That news got around.

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She bowed deeply to me.


I've seen all that.

You look really pale. Are you all right?

Bret can be pretty convincing.

He often walks to school.

What time will you be back home?

The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails.

You're starting to get on my tits.


A mother put a large vase on the shelf.

This restaurant is located on the riverbed.

How did you get inside? Do you have a key?

The kitty is trying to hide from the rain.

Carolyn had been severely beaten.

She kicked the door.

Well then why are you laughing?

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I thought you had fixed it.

We've known him for years.

Thanks for your information, it is much appreciated!

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He was glad to avail himself of any means to succeed in life.

Is there anyone who can speak French here?

Earle remembers you.


It always happens this way.

Cole plans to buy a new motorcycle.

Do you know who you are talking to?

You don't sound scared.

Is the bank far from here?

Here today and gone tomorrow.

That's very inconsiderate.

Considering what time it was, the supermarket was relatively empty.

Gold is similar in color to brass.


The children are all fired up.

That's not a bad thought.

I guess it's the only way to bear one of his concerts.


Why do women want to sleep in a man's embrace?


He stood with his legs wide apart.

You will be welcome at any time.

By 1949 Einstein was in failing health. His health was so bad that when offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 he had to decline it.


Terraformers wanted to modify the Venusian atmosphere, so that some day it may support life.

You should read a lot of books while you're young.

Seen from a distance, he looks much younger than he really is.

Don't talk to him that way. He's my friend.

Everything's in place.


That took a lot of guts.

Parents have various influences on their children.

One month since entering high school ... not a single friend yet. That's really terrible, at this rate it will be middle-school all over again!!

Someone has robbed us of all our money during our absence.

Kim isn't the only one.

He sold his own car without hesitation.

Do you ever hear anything about Misako?

Theodore didn't know what Gary had to do.

I wanted to see if that was true.

Helen often has trouble choosing what clothes to wear.

I understand you had a fight with Alain yesterday.

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Let's give it a go.

Do you remember how slow the Internet used to be?

I love jokes.

I always thought Morgan and Miltos were a good couple.

That was the last thing I expected to hear.

Pilot didn't get up early this morning.

Margie hates to lose.

Do you need the book?

Don't be a bully.


I shut the door behind me.

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For whom did you give the keys of the house?

The band featured Joanne on guitar, Hillary on bass guitar and vocals, John on drums, and Alice on keyboards.

You'd make her the happiest woman on earth if you did that.

No, it's been delayed 45 minutes.

Norma has put on weight recently.

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Farouk left yesterday right after you did.

You don't think I can do this, do you?

When my uncle left for America, many people came to see him off at the airport.

Shamim seems to be untrustworthy.

I have more time, and less money than ever.

I understand, but that's the way things are. You have to accept it.

You may read whichever book you like.

She changed her behaviour in last two years.

Prakash tried to distract the guards so Tovah would have a chance to escape.

What happened to the rest of your crew?

What does that mean, exactly?


The French were defeated at Waterloo.


Harv and I are getting married in August.

Jonathan's luck eventually changed.

We have decided to leave our daughter to herself after she left school.

He sized up the situation and acted immediately.

Because there were no taxis, I had to walk home.

When I get home, someone will be cleaning the garage.

"I was just talking to him." "Talking to him about what?"


His face expresses joy.

She planted the flower bulb in the garden.

That doesn't sound like much fun.

What is your opinion on this issue?

He is impatient enough to get angry easily.

This man is your friend.

You can count me out.

The new tunnel will link Great Britain and France.

Please tell me what's wrong.

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Back away from her.


Rodent headed for the elevator.


Vic's impossible.

Ted was certain of winning the game.

Jim sat alone with his arms folded.

I'm so unimportant and insignificant.

You might find Elias in the library, but I doubt it.

Seeds unsown do not grow.

Lisa wants to be a teacher.

He ran to the station and caught the train.

She sticks out like a sore thumb.

Feeding pigeons is prohibited.

Is the beam solid or hollow?


We'd better do as Malloy says.


They came by Route 17.

My boyfriend met a gay friend at the beach.

Can you tell us about him?


I turned right.

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I want nothing from you; I ask nothing of you; why cannot we be friends?

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I never doubted that.

What kind of music do you like?

I'm worried about me getting killed.

And I know you didn't do this just to win an election. And I know you didn't do it for me. You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead. For even as we celebrate tonight, we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime: two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century.

Utterly different from Gregor was his friend John, who was kind and benevolent.

The doctor advised Mr. White not to smoke a lot.

Now Ozan is eating cake.

Please tell me about it.

I've already been filled in on what happened while I was gone.

I was probably dreaming.

I changed my position on that.

And you didn't even say that we've arrived!

I'm not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.

She will get married to a rich man.

I broke my gas-powered rice cooker so I got an induction rice cooker instead.


She scowled at the rude salesman.

He's a real stud.

He does nothing but laugh.

I'm really into football.

The distress call of a young dolphin has been used to lure a large pod of the animals to safety.

Atomic energy can be used for peaceful ends.

I've got varicose veins.

I'll change it.

It is going to be quite cool.

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I'm volunteering.


Why would that make a difference?

That's where I was born.

You're supposed to be helping them.


Every time I practice shooting, I miss the target.

I believe that we do not in fact need to do this.

Izumi and Lana got to be good friends.

In fact, an artist lacking in confidence and fortitude would lose focus after 2 or 3 hours.

She works for a bank.

A liter of milk and a dozen eggs, please.

I do not know how to drive a car.

They found him, didn't they?

Please write to me once in a while.


I'm still too weak to get out of bed.


Strictly speaking, the bamboo is a kind of grass.

I'm sorry, Clarissa, I didn't mean that to sound like an insult.

I need a big favor.

Who's your favorite fashion model?

Both Monica and John wanted to take Alf to the dance.

Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.

She hid under the sheets.


The United States has close ties to Mexico.

Did you bring a weapon?

In England the waiter asked us: how much beer would you like? A half pint, or a pint? Because we still didn't know how much that was, we asked him to show us the glasses.


My father would often read the poem aloud.