"Have you ever been here before?" "No, It's my first time here."

A century ago, spittoons were still used.


"Do you love me?" "I don't know."


He deceived her into buying a precious jewel.


He has butter and cheese.

I won't come back again.

French has many more vowels than Japanese.

Why can't I go?

Where can I find her?

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How soon can we get started?


How long will we be stuck here?


I got my foot caught in a train door.

I have come to see you on business.

Get your socks on fast. We're late!


I saw the game.

Marshall met Ann in the hotel lobby.

We can't turn back now.

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I need a computer.

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I hadn't intended to say so much.

Sergei wasn't happy about it.

We need to talk about Pilar.

The need for more foreign language teachers here is becoming urgent.

I really like the technique called chiaroscuro.

I often catch cold in winter.

Brandi has been informed.

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Let's investigate.


Generally speaking, the climate here is mild.

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What does that mean in Arabic?


You'd make a cute couple.


Did they say why?


Milk is a common beverage.


Len stayed up past his usual bedtime.

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I'm going up the stairs.

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Do you know how much I give to charity?

On the political level the response was the nationalist and fundamentalist revolt of the Maccabees.

You can't turn back now.

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Why is everyone so surprised?

Having a competitive mentality can give rise to negative emotions.

As I left the house, I remembered the key.


Do you know his number?


He's digging his own grave.

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If you don't want to go there, then we won't go there.

I would be very grateful if you would help me.

I saw his face switch to anger.


I beg you pardon, milord. It's not Hebrew, but Latin.

Who's your teacher?

The children exchanged presents at the Christmas party.

You've been cleared of all charges.

Any fever?

Marsha wants to make sure Siping knows what she's supposed to do.

We'll have to be careful not to play into his hands.

I don't think Connie understood.

I prefer milk over juice.

You should be the one to talk to Duane.

It's happened before.

With a pitter-patter of footsteps she runs off to the entrance.

The worst-case scenario is that Nichael will lose his job and won't be able to keep up his mortgage payments.

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood.

I know Marie's hiding something, but I don't know what.

She led me on.

Polly doesn't eat a lot.

She is worried for her future.

I don't care what Christophe tries to do.

The elderly man takes strong drugs for his heart.

It won't hurt, I promise.

Don't make me shoot you again.


Danger, danger!

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I can't hear you clearly.


Some have lost faith in democracy.

Dick could be in real trouble.

This is basic knowledge.

I'd like three twenties, six fives, and the rest in ones.

They'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Elijah is hammered.

The British had military bases along New York's Hudson River.


Islamic culture has given us majestic arches and soaring spires; timeless poetry and cherished music; elegant calligraphy and places of peaceful contemplation.

As soon as I get paid, I'll pay you back.

You may think that animals can sleep in any position.

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I never cross this bridge without being reminded of my childhood.

Go on ahead.

We all had a good workout before lunch.

I did nothing during the holidays.

You see what I mean?

Don't put off your departure on account of me.

Flour is made from wheat.

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Where did you drive them?


Go a little faster, please?


The skilled craftsman restored the shattered vase piece by piece.

I can't believe you're giving up.

May I start eating now?


I think I'm going to go inside.

He was appointed chairman.

Let's go make fun of them.

We will not need to add artificial substances to our food.

Bruce doesn't care what Gill does.

I refused it for private reasons.

You know why we're here, don't you?

We need to take them home.

Are you enthusiastic?

Among the difficulties, you will find the opportunities.

Our country must develop its natural resources.


Did God really create the earth in a single day?

It's not going to happen anytime soon.

What are you up to?

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Without her advice, he would have failed.

Think globally, act locally.

Is this the book you spoke of the other day?

I borrowed her hairbrush.

Were you with him that night?


We had complaints about one of the volunteers from Brussels.


I don't want to take any pictures.

We tend to think that most dogs bite.

I was taken aback at the shadow.


Vickie drinks black coffee without sugar.

Mehrdad didn't even try to help.

I should have come here by bicycle.

The bridge is supported by 10 posts.

Some popular Canadian television series were "Mister Dress-Up", "The Friendly Giant", "The Red Green Show" and "This Hour has 22 Minutes".

Lynnette didn't waste any time.

We had a drink of nice cool spring water.


Daniel looked startled.

He started at the bank in the post of manager.

This is considered to be a matter of great importance.

Whatever you do don't leave the lid up on the toilet!

The school is farther than the station.


I won't leave this house voluntarily.


Help me fold these blankets and put them away.

We need to buy a gift for them.

Kazuhiro is bound to lose the race.

Terrence was with me at my apartment.

People can't tell us apart.

We can trust her.

What time did you get up yesterday?


Richard avoided answering my question.

Though only a child, he was interested in reading books on philosophy.

How many apples did you buy?

We will trust you.

Morgan and Julian invited all their friends and relatives to the wedding.


What kind of person is she?

I was raised in Tokyo.

Doing it that way will take a long time.

Why is your cat so big?

Nobody knows this.

Who is in charge of this building?

We'll go talk to them.


Don't forget to answer his letter.

The English breakfast was made popular by the architects of the British Empire.

Saul and Tor are both teachers.

Be home by half past six.

Do you want to see something amazing?

What he says is very important.

I don't scare them.

Was the door open?

I have my own chores to do.

She is contemptuous of your ambition.

My brother hides his porn magazines under his mattress.