He is not a God-fearing man.

You have bad manners.

What's the meeting going to be about?

This must be a joke.

Do you like a cool summer?

what is your forename

Why are you giving me money? That's not normal.

I spent the whole afternoon trying to avoid Margie.

It's midday.

Maybe Liber is guilty.

You seem a little desperate.

My car needs to be washed.

Did anything surprise you?

May I call on you some day?

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I'm sorry that I can't be who you want me to be.

Old was the one who suggested it.

He is one of the best singers of the day.

It was apparent that he did not understand what I had said.

Does it not happen to any teachers?

We have no idea what to do.

This case is closed.


I was drinking milk.


The sister of my mother is my aunt.

I watched the sun rise over the city.

She felt so humiliated that she couldn't say anything.

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I phoned my son before boarding the plane, telling him to come to the airport to pick me up.

What do we want?

I'll lend you some books of my brother's.

Even though it wasn't here?

We had to put up with Kunio's poor table manners because he refused to change.


At five in the evening.


I remember that.


It's harder than it looks.


You can leave if you want.


The tattered covers of Hsi's copy of The Flowers of Evil showed that the book had been read and reread several times.

The locking mechanism has jammed.

There were few, if any, trees.


I hate birthday parties.

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I'm sorry. I can't let you in.


The party was a complete disaster.

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I was relieved when I heard the message.


I should've gone to the mall with Sheila.


When did you buy that from her?


I'm much more relaxed driving during the off-peak hours, when the streets are empty.

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Srinivas doesn't get up as early as Angus.

I have forty eight years on my back.

We do everything we're asked.

We need to protect our children and their innocence.

Life is wonderful.

A man can't escape his past.

Today's special is fish.


She's a cutie.

Connie was sleeping.

Vladislav's answer was surprising.

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Show me the way, please.

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Love kills happiness, happiness kills love.

This decision is final.

A man who wanted to see you came while you were out.


I fell in love with a matryoshka.

If the address changes, please contact us.

There was a long interval before he answered.


We milked the cow.

The plans aren't set in stone and can be changed if absolutely necessary.

Let me tell you everything I know.


We're well aware that it's a hard time now.

Laurie fell in love with me.

Have you told Starbuck about where you grew up?


Have you been invited to their wedding?

Listen to your father.

Not bad.

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Please open the file circled in red with a text editor.

I don't think I shall get through all this work this afternoon.

My cat only eats wet food.

Have a great weekend.

I'm sure that you will succeed.

If you didn't understand, you only had to say so.

I went home, because he was late.


You have only to sit in silence.

Helen started to cough.

We are looking forward to serving you again.


I have not seen my parents in a long time, my boss has sent me to England for a business trip, I'll use the opportunity to visit my parents.


Mercury travels around the Sun faster than any other planet. That is how it got its name. It was named after Mercury, the swift messenger of the gods in ancient Roman mythology.


Let's begin with Lesson 3.

I was quite pleased with myself for managing a joke.

I don't think Alberto knows about this yet.

I don't think it's any of your business.

Your blood pressure's high.

As the Holy Koran tells us, "Be conscious of God and speak always the truth."

He was absorbed in reading when I visited him.

Every now and then they went shopping together.

Get on your horses.

It was a warm summer evening.

I was wondering if anyone could think of a translation for "con atino".

Her parents are older than mine.

Rodney is planning on renting a house on Park Street.

That's exactly what might happen.

Gill wants something better than that.

I expect him to take care of my younger brother.

We can't leave Kristen here. He won't survive on his own.


I did what I promised to do for you.

We haven't been able to find anyone to replace Valeria.

The well is dry.


Without an air conditioner, people nowadays cannot live.

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Harvey mucks out the stable almost every day.

Why didn't you call?

I'm sure this is only temporary.

My parents expect me to become a doctor.

I wasn't sure that he would settle for anything less.

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What's the real reason you're here?


The child died from an asthma attack because the school didn't allow him to carry his inhaler with him.

Don't worry. It's only temporary.

How did you find out where Shamim was?

I'm not tired at all. Pilar did most of the driving.

I did my best today.

The hat fits her perfectly.

Jitendra was so sweet. He brought me flowers all the time.

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So, this is the nata-de-coco that everyone is talking about.

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I have a hundred pesos.

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It may already be too late.

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The marathon runner finished the competition completely out of breath.


It just felt different.

I caught them by surprise.

We were almost too late.

I want to help Lowell.

Get the box.

I really do hate you.

I don't like the way you think.


We will settle once for all who is the best.

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He was standing at the gate.

Valencia is a much fitter candidate for student body president than her competitors.

You're Raanan's wife, aren't you?

We are staying at our uncle's.

You have to memorize this sentence.

You should ask a physician for his advice before taking this medicine.

He always appeared to be ready to discuss anything and was very tolerant.

Frederic has grown up and can stand on his own feet now.

I refuse to let you marry that man.

Would you like to take a stroll around the park with me?

Do you know how much it costs to get to Boston from here?

Typhus is a contagious disease.

Do you remember where you were the night Louise had his accident?


Monty brushed the snow from his coat.


Vishal didn't mention why he was looking for Clarence.

But no disciple can be excused if he does not have zeal.

Are you asking me or telling me?

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Connie says you're a bad influence.

He is a kind of gentleman.

Who picked the corn?


Margie is playing Frisbee.

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Who'd like ice cream?


My mother gets up at six every morning.

I only want a snack.

How much time per week do you spend reading materials of your own choice?