When I'm stressed, I squeeze the ball.

The band is excellent.

We need to discuss this further.

You pay them well, don't you?


I think Edgar is going to be fine.

Orange blossoms have a relaxing effect and a delightful scent.

I still think we should've said no.

He's two years younger than I.

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.


Japan is not as big as Canada.

I don't like to study languages.

Take me home immediately.

My uncle now lives in comfort.

Without air we would die.

You won't hang your coat behind the door.

You're looking well.

I am really tired of living.

That'll be interesting.


Upon explaining plosives to his class, the linguistics teacher instantly became covered in spit.


Can we do it on Monday instead?

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Did you really dream about me?


Bret didn't seem mad.

You need to get a new perspective.

We haven't been called to the meeting yet.

It hasn't been easy for them.

Sooner would be better.

Jayesh and Ima live in a small, two-bedroom house on a quiet street.

They broke the silence.

James didn't attend yesterday's meeting.

Are you sure this isn't poison?

This mango tree provides quite a bit of shade.

Did you actually read that?

It's because he doesn't like us that he doesn't want to eat with us.

Do you want to go for a walk?


The Americans don't accept Fascism any more than they do Communism.

She hurt her elbow when she fell down.

Scavenging is both a carnivorous and herbivorous feeding behavior in which the scavenger feeds on dead and decaying organic matter present in its habitat.

Before I had eaten breakfast, I had run five miles.

It's treatable.

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I had no idea where I should go.

Is love impossible or an illusion?

It's impossible for me to be away from my wife for long.

She's not ignoring me; she's shy.

The boy spilled the ink, but he didn't mean to.


When you're in a hurry, it's easy to make a mistake.

Eat meals slowly.

Luna is close by. Mars is much farther away.

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Where is my book?

They haven't seen the likes of it.

She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.


Go to the barber's to have your hair cut.


I hope we don't run into any bureaucratic red tape.

They're mine.

I really don't want to do this.

To me, there aren't any fundamental differences between the cultures of these two countries.

I knew you wouldn't forget me.


Lack of sleep is bad for the body.

This place is incredible.

What did Christopher Columbus discover?

I don't want her in my car.

The clean towels are in the drawer.


Heaven and Earth are like the wheel of a cart: ending then beginning anew, reaching their extremes they turn back again, - nothing is ever out of place.


I forgot the password to my account.


You are too negligent of those around you.


Let's save the ones we can save.


What do you think Seenu keeps in there?

My house is in the suburbs.

There was a ship sailing on the sea.


Tourists take over this island in the summer.

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He came to the United States as a boy from Scotland.

My son's rubber duck is yellow.

He's unlikely to want to go.


Dennis pulled the blinds down.

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The bedrooms are upstairs.


You shouldn't lie to us.

Nobody knows her.

I'll talk to him later.


It's a dull job to clean a bike.

We're doing something right.

Rand insulted Renu. That's why she's so upset.

His behavior really got on my nerves.

His manner to us was kind.

Jagath grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

His ear trouble made hearing very difficult.

I don't believe it myself.

This aircraft is capable to dogfight and bomb at the same time.

The truck collided with the car.

It's essential that we find them.


I shouldn't have tricked him.


He sat and listened to the radio.

You've seen what Cecilia can do.

I'll leave Leigh alone.

We are giving Murat a birthday party.

The coffee is too bitter for me to drink.

Many of the students were tired.

You were manipulating them.

Rebecca pretended to be an undercover policeman.

That's really nasty.

I can't comment.

The woodland was parceled into farms.

You should get that sofa reupholstered.

What did he do here?

Good shot, kid. You got him.

This science-fiction novel is very interesting.

Why isn't Alf in the car?

Panacea doesn't like people to know that he can't speak French well.

Do you like women?

What does that matter now?

Everything is going well.

We can't be sure.

She cooked the meat.

I doubt Sergiu is really a doctor.

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Those scientists are the cream of the crop.

Jones is the legal owner of the company.

Mr. Smith is in charge of the class.


I hope you never get out of prison.

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That's just the problem.

We all felt awful.

Other than that, I agree.

I don't know anybody here.

We wound up at the cinema.

The bow tie gives him an air of extravagance.

The party convention was put off.

This sentence actually comes from Spanish.

Actions are successfully achieved with deliberation but ruined by carelessness.


It's quite likely that he'll be late.


This is great.

You have to hurry up so you'd catch the last train.

Don't be intimidated by her degree! She puts her pants on one leg at a time.

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I've been waiting years for this.


You need to work together.

I shook hands with her.

Diana is probably the only person in the world who cares if I'm alive or dead.


Thierry has three adult children.

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I have my friend's car at my disposal.

Duncan watched the plane disappear into the distance.

The amount of Sony rechargeable batteries supposed to be collected totalled 7,659,000 units.

What a rude man!

Who can I call to fix my leaky ceiling?


Let's meet at the station.

Failure is nothing but humiliation when it doesn't inspire the genius to overcome old barriers.

Why should Benjamin say anything?

As our vehicle leaves the ground and plunges over the edge of the cliff toward the valley floor, I ponder whether it is possible that one might allege I am guilty of an act of moral failure, having failed to maintain a proper course along the roadway.

It was bitterly cold in Washington.

Glad I am to be working with you.

Tal became nervous.


Please do your chores before you go out to play.

Antonella really knows what he's doing.

I need to speak to you outside.


I owed Mayo some money for some things he bought for me.

I've had a tough afternoon.

I'll go and look for them.

I had my purse and commuter ticket stolen while I was sleeping in the train.

The atmosphere forms a major part of the environment to which life responds.

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Everybody laughed at the way Socorrito was dancing.

Do you like solving puzzles?

How much have you made tonight?

Are you sure you don't want to get your own lawyer?

I didn't know Stephe.

Can you put me up tonight?

You make it look so easy.