Traditionally on April 1st, people pull pranks on each other.

He is an expert in sustainable development.

Yesterday we went into a huge maze.

Do you have a match? I'm sorry, but I don't smoke.

I should just go home.

She was glad of my company.

Liar today, thief tomorrow.

"It's beautiful here," he said, "but I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I'm going to get some sleep."

My sleep was disturbed by the sound.

Are you ready for tomorrow?

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The lava burned away the houses at the edge of the village.

Ready for take-off.

I don't know who you want to see.

Since there is no air on the moon, there is no sound at all.

Piotr can't drive yet.

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Both Alex and Steen were born in Boston.

I consider that a good sign.

I put all of the sheets to dry on the pole.

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What made you decide to become a teacher?

Anatoly broke down.

I'm sorry about what happened back there.

I wish you could stay here longer.

Stagger decided to ignore Bobby's request.

The initials USA stand for the United States of America.

You seem to be doing fine.

He has gotten fat.

I carried iron, but didn't find anything heavier than debt.

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The cat had scarcely finished speaking when the witch returned to see if the children had fulfilled their tasks.

They became lovers.

Roses smell good.

Write a poem with four three-line stanzas.

On which bed would you like to sleep?

I can never feel at ease among strangers.

Do you want to dance?


I told you you could do it.

Venkata knows what we've been trying to do.

The leaves blew away in the wind.

I don't know his address for certain.

Barbara said that's what he wants to do.

Does Radek want to see me?

Larry had a little help.

Marian circled the block looking for a place to park.

Ken'll call in to see you after work.

I appreciate all the help I can get.

You've got to talk to me.

Fallen rocks cut off the only access to the village.

She insisted that I join her.

My throat is parched.

Sorry to be late.

Who remembers?

She picked up a fork.

Chris was like a son to me.

I have immunity.


I can't sleep at all.

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She is loved by everybody because she is cheerful.

The thief get in the main offices when everyone was sleeping.

I'm not home Sundays.

The lawyer has a fair income.

Right now, I'm not using Mixi at all. I just play games on it sometimes.


He's so damn arrogant.

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Dan was an expert at psychological warfare.


Dan didn't even greet Linda back.


If I had not overslept, I would have been in time for school.

I asked Jennie about that.

He got wonderful results.

Perry certainly didn't let anyone know that he was arriving today.

You should have helped him with his work.


The accident happened in one of the President's official trips.

What is the difference between a pigeon?

Patrick came home very tired this afternoon.

He is a qualified person who uses and manages software related tools for general users.

I think you've been listening to some very bad advice.

Would you like to eat something else?

I'm writing this letter to Anna.

Does anyone here have any money?

I pissed him off.

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In the autumn, leaves fall from trees.


"What time do you guys wake up?" "Eight o'clock."


He won the next election.

Kari is selfish and greedy.

I tried to talk to Christian, but she ignored me.

We had a wonderful time together.

Raman acts like he doesn't want to be seen with us.

Patience is a virtue... Just another thing that you apparently lack.

This box is light enough for him to carry.


Yes, that's my house.


He gets tough at times.

Carsten was not jealous.

If that happens again, I'll leave.

I could have been merry with you.

I never liked him anyway.

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Three other people were singled out for special praise.

What stopped them?

The hotel is located deep in the mountains.


Eileen sat in the first row.

You locked yourself out.

Melanoma is an epidemic in young women.


It must have cost you a fortune.


We took the elevator down to the basement.


Takayuki declined the invitation.

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Do you think I'm strong enough?

How often do you travel?

They named their dog Cookie.

This part of the sea is deep and dangerous.

I'd like a room in the corner of the building.


The child dipped his toes into the ocean to see if the water was cold.

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You might say that doesn't matter very much, but actually it does.

The drowning man grasped at the rope.

It was not long before he got well.

The American culture had been transplanted from Europe.

He is one of the greatest artists in Japan.


He bought her a sweater.

We got lost in the desert with no water or food.

I asked him out.

You were in love with Shyam, weren't you?

Can I get your autograph?

I wonder who Samuel is waiting for.

We must evacuate.

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Emily stole my heart.

Would you tell Uri we need his help?

Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies.


Light the lantern so we can see.


I have to get used to it.

Sex: kids are starting earlier and going further.

It is essential that any sample is as representative as possible of the population from which it is drawn.

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Life is a journey, not a destination.

They both ate their chocolates down to the very last bite.

He isn't going to forgive me so easily.


Did you hear the news?

Harris can't seem to ever win.

Does somebody feel unwell?

I have nowhere to sleep tonight.

Jonathan hoped Ken would come back home for Christmas.

I'll rent a car.

Are you going to buy a dictionary?


You are a disgusting person. No offense.

We just have to be aggressive.

I'm so grateful for you.

Clark used to work for our company.

Don't ride the brake, Slartibartfast.


Some smart alecks cut in when I was asking her to marry me.

It seems that everything works.

Shopkeepers boarded up their windows.

I have to move to Boston.

I'm not sure I have enough time to finish this report.

That story can't be true.

I really hope that doesn't happen.


Language is a system of signs.

Her puppy is clean.

Why don't you go to bed?


This desk was too heavy for Patty to lift.

Are we sure of it?

They're trying to control you.

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I wish he'll understand me!

We rode in an elevator.

Thanks for coming, guys! See you around!

You enjoyed it.

I took it for granted that he would consent.

The correspondence is kept in several files.

These flowers will live through the winter more often than not.

Our house was broken into by burglars last night.

Betsy asked Kelvin where she'd put the key.


The scientists analyzed the data.