I fell off the tree but ended up hanging by the feet.

I remember this word.

Be careful! The step might give under your weight!

Kit didn't go for the idea.

Jayant wants to say 'thank you' to you.

I was hoping you could tell me how to do this.

I'm not letting you go alone.

Have you forgiven him?

That scares me.

These oil fields have only begun to be tapped.

Marco isn't all that conservative.

Please don't say anything more.

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I tore up all the letters that you wrote to me.

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I'll try to reach Cecilia.


Maybe you shouldn't tell him.

Christophe may have taken my umbrella by mistake.

The princess attended the King's coronation.


Can I give you a little friendly advice?

Merat is a diamond in the rough.

It could just be a ruse.

Panos's voice is so sexy! It gives me butterflies in my stomach!

Give me some more time.


Norm and Cindie haven't been happy for a long time.

Don't you think I deserve an apology?

I wanted to hug you before class started, but I didn't want to look like a lesbian.


I'm sick of him!


Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear.


Dewey pulled some gifts out of his bag.

The bath is ready.

Can you play Jingle Bells?


This road is dangerous.

Could you check the tires?

What do you think you could do to help?

Leslie seems to be looking for something.

I'll be back in less than five minutes.

He started his voyage around the world in his sailboat.

Beverly watched Rex pour a drink.


A freezing beggar was brought into the hospital for treatment. However, he didn't have even one cent with which to settle the bill.

I'll have to meet you there.

The smoke ascended into the air.

We'll never get through this.

You're hideous.


Ragnar never wanted to go there in the first place.

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Is eating between meals really bad for your health?

It felt like forever.

Please refrain from smoking, while the non-smoking signs are on.

Raul left for work earlier than usual.

Call her at 3.


I had hoped to meet you there.

Fork-users have historically been in the minority.

We're used to waiting.

It cost me 50 dollars to have my watch fixed.

Can you not sense the mood?

Toft was sad.

What's the point of existence?

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She's my girlfriend and I'll marry her one day.

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Nobuhiko Takada lost to Hikson Grasy.

Maarten doesn't need to wait.

Do you think that Brandy had something to do with it?

Huey could run a lot faster when he was young.

Don't take that tone with me, Sedovic!

Now is the time to clinch the deal.

The pharmaceutical company raised the price of a lifesaving drug overnight.

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Violet wrote a letter once a month.

He is by nature a kind person and is popular with the children in his neighborhood.

He makes it a rule to get up at six every day.


Do you even remember Kerry?


I would like to remind everyone to try to stick to time.

While the demonstration was being made, the president was taking notes.

I have to unpack my luggage.


Philippe was the one that told us about the problem.

Micah isn't quite ready to do what you're asking him to do.

The time will come when your dream will come true.

Nicolas wouldn't tell me his girlfriend's name.

Is there someone who can take care of Niall?

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According to a Cornell University study, unattractive defendants are 22 percent more likely to be convicted than good-looking ones.

The secret between Sunil and me came to light.

Many big projects will be completed in the 21st century.


Tell Mitchell why you can't go.

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We provide broad services to the computer end users, based on our experience and technical expertise.

I'm still not talking to you.

You've just made a very big mistake.

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This is the first time I've ever coated my house with plaster.

Nou bought it for me.

I achieved all I hoped to do today.

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Do you love your father?


How can I remove the spots of blood from the shirt?

His thesis summed up the new achievements made in computers, artificial satellites and rockets.

Tanaka has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The old woman is busy in the garden.

He is glad about his son's love of books.

Where is the Estonian embassy?

I was going to call and tell Randy everything.


Did you do this on your own?

It's mine, not his.

The company is hemorrhaging money.

You helped him, didn't you?

Civilization is now threatened by nuclear war.


Did that really happen?

Magnus awoke in a hospital room.

"I think I need a stiff drink." "Make that two."

A great man doesn't care about his appearance.

He stood out from the rest of the boys.


People do not trust a weak government.

Are you free tonight?

His life has completely changed when he married her.

In Japan we have to put a sixty-two yen stamp on a letter.

Oscar leaped to his feet.


Japan is the only nation to have been hit by nuclear bombs.


This plane is his.

Where is the snack machine?

I don't speak French as often as I used to.

It's completely impossible to foretell his reaction.

Single people are the ones that always find out where the emergency exit is right away.

I need help painting the fence.

I don't sing.

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It looks like the question was too easy for you. Next time, I'll have to make it a bit harder.

Don't place such importance on what other people say.

I think I need to talk to them.

It seems like her style.

I want to spend more time with Luke.

I'm roughly the same age as you.

It's not Joan. You are wrong.

Their dining room is very spacious.

Many Boston residents oppose the mayor's plan.

Martha is the best-looking man I know.

Sridharan is being interviewed on TV.

Watermelon tastes delicious on a hot day.

I'm baking.

That belongs to me.

Lee is hanging out washing.


Leave this building at once in case of an earthquake.


I'm really, really excited.

I don't translate novels anymore.

Every day the boy would come.

Penny met Matt on the way home from where he worked part-time after school.

We won't do that.


What were you two arguing about?


I'm going to cut right to the chase.

How was the dance?

The ladder was covered with dust and rust.


Did you leave a message?

Do you know which road leads to my house?

We may have to do as Karl suggests.

He must be a fool to do such a thing.

I'm going to give you a bike for your birthday.

Seenu hasn't painted for years.

I wouldn't advise it.

My family lived here for twenty years.

The bus stops in front of my house.

I got that from my father.

Cristina should be able to do more.

It was an amazing trip.

Remember that most people are more interested in talking about themselves than about you.


Dan was thrown off a tall building.

Unity in diversity.

I don't really care about it.

Mike listened carefully.

My father is already more than fifty years old.


All started to laugh.


We'll be together again.