Ethnic minorities struggle against prejudice and poverty.

It's anybody's guess who will win the next race.

We have two cats in the house: one white, and one black.

The text above contains no accurate facts on the matter.

Love is the process of breaking and mending the heart of another.

I'm not concerned with that.

He asked me who I thought would win the race.

I never saw him again, nor did I regret it.


What else should I do?

My tooth ached when I had ice cream, so I might have a cavity.

He finished reading the book.

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Wilmer doesn't get along with his neighbors.

Out of my way!

I hope the weather will clear up on Sunday.

High tide is at 3 p.m. today.

It would be a good idea if I went.

I'm looking for a bank. Is there one near here?

Have a nice holiday.


Please open the door.

I've nothing to give.

You can't leave.


Don't be afraid to talk to her.

I need to check things out.

I've never kissed him.


Leo hardly ever speaks to me anymore.

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The wine was excellent.


The car wouldn't start.

How do I get to the post office?

What did you do with my glasses?

My name's Cyril. Pleased to meet you.

Is she looking at me?

Dogs bark when the caravan passes by.

Where do you think he lives?


I have to give Julian a chance.

A thief doesn't like the moonlight, a villain doesn't like a good man.

Rain is pouring.

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Who is the man sitting in the corner?

The donkey was browsing quietly.

You're going to get better.

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Where's my appointment book?

Sometimes I say "yes," even though I want to say "no."

I think I fell asleep during class.

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This was a hasty translation.

Rusty's loud and domineering.

Jig, reel and hornpipe are the most popular irish dances.


My father were very busy

You shouldn't stay up so late at night.

I saw Kenneth the other day.

Did you know that Philippe couldn't speak French?

He grew up poor, so he's used to deprivation.

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We talked until two.

In winter, the windows were sometimes quite frozen over. But then the boy and the girl would warm copper pennies on the stove, and hold the warm pennies against the frozen pane; there would be very soon a little round hole through which they could peep, and the soft bright eyes of the little boy and girl would beam through the hole at each window as they looked at each other.

What do you call your dog?

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I gave Sandip a fake address.

The heavy rain brought the flood, causing damage.

You're out of excuses.


Who killed them?

A lot of people deflect praise that comes their way, because they don't know how to handle it.

Everyone applauded as Briggs walked out onto the stage.

We are sleepy.

Howard didn't have further details.

Manolis is a park ranger.

I think Earle might be busy.


The students discussed the plan for many hours.

There are two girls in the playground.

You probably shouldn't tell List the truth.

Jesus slipped on the wet floor and dislocated his knee.

Why are you so anxious?

He has made the same mistake twice.

She thinks of everything in terms of money.

Candies are not real food.

Make sure the chef is skilled before ordering fugu.

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I didn't understand a word that guy said.

The aphorism is, how to say it?, the champagne of melancholia; each short statement encapsulates years of disillusionment distilled in a moment of intoxication.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

I don't think any of those are what I need.

I'm new at this kind of work.

Tal stared at the document.

Mikael found a dinosaur egg.

I quit smoking two years ago.

Do you know what the price of a new snowboard is?

Canada and Mexico both share a border with the USA.

I wonder if you can help me find Ravindran.

They're going to a charity event.

Is everybody OK?


How long has Brandi been gone?

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Someone should buy a round of drinks.

You need to buy her a present.

Kiki told only me.

You're ugly, but I love you anyway.

I was trying to help them.


Henry is going back to Boston on Monday.

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It is the fruit of hard work and a well-prepared plan.

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I just don't feel like doing that tonight.

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What kind of man is Masanobu?

I made the final decision.

I hope everything is going well with you.

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I never really was on your side.

Give him the gun.

Vidhyanath seems uncomfortable and annoyed.

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The school is across from our house.

Son of a bitch!

Fix the fact in your mind.

All at once, he spoke out.

I heard that Jerald wants to buy a new snowboard.

We must face the facts.

You may as well not do it at all than do it imperfectly.

We suddenly sighted a school of fish.

She helped the elderly man cross the road.

Blayne spoke French better than I expected.

Catherine didn't say whether he would go to Arne's party or not.

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He came back at nine o'clock.

Jochen was shot multiple times when he was trying to protect Lila.

I think I know how to do that.

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Clarence's mood has changed.

Are you in love with him?

I sort of had a crush on you.

Their loss is our gain.

It was a parade with a capital P.

They looked satisfied with the result.

Ariel likes to watch soccer.

We bought a lot of stamps.

If you ask me, it's completely overblown.

Thank you for your warm welcome!

Hsuan and Larry both said no.


You were perfect.


Why are you so certain?

Will you go to the party tonight?

There's nothing sexual about it.

It looks like Ricky has gained a little weight.

I got him to fix my bicycle.

Why don't you try this one?

When a child, I would play with the toys.

I had difficulty in making myself understood in French.

How far did Lester get?

Did you remember to thank her?

I can cook.


Our class today will begin at 3 p.m.

The legal system in America is the world's finest.

Did you request medical attention for Mysore?

I like sport.

I need news of my family.

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Axel pulled Pratapwant out of the mud.


I'm afraid I may hurt him.

He had no particular reason to go there.

Glynn is a really good singer-songwriter.

He was just in time for the last train.

She's not the lying type.

Matt quite often sleeps more than eight hours.

I really miss Thai food.


I thought Jeanne would be perfect for Miek.

We're about to meet him.

Matthias thought that Omar would want to know that John was planning to be in Boston next week.

In late summer and autumn one can see the leaves change colour.

The store is closing soon and is offering everything at half price.

I'll accompany you to the airport.

I'm the oldest.

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The veracity of the waitress surprised the detective.

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I have a small gift for them.


Linder applied for a credit card, but he was turned down.

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Tahsin said he doesn't know anyone in Boston.

I came to surprise him.

Bonnie certainly doesn't look like he's over eighty.