

Petr certainly didn't deserve the punishment he received.

He is a bit older than me.

I didn't want to scare her.

I have known the deceased for a long time.


I need a little help!


It's doable, but not easy.

I cannot get on this boat if I don't find my luggage.

She's married to a foreigner.

Beth is much younger than Vicky.

I'm the one who saved her.

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It only took us fifteen minutes to complete the job.

Stick with what you're good at.

Tell me where Mickey took Victoria.

It is even becoming accepted even in exam-English that that called "simple future tense" does not exist.

Are you crazy? I'm not able to swim across the river!

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Don't weep, little Vasilissa. Grief is worst at night. Lie down, shut thine eyes, comfort thyself and go to sleep. The morning is wiser than the evening.

You plowed the field, didn't you?

After breaking up with his girlfriend he moped around the house for a whole month.


I can't wait because I'm in a hurry.

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Well, if you won't tell me, confide your trouble to the iron stove there.

You must overcome the difficulties.

She bought a vacuum cleaner at the supermarket.

We're tempting fate.

We're going to fix those things.


We have no means of transportation.

I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

I'm sure we'll get along.

Could you repeat the question?

Let's talk about your childhood.

They're just amazing, but you're completely stupendous.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.

We can see that.

I wanted to be with Piotr all the time.

Whether it's good or not, let's do it anyway.

I think Becky is OK.

Australia is not Austria.

How do you think we're doing?

Don't you forget that.

I only have ten books.

I forgave you.

Is this ticket good for this bus?

Mistreated illegal foreign workers often fall between the cracks of the social system.

You can stay here as long as you keep quiet.