It wasn't mine.

Perhaps I can be of some assistance.

They became all the better friends because they entered the same college.

What makes you think I'll like it?

Stay here and look after them.

It's pretty early.

Have you heard the latest rumors?

I never told you it was going to be easy.

Toufic understood what Cathy meant.

We're getting out of here. The storm is coming.

You should apply to Microsoft for the IT job.

I don't do stuff like that.

I know exactly what you're doing.

The doctor emphasized that the patient only had a few days to live.

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I didn't think I'd be back here until next summer.


Why does that bother you?


To tell you the truth, I don't care for America.


I sincerely hope you'll get well soon.

I put away 10 dollars each month.

Every member but me believes what he says.

Emily seems to be crying.

Have you got over your cold yet?

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I've only got a minute.

I demand that you cease and desist from sending unsolicited emails.

I said, "Five months worth of the Pill, please," and was told "Certainly."

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He's a traitor.


I was laughing so hard I nearly dislocated my jaw.

Betsy wants to buy a new car.

Plants need sunlight to grow.

Ragnar speaks two foreign languages.

That car in the middle of the path is an inconvenience.

He is not any better than a politician.

Since Chiro is a cat, he doesn't like lychee.

The wart on my thumb bled badly after picking at it all afternoon.

He happens to be off duty today.


What do we do about her?

I deceived her.

After years of frustrations, finally all my effort had been repaid.

I'll get along on my own. Just go and enjoy your adventure!

Joshua knew where his keys should have been.

I don't know when Kenton will come back.

Jerome wants to speak to you.

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Dan couldn't find Linda.


David was very fond of Angus.

I know someone who lives in Boston.

Tell Miles that he needs to make sure he doesn't forget to renew his passport.

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Dennis believed that Lord worked at hospital.


Mayo is going to win.

Elaine is willing to do odd jobs.

You will get the worst beating of your life.

Why are you afraid of Derek?

Do you want a puppy?

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I've come this far, so I'll keep going.

How many people have you told?

I think he's competent.

I'm thinking of going to Paris.

All lizards can lay eggs.

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You could at least tell Sandra that he doesn't need to do that anymore.

Sorry, but I want to tell him this news face to face.

We need a car big enough for the whole family.


You have three seconds to make your choice.

Will you mail this parcel for me?

Beware of the gorilla.

You make it look so easy.

I want to know where it is.

Lyrics are generally copyright protected, since they're a part of songs, which are generally also copyright protected.

They fell down the stairs.

Paola is staying with a friend in Boston.

They turned over rocks to look for crayfish.

As the sun rises, the morning mist gradually fades away.

We love it here.


He jumped across the puddle.

Could you spare me a little time?

You're really a good driver.

The red dress became her.

They planned their first vacation.

It's a good thing that you're here.

Melanie will graduate from high school in 2018.

Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

I suddenly missed my watch.

The boy loves this beautiful girl.

Every step in the experiment was deliberate.

Give him an inch and he'll take a mile.

This dog is a crossbreed.

Vincenzo left school at thirteen.

Here come the boys.

He is superior to me in his good knowledge of English.

I just know that I don't want to be married to you.


How do you want me to do that?

I know Ralf very well.

Even if he does something bad, he'll never admit it.

I followed the law.

Guy decided not to discuss religion.

Bryan was wearing a brown coat.

This is where we're expecting the avalanche to fall.


I'll definitely be there tonight.

You'll be staying with Vinod and me.

I'm not going to let Herb go home early.


The match was postponed because half the squad came down with food poisoning.

Kanthan stayed up all night texting her friends.

I did that last year.

Are they coming as well?

Who was in charge?

He always tells at random.

That's where I met him.

The Earth has been hit before by asteroids and will be again someday.

He went to the post office to mail the letter.


Have you ever eaten at this restaurant?


I met them.

It'll clear up in the afternoon.

Do it now, so you don't forget it.

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Scot asked me how much I weighed.

I want to play tennis with Judy.

It could take hours to paint the fence.


He waits on an old lady.


It's always worth a try.

I am working at home today.

I want to know about Bruce's new job.

He traded his old car in for a new one.

He was born to be an editor.

Nicolo knows better than to do that.

I was walking down the street when suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder.

You don't really want me to go there alone, do you?

I like him all the better for his diligence.

Where did you try them on?

Look at the map.

Noemi didn't seem interested in making friends.

I wouldn't mind helping him.

I'm convinced that you're right.

Can we at least sit down?


Vince never seems busy.

It cost a lot of money to repair the car.

If you heard her speaking English, you would never guess that she wasn't a native speaker.

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Do you come here a lot?


He insulted our team.

The boy has good reflexes.

You know what you must do, right?

Don't bring on any more shame.

I'll walk you to the gate.

If you are free, come around to see me.

I don't like being single.

What are you still doing up?

The secretary works on business correspondence.

We just can't take that chance.

Does this sentence make sense?


What're you reading?

I own a yellow sports car.

Take your time. We have all afternoon to shop.


Without electricity we can't live a good life today.

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The artist drew with Chinese ink.


All five rabbits were eaten by the hungry wolves.


I don't think we can take that risk.

I'm coming.

Sridharan has been very unhappy.

He is a self-professed linguaphile who speaks Serbian, English, German, Igbo, and French.

It's none other than her.

The water was contaminated with oil.

My house is close to the school.

Room service, please.

She tried in vain to conceal her fear.

Clyde noticed George staring at him.

Alexander told Julianto he didn't want her to go to Boston.


We have to rent a room for our party.

The ice has melted.

We can accommodate you.

Pardon all but thyself.

She's been very busy this week.