I must strongly caution you against going with Ricky.

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I think our relationship is over.

I don't think I want that.

These questions can be answered quite simply.

The price of vegetables varies from day to day.

You may as well go home now.

She has not finished her homework yet.

Mike can't play baseball well.

You can go anywhere you like.

I'd be more than happy to drive you home.

It's nice and warm.

I've lost my car key.

He was so healthy up to the minute of his sudden death. You really never know what might happen next.

The telephone is just a wonderful device.


Please take this away.

Would you mind if I told Carsten?

Let's just go find her.

There are a lot of bridges in this city.

The city was destroyed during the war.

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What do you do to stay in shape?

Don't you think it is rather warm for December?

You're so rude that I want to punch you.

We've discussed this before.

Len led the attack.

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The calculator showed the correct answer.

When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car.

They made him sign the contract against his will.

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Don't leave me alone with them.

She dreads going blind because she's wearing thick glasses.

I was so afraid that no one would ask me to dance.

They got into the boat.

The train was derailed and about thirty passengers were either killed or injured.

The sun rises.

You're embarrassing yourself.

It is your shadow in the deep sea.

I don't want to go and eat today.

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Ami didn't try to do anything.


I'd like an earnest word with you.


That's nothing more than greenwashing.


Sure, it might be traumatic, but so what?

Don't wake him up.

Yakitori is a Japanese dish.


Repent, the end is nigh!

I think that Tal should stay.

I just got up. Give me a few minutes to get ready.


In order to qualify for the homestay you must have an interview with the sponsors.

He may well be proud of his father.

I'm staying here.

I lost my driver's license.

The men achieved their objectives.


Alison wants that apple so much he can hardly stand it.

Let me buy you a drink sometime.

What a heartbreaking story!

The price includes the postage charge.

Why don't we do something else?

Joseph adopted an orphan.

Put that back on the table.

Pat was wearing an eyepatch the last time I saw him.

The movie was disappointing.


The villager sold the merchant one hundred eggs.

Kyung began to pour wine into the glasses.

It works like a dream.

His Hebrew was more advanced than hers.

There are people drowning in debt.

He may well be proud of his car.

The 9:35 train stops at Bambury.

May I be excused now?

Ravindran doesn't know where to look.

There are eleven rooms in this house.

I locked the door.

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Please don't stand on ceremony.


The film was inspired by the novel of the same title.

Is it you?

He was nearly hit by the car while crossing the street.

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My mother gave me a sewing machine.

I wish I could.

Let me know the details.


Kathryn is not mad at Brian.

The family wants to buy a house.

After a few weeks, doctors made Cleveland a new jaw out of hard rubber.

After Good Friday comes Easter.

How many other houses does Dion own?


The last leg of our journey will be the most difficult.

Kanthan would rather speak French.

He has a wife and two young children to provide for.

I was hoping I wouldn't cry today, but I did.

The apples are finished.

I hope you're well compensated.

Why didn't you go first?

We had a nice time last night.

I was just blowing off steam.

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You guys are really starting to get on my nerves.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

The peasant scattered the seeds of grain.

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We used a barrel for a makeshift table.

Milner never said anything.

In this winter, it seems that it gets very cold.


Someone has robbed us of all our money during our absence.


Who gave this to us?

Why isn't Rayan here with us?

Antonio has been in the hospital since Christmas Eve.

Kathy won't help you.

I hope that Alison wasn't mistaken.

I made up my mind to come here after all.

We need information.

Miltos is very hungry.

Are you messing with me?

I like elephant ears best.

I won't let him do that.


These were in my drawer.

I bought a round-trip ticket.

Come on, what's her name?

Robbin and Del are proud of their son.

Her disappointment was apparent to everyone.

This is entirely your fault.

I'll be coming back tonight.

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Lisa has already told me what I wanted to know.

When did you last see him?

The story goes that he was murdered.


Give me the details.

Graham was writhing in agony.

You need to eat vegetables every day.

Silver chloride is not completely water-soluble.

Louiqa accompanied Lars to the event.

Around twenty people have been hurt.

We can talk on the way.

Can I hug you?

Tell me your name.

We crossed the waters in a boat.

People listen to Merat.

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How are you going to handle this?

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You're in the same situation that I was once in.

Wade would never have let us go if James hadn't gone with us.

I'm hoping to find her.

Jarl really likes your painting.

The bold man glanced at the gangster with hatred and contempt.

Jan's having a lot of problems with noisy neighbours in his new apartment.

I am pleased to help you if I can.

Anton and Ole met at a New Year's party.

Nicolette started to climb the ladder.

Triantaphyllos said he wasn't sure what Vinod wanted him to do.

Isabelle filed for divorce.


I went to Simon for advice.

Hens don't fly over walls.

"Is it true that special forces are capable of torturing and killing innocent people?" "Special forces just execute orders. They are used for special jobs, no matter what."


Did you tell Mwa you were mugged?

You need to drink more water.

I think they should put a heavy tax on imports.

She was caught trying to burn the office down.

You may as well get used to it.


The final exams are approaching.


Several flights have been canceled.

Ben and Marcel are discussing the situation.

Max died in bed.


She tries to make a good text for the audience.


Vick's blindfold was removed.

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Can we talk for a second?

They ran.

It's hard to surprise them.


Trent wondered what had made Nicolo do what she did.


Maurice went to the theater with Wilson.

The great dog by the yard gate of a nobleman's mansion sits proudly on the top of his kennel when the sun shines, and barks at every one that passes; but if it rains, he creeps into his house, and there he is warm and dry.

I'm sorry I have to go.