A blog documenting my more successful attempts at coding & phyiscal computing.

Making a light box toy for my daughter

I wanted to make a simple light box toy for my daughter with switches and leds


Making a USB stick jukebox

I wanted to create a fun and simple to use jukebox for my 2 year old daughter which would get her familiar with USB sticks and help her hand eye co-ordination


Making a simple media center for my daughter

We bought a HuoHuoTu for my daughter which has a feature for kids to send and recieve voice messages via Wechat, unfortunately this only works in Mainland China, so I wanted to make my own version using a Rasepberry Pi.

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Fixing a broken washer

After a very long holiday I came home to a broken washer, and with two cases of washing to do I had to hope it was an easy fix


Reading The Story of the Stone with Python

Lately I've been reading The Story of the Stone one of China's four great classic novels. I wanted to see how easy it would be to read the entire text into python and do some text analysis.

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IOT controller for my Bose SoundTouch 30

I bought an ESP8266 to play around with MicroPython. Using a piece of art from my daughter, I ended up making an 8 button IOT WiFi remote for my Bose SoundTouch 30.

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Touch sensitive music wall

Seeing what I can make for my kids with the Bare Conductive Mp3 Touch Board. I put a selection of instrumental songs on the Touch Board and illustrated a piece of rice paper which sat over the wire sensors. When each instrument is touched the corresponding song will play.