Tell me when I should be there.

It is possible to talk for a long time without saying anything.

We're leaving soon!

It's impossible that she said that.


I must go back to my planet now.

He stood by the entrance.

Bradley says I talk too much.

She promised to meet him at the coffee shop.

The boy makes a fool of adults.

Edison invented a device for duplication.

Let's see what else we can find out.

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At the moment, things are not are not going so well for me.

As it turned out, Gregge was able to do what he thought he wouldn't be able to do.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.


My little brother asked for some money.


Tad's an expert.

Remind me to never ever do that again.

Where are you going to study?


He is impatient for her arrival.


John acts like Helen's guardian.


He has his own room.


This is the last time I'm telling you to do that.

Is it OK if I borrow your telephone?

Hillel was born blind.

If you search well, you will find.

Is that why you want to hurt me?


Deborah auditioned for the musical.

Very good job! Congratulations!

It's hot today, isn't it?


You should've told me about what Martha did.

Could you give this data a final check for me?

Andy drummed his fingers on the table.

You still manage to disappoint me.

They knelt and thanked God for sending them rain.

Do you have to do this right now?

You have something in your pockets, don't you?

Why are you so hard on him?

This is my younger brother.

This ship can reach extremely high speeds.

Jeremy definitely knows what Kyu wants him to do.

The doctor prescribed it for her.

Where are my kids?

Wherever you go, I will go too.

She isn't much of a poet.


Yes, it's true!

The horse is neighing.

Why do you have Clay's keys?


I need some help.

Time is the most precious thing of all.

Elsa can hardly speak French at all.

Those snakes are extremely dangerous.

She eats but little flesh of any kind.

I'd like to have a consultation about getting braces.

I needed something more.

Ssi really had a good time.

The building was still there in my time.

I'm used to staying awake late into the night.

Jordan went home.


Venus has a retrograde rotation which means it rotates on its axis in the opposite direction from the Earth's rotation. This causes the Sun to rise in the west and move eastward across the sky.

You aren't Saul.

He arrived at Paris and immediately started for London.

He was made captain of the team.

Jeanette rubbed the stone that the good fairy had given him, whereupon he turned into a squirrel and could escape to freedom through the bars of the prison window with ease.

You aren't guilty.

Dirk grabbed Milner by the throat and choked her.

Do I need to go there?

The neon sign shone as if to invite us.

Early the next morning, the circus left for the next town.

It is only to the individual that a soul is given.

You've got to tell me what to do.

Don't you want to help?

It's evil to curse.

A deep grave had been dug in the corner of the churchyard, just under the old yew-tree.

The old man opened the car window and aimed his gun at the bird.

Yvonne has never done anything as stupid as this before.

Can one be honest without appearing arrogant?

What you give to the nasty, you always regret.

I've kept a blog before. I didn't really have a set theme; I just blogged about whatever happened that day.

I didn't send for them.

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He was desperate to escape.


We regret his death.

Can I use a netbook while standing in a crowded train?

Andries convinced Murthy not to marry John.

I urge caution.

Joanne is a wedding planner.

She ended up a movie star.

Why would Rudy help us?

He asked me if he could kiss me.

Survival analysis showed a significant reduction.

I can't remember all their names.

Martha nervously got to his feet.


Kylo doesn't think he's ever met Valerie.

Lock your doors.

I was about to ask you the same thing.

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There is big difference in the quality of shampoos available in the market.

Some are wise, some are otherwise.

Call when you get this message.


I'm related to them.

Give me back my ring.

Aaron asked Woody why she was so late.

Nicolo will never notice the difference.

Don't go into this drawing room now.


To translate a Czech text is very difficult.


I got up early yesterday.

Raj was at a loss to explain where the money had gone.

Pablo is still hungry, isn't he?

Spock is a fitness expert.

I only have American coins in my pocket right now.

I'm trying to get some help.

Vistlik has a big TV.

I've always admired Les.

We're not the only ones doing it.


The teacher was hit by a projectile.

What do they look like?

That's not an easy feat.

I need to be alone to think.

I've got to head back to work.

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I'm tired of hearing your boastful tales.


Are you sure you heard something?

I'm very lonely here.

Martin's covering her mouth and yawning.

I'm not going to hurt you.

It's gotten easier.

I think we can do that.

We tried to compromise with them.

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Irwin is a rather smart child.

I have never had that problem before.

I don't ski, but I really like to skate.


I want to buy the dress.

The whole thing turned out to be a Ponzi scheme.

The temperature in Boston is in the lower 40s.

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Thank you for your confidence.

Lucius knew it would happen.

We're taking care of it.

He's a valiant soldier.

This is a rich girl


Maybe we should talk about something else.

I ran into a pole.

Walk abreast of me.

Go to the store before it closes.

Washington is the capital of the United States.


It won't matter.

She repeated my name several times slowly, as would someone who had difficulty pronouncing a new language.

I have to go meet with them.


I'll arrange it.


Online, businesses can export all over the world.

I'll try to kill two birds with one stone and get my wife an anniversary present during my business trip to the States.

I've got Claudia working on it.

When one admits that nothing is certain one must, I think, also admit that some things are much more nearly certain than others.

Have you actually seen Nate's diploma?


Shut your trap!

Toufic is donating blood.

I didn't know where else to go.


I prefer to study at night.

Girls can be astronauts, too.

It wasn't all my fault.

I still can't believe you and Margie got married.

Dan shot and killed himself in this room.


Sekar sought to join the Ku Klux Klan.

It's long and hard.

I doubt the veracity of his statement.

Natraj was thinking about her question.

The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865.

It was really exciting.

Even plastic surgery won't do anything for your ugliness.

I'm tired of playing this game.

Why did you get so angry at his mistake?