There has to be another way to do this.

Make sure you don't do anything stupid.

He feels disturbed.

I need to change the baby's diaper.

Excuse me. That fare is not enough.

World War II ended and the Olympics were revived in 1948 in London, but the losing countries of the war, Germany and Japan, were not invited.

The patient is lying in bed.

I know where you want to be.

Tyler might think that we want him to do that.

I thought you'd gone and left me.

Harv cut the cards and started dealing.

I thought she was beautiful at the time.

Why didn't you tell anybody?

You're obnoxious.

I was almost at my wits' end how to act.

It cost me quite a bit to take a taxi home from the station.

He is a big eater.

He is always busy feathering his own nest.

She doesn't need to be so anxious.

I told Jean-Christophe he should buy a new car.


She's had a hard life.

The buildings are drowning in snow.

Who told you to talk to me?

I'll never change my mind.

I'm just obeying orders.

They accepted her as the city's best doctor.

Hubert took over the business after his father's death.


Nicholas retired when he was 65 years old.


He always leaves the window open when he sleeps.

He looked deeply into her eyes.

The first movie is bad, but the second is good.


Nigel gave me one crore rupees.

Kelly eats like a horse.

She was careless enough to leave her bag in the bus.


Could you show me another one, please?

Pablo found his contact lens near the table.

Slaves did most of the work.

Will you stamp this letter for me?

Have any of you ever talked to Shel?


Konrad was not very good in school.

Don't get caught.

They lamented the death of their father.


The doctor examined the baby.


I was thinking about taking my lunch break.

She made it clear that she couldn't make it in time for the meeting.

The pain is something I'll never forget.

Mesut Ozil is one of the best midfielders in the world.

I am pretty sure.

This is the dictionary I told you about yesterday.

"Top-down economics never works," said Obama. "The country does not succeed when just those at the very top are doing well. We succeed when the middle class gets bigger, when it feels greater security."

I'm officially on vacation.

We've always lived in Boston.

Are you American or French?

Frank is out for a walk.

I'm worn out, because I've been standing all day.

What are you going to make for dinner?


Pieter often asks questions he already knows the answers to.

My bottle broke.

Vic is a person who can be trusted.

What has happened to my passport?

Do you think I'm scared of you?


Do you have any idea where that came from?

Jarvis is a psychopath.

As he wants to buy a car, he puts aside money.

His desperate attempts at distancing himself from his old left-wing ties have impressed no one so far.

If I were you, I wouldn't go there by myself.

Instead of using disposable chopsticks, it's better to use plastic chopsticks that you can wash.

I went to Obihiro two years ago.


Kenn, please be careful.

Muslims believe only in Allah as the unique God, and in Mohammad as the last prophet.

Joni lives frugally.

It's over now.

Vickie called me.


Seeing her mother, the girl burst into tears.

It's almost rush hour.

He looked me straight in the eyes.


Let her go!

What has become of the book I put here yesterday?

The man robbed her of her bag.


Edward's cat likes the song "Eye Of The Tiger."

Many men nowadays seem to have the feeling that in vast modern societies there is nothing of importance that the individual can do.

Young people and migrant workers are the bulk of rural Internet users; in terms of online music, online games, online film and television, and the Internet's capacity for entertainment, rural Internet users are equivalent to urban ones.

We can't go back there.

Bernard shut herself up in the room, with all the windows closed.

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Rahul couldn't understand why Kay wasn't very good at cooking.

Please let me know how you are going to solve.

That's not a bad thought.

Hey, look at that girl with her arms folded.

I asked the solicitor to make out my will.

There wasn't any cat there.

Elliot and Lynnette have three sons and a daughter.


Don't waste any more time responding to that customer.

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You're shitting me.

His older brother is two years older than I.

I'm going to get ready for the final exams this afternoon.

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I can't be patient any longer.


Take the garbage out.


Mikey always told us that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.


Barrett may have been poisoned.

Kristian drifted in and out of sleep.

Liber wants to stop us.

We're all OK.

That's quite a coincidence.

You should discuss this with Miek.

What really happened?

I expected a better explanation.

Daniel seems to understand.

Do they clip the sheep every year?

I took it for granted that you would come with us.

We climbed on, till we got to the top.

I didn't break any laws.


Thierry stared in astonishment.

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No, you are not crazy.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Don't all speak at the same time.

The story seems true.

My hometown is located about 20 minutes from a large city.

Why are you always late?

Kimmo served as chairman for three years.

I hope you have a good afternoon.

I'll tell Phiroze to contact you.

I haven't gotten any messages from him since then.

Malaclypse was addicted to sex.

You haven't even updated the firmware?

"Are you and Hirotoshi enemies?" "No. Why would we be?"

This is every pilot's worst nightmare.

I'm sorry he committed suicide.

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Cathy was 13 years old at that time.

I don't have a girlfriend anymore.

Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy.

We didn't get dressed.

How did we come here?

Thirteen percent said no.

Sonja is lying in bed with a cold.

You have to write me in Hebrew.

It might happen sooner than we anticipated.

I don't want to lie to you.

70 percent of British people cannot speak a second language.


Apart from the cost, the color of the tie doesn't suit me.

I couldn't take that risk.

We gave the church another coat of paint.

We shouldn't tell them anything.

I found out whose car went off the road.

My grandmother's visits are always special.

I love my friends.


I created an archive of my emails.

We could talk about our future plans.

Sedat's enjoyment of his first visit to Europe was enhanced by his ready grasp of languages.

Roger undressed and got into bed.

I don't think Daniel is selfish.

Fenway Park is home to the Boston Red Sox.

I bought a watch with cash.

I think Carole is too old to be dating my daughter.

When we started out, we didn't really know what we were doing.

This isn't my key.

Someone tried to poison us.

Doug wants to marry me.

Yesterday, when Rudolf was backing up his car, he ran over Jos's bicycle.

I noticed Del sitting in the corner.

We should draw the line between public and private affairs.

Let's get the facts straight.

A train is going to leave soon.

I wanted to tell you how to do that, but Hillary told me not to.

I accepted her invitation.

I propose a short rest.

The cost of operating schools continued to rise.

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He is as tall as she.


Nguyen did everything he could to stop Bud from doing what she was planning to do.

The homework is due next week.

This would've been your room if you'd decided to stay with us.

The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see.

This is the means by which I can find him.