You need a lot more capital.

I only wish to help you.

He became world famous.

Sharada's native language is English.

I'm not sure it'll do you any good.

Don't stay underwater.

It all came to nothing.

Nature plays an important role in our life.

Vickie looks very sad.

Deborah is drying the dishes.

Now hurry up and get ready. I want to get to the store before it closes.

Tobias rubbed his face.

I failed the tests.

The work will be finished by 8 o'clock.


My hobbies are cooking and reading.

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How long have you been waiting for me?

I look forward to the summer vacation.

Why haven't you talked to Roxane about this yet?

The flowers will brighten up the table.

Let me fix the car.

The victorious army withdrew from the country.

Dimitry didn't cry that much.

Al didn't pay the tab.

I know why we're doing this.

Call a doctor.

I'm willing to pay whatever's necessary.

He didn't get the joke at all.

Better the naked and the honest than the rich and lawless.

You're unfair.

More than 75% of farms raised pigs and milk cows.

Don't breath! It's poisonous gas.

Eric is giving a party tonight.

A Japanese would not have said such a thing.

The words covered are steadily increasing, so check frequently.

It is inconvenient to work in evening clothes.

My lizard is losing hair.

I'm not here to buy anything.

Your money or your life!


Time waits and time forgets.

I can't believe what just happened.

Jared lost more than thirty kilograms.

This titanium bicycle made in Italy is incredibly lightweight.

He won't have given this a second thought.

This is obviously a sore point for Jennifer.

Did you make a formal agreement with him?


Anthony isn't here.


I am not eating.

You said you didn't want to go.

I thought I'd find you here.

Now why would I do that?

I did a bad thing.

A stream of people came out of the theater.

There were few, if any, cases.

I've been working on an idea.

Hwa forgot to turn off the light.

He has started to write a novel.

She looks just like me.

He came, despite the heavy snowfall.

It's something very special.

He will excuse me.

There's no way I'm going to do that.

This is where you are mistaken.

In this democratic age of ours men clamour for what is popularly considered the best, regardless of their feelings. They want the costly, not the refined; the fashionable, not the beautiful.

What is permitted to Jove is not permitted to an ox.

We're still far away. I'll never make it.

The differing volumes of carbon emissions are plotted in the graph below.

In fact, you are quite right.

I gave Ravi your address.

Let's give it to Terrence.

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I generally have lunch there.

I'll bring Stacy to you.

I'm feeling a bit sleepy.


We had a rough flight because of turbulence.

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It's amazing how much trouble Jay is able to get into.

This expression has really caught my fancy, as a type of English metaphorical expression not in Japanese.

She was clothed in a red blouse and a black skirt.

Niels is twice as old as Guy is.

Bret laughs a lot.

In that country the government controls prices.

Klaus is coming over tomorrow.

I need to jump start my car.

We're better than they are.

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Maybe Win really did see Metin kissing John.

You had plenty of opportunity.

Call me immediately after you meet him.

Some speculators take advantage of the ignorance and helplessness of old people.

Don't make noise. Keep quiet.


Thank you for giving this to me.

I would never have found as short an explanation.

I thought you might need it.


Are you sure we have a meeting tomorrow?

I know what you told them.

The bomb has been planted.

My battery's at ten percent.

I'm in trouble here.


Although he is very old, he is strong.


For dessert, Juliet ordered chocolate parfait with vanilla ice cream.

I hope this lovely weather will continue.

Did you go inside the cave?

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I was born on March 18th 1994.


There's nothing to it.

It was night.

She has legally divorced her husband.

We went to the river.

Giovanni measured the windows for new drapes.

I talked with her to my heart's content.

They all agreed to a man that this statement was true.

Claire quickly closed the door before any mosquitoes could get in.

The Buddha became enlightened under a Bo tree in Bodh Gaya.

Kitty would never break a promise.

He doesn't know who built those houses.

These boys ought to be sent to a reform school.

I shouldn't have believed you.

So what are you suggesting?

We were confused as well.

We don't want to be separated.

Spyros walked into the room, carrying a bouqet of flowers.

The cat did not have evil intentions.

The dentist does not want you to eat any sweets.

Autumn is just around the corner.

Nowadays marriage is not necessarily a must for women.

Shannon wore a long, loose-fitting coat.

Your singing puts professional singers to shame.

He reads as many as twenty books every week.

They imprisoned and subsequently force-fed the protesters in an attempt to belittle their hunger strike.

I'm lost. Could you please help me?

The sleeves are gathered at the cuff.


The rain-water runs off through this pipe.


You have no sense of humor, do you?

James was playing in the backyard.

I was unconscious for more than thirty hours.


I was completely exhausted after the hike.

This blog covers topics that centre on information infrastructure.

That's so much work.


We heard a gunshot.

Giles didn't care to stay.

Make me happy.


Krzysztof is unafraid.

You couldn't choose.

I'll see her before that.

I think you know what I'm interested in.

You strike me as the kind of man who never does anything he doesn't want to do.

I'm a bank employee.

I can't tell you what I think.

I told you Wendy was ready.

He admitted himself defeated.

My mother looks after the plants well.

Can people buy these?

What are you doing up this late?

Every person is expected to bring their own lunch.

Do you know where we might find Aimee?

I know the boy.

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I am no longer tired.

I need to find her.

Samuel thinks he's figured it out.

Tony can speak English as well as you can.

I'll see to it that Jitendra cleans his room.

It is no use being a writer if one is not in sympathy with the world in which one is living.

"Have you seen my cell phone?" "It's on the table."

It was cold, so we lit a fire.

If anything, the economy in our country is going up.

Of course, I didn't tell him.

Your knowledge of the subject is superficial, Kit.

Stephanie's office is two miles west of her house.

I don't think you have a choice.


He mentioned the matter of the banquet.

Now that my brother is a university student, he has to do a lot of reading.

Kayvan decided to learn all he could about computers.

Ernie's gross income last year was over thirty thousand dollars.

Let's go at around five.

Life is a flame that smothers death.

Is there something in the refrigerator that we can drink?


It didn't take you long to get here.


How can I get a hold of him?

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If you had asked me, I would have told you.