No one will ever forget Daniel.

Busy right now.


Carter and I know the truth.

She decorated her house regardless of cost.

Somebody brought them a new carpet.

Serdar gets nervous when Timothy drives too fast.

Ashton Kutcher was hospitalised after taking up a fruitarian diet.

She cleaned the room.

I felt embarrassed at first.


Marcus is from Nicaragua. He is Nicaraguan.

There's something on your neck.

Nobody likes rats.

It's hard for me to handle so much pressure.

Sentence Number 888,888 will bring its owner years upon years of luck.

What he said yesterday is not consistent with what he had said last week.

My major is linguistics.

Phill called her stuffed squirrel Root.

It never hurts to tell a story twice.

I was sitting next to Penny.

He is shy of strangers.

Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had.

Novo underestimated Kees.

She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

I will come to see you next Sunday.


Although he was in such circumstances, he made his way by himself.


We had a wonderful weekend.


What Kriton said is absolutely true.

Manavendra and I were roommates in college.

He hurried in order to get the bus.

I see dead people.

Why doesn't she sit with me anymore?

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I encouraged Clara to do it.

I heard a shot just now.

When did you enter the army?


The ice is two inches thick.

He wrote a novel based on ancient myths.

You may stay here if you like, as long as you keep quiet.

Douglas appeared on the TV show 'Teen Mom'.

Smoking is very bad for your health.

You raise Arabian horses, don't you?

What've you done for me?


Don't play dumb. You know very well what we're talking about.

Could you check what movies are playing next Saturday?

I don't feel comfortable posing in the nude.

It is my favorite character.

The tickets were not available for Friday's performance.


I got this recipe from my grandmother.


You're a very lucky lady.

The tumor is malignant.

Reinhard is now thinking about it.

Be active in doing good for people.

We have painted the walls white.

When was the last time you had sex?

We need to train more.

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She bought a shirt for him.

One of my favorite songs is Hungry Spider.

This is an example of the survival of the fittest, as it is called.

Sorry, I'm probably going to be about 20 minutes late.

The boy talking with Fred is Mike.

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I am adding an example sentence.

You're finicky.

Because of the fog, the airplane has been rerouted to Munich.

Cheap meat doesn't make good soup.

A lot of imagination is needed to try to add new sentences here.

They called on him to provide evidence.

Please make yourself at home.

One is one's own worst enemy.

It drinks with moderation.


I heard they're going out.

Why is love so complicated?

I want coffee.

I need a towel.

The school is equipped with four computers.

Can you get me some milk?

I don't know how to pay you this amount of money.

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Can we talk about music?

Dan has known Linda since kindergarten.

I have a long way to go.

How are you getting along?

You can't afford to be careless in this experiment.

I'm not satisfied with the restaurant's service.

I never thought that about you.

It was a fake.

His dad will not come, he is very busy,

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I feel a bit depressed.


Timo is busy all the time.

What color are the tiles?

I would like a glass of tequila.


They say that since it was bitterly cold in Northern Europe that winter, many people were frozen to death.

I'm going to throw them out.

Jean didn't commit suicide.

It goes without saying that every one is bound to obey the law.

I always give something to charities.

We kept them quiet.

I could only feel how the knife buried in my back.

I'm Rajeev's neighbor.

The sky is getting brighter.


How does he go to school?

We are in a library.

Daddy, where will we go?


Triantaphyllos is a mutant.


The girls are as busy as bees.

We've only just started.

Could we have a word with you?

Guglielmo is the best student I know. He learns instantly and has a phenomenal memory.

Dave's left arm is broken.


These are yellow flowers.

I eat with my hands.

Wipe your eyes.

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He is as great a scientist as ever lived.


A bug bit me.


Victor has been talking to Gilles about that.

There's a meeting going on in the next room.

Did you call me last night?

Whether you like it or not, you'll have to do it.

Give me that iron ball.

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Operation Yoav was a military operation carried out by Israel in its war for independence.

We had him under surveillance.

The results of Nelken's biopsy show that the tumor is cancerous.

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Glynn likes money.

How'd they treat you in jail, Kaj?

Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

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Now sit down.

I wonder if he likes me.

Who owns this food?


I really wanted to help, but after what happened, I already can't tell if I believe you two.

Don't you think it's a little too big?

My nephew was excused because of his youth.


When do we start?


Bless you!


The situation is worse than we believed.


Hey, if dinner isn't ready by seven, I'm going to a restaurant.

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Linda was ruined.

Maybe you should tell Tor you don't need that.

Oprah Winfrey has great influence over her fans.


Marguerite will soon be back.

What time do you think Patricio will get home?

We have used up the coal.

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I'd rather stay home than go on the school trip.


Kate stayed in Izu for the weekend.

When can I get out of here?

Valentin knows Merton better than anyone.

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

You won't tell her, will you?

It resulted in great difficulties.

Does Jerrie want me to say something?

It's not easy to get rid of a bad habit.

I don't have anything else.


It took her six years to get up the courage to tell him that she didn't like him anymore.

I cannot argue with Taninna. She's my uncle's wife.

You aren't really going to join the army, are you?

There is always hope for boys with hearts such as yours, though they may often be very mischievous. This is the reason why I have come so far to look for you.

Give it to someone who needs it.

That's not true and you know it.

Let's do this again sometime.


Then I walked upstairs to the dressing rooms.


I didn't speak with him.

"Yea..." Dima continued, talking mostly to himself. "It's as if the author of my story got into some stupid argument, retired to Fiji, and just left me here to rot."

You're giving a speech tomorrow aren't you?

Hurf'll improve.

This is Emma's grave.