How to Optimize Websites Doing On-Page SEO

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Most of us Filipinos don’t know where to start and look for good resources for us to learn SEO. There are a lot of SEO Pro’s out there, but a part of us don’t know which to follow or which is right. There are paid ones, but we can’t afford the courses, don’t have the […]


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How to start as a VA or a Freelancer is the most common question of Filipinos who have no experience and who want to pursue a career change. Although nowadays few are still skeptical about it but no doubt that a lot of successful Filipinos in 2018 are appearing now in social media. So, how […]

Payment Methods


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Filipino VA’s or Freelancers are happy to hear that the dollar value went up, but recently PayPal fees increased. Even though the dollar value has gone up to $53 still in PayPal exchange rate, it’s roughly around $51 but not equal or above $52. Clients or employers are even thinking of shifting to other reliable […]


Guide to Keyword Research for SEO

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Some job post whether, mainly for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content writing, and sometimes in Data Entry kind of work, one of the requirements for the Virtual Assistant is Keyword research. Have you noticed this requirement? How about this? I’m sure you’re familiar with what online platform they were taken. I’m certain as well that […]


10 Team Collaboration Tools Where VA Work Usually Happens

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As a virtual assistant or freelancer who just got recently hired, ventured into another job category, and even those with more experience, it is important to know or be familiar with some team collaboration tools. Since we Filipinos are very hardworking, we tend to multitask a lot, and that means— handling more than one client. […]



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Freeeup is one of the online platforms you can apply for online work at home. Their main service is more into e-commerce related type of work, or it’s what they specialize in. Also, their main goal is to help other business owners in the e-commerce business to earn more on Amazon or as an affiliate […]