I am strongly opposed to a compromise.

Er, Sir? What's written on the blackboard isn't an exponential function but a trigonometric one ...


You did a splendid job.

I'm glad you think so.

I'm in the zone.

I wish I had got married to her.

Do you happen to know his name?

Tait died doing what he loved.

He may have misunderstood you.

That day proved to be the turning point in his career.

Fletcher walked home.

October was a busy month.

I see you everywhere.


Vassos doesn't like greasy food such as spareribs.

He applied for the position.

More time is needed for the preparations.


Jesse knew it was dangerous.

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Barney is sitting in his car.

He elbowed his way through the crowd.

Investing all his fortune would not be enough.


I wish that I could have spent more time with my father before he died.

Dan Rather, a folksy longtime journalist, humorously declared: "Beware of pastries, easy credit and politicians' promises."

Daryl doesn't usually wear a hat.

He's really something to see every time he gets up on stage.

She's a better leader than he is.

We believe that peaceful coexistence of the two different social systems is fully possible.

You had better not smoke so much.


He's his own boss.

Makemake was first discovered in 2005. It was formally recognized as a dwarf planet in 2008 by the International Astronomical Union.

It was a surprise to see all the students behaving with decorum on prom night.

Teri is trying to act casual.

Did you read all of it?

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The little old man wanted to pull Pinocchio's ears. Think how he felt when, upon searching for them, he discovered that he had forgotten to make them!

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I think something scared him.


She said nothing that would make him angry.


I don't know the reason why he was absent.

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What, may I ask, are you doing?

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But I don't think that it's strange at all.


Mats made a costly mistake.


Marc seems to be depressed.

Sho is an old friend of mine from high school.

Both you and Ramsey need to be there tomorrow.


Laurie's favorite song is Chariots of Fire by Vangelis.

That will give me something to think about.

Leave her.

I guess you don't really care.

Vassos was stabbed to death.

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Who is sleeping in my bed?

I don't want anything to jeopardize our friendship.

I'll make something up.

Cory unfolded the camp chairs.

What'll Clark do about it?


Sometimes I make mistakes.


Maria studied diligently, but could never remember from one week to the next.

Sjaak doesn't know what this is called in French.

Whales are said to have lived on land long ago.

We expect him tomorrow at ten o'clock.

How is your mother?

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Children are a blessing.


Ronni has become a Canadian citizen.

He is a man with a classical education.

He should be freezed!

But your ex is a psychopath!

I could live anywhere.


What do you advise?

We're engaged.

He will figure on inviting a lot of guests to the opening ceremony.


The Titanic hit an iceberg.

We feel good about it.

It'll have to be done tomorrow.


One-third is less than one-half.

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Love began to grow between the two.


Let's not forget human rights.

This will take some time.

They sell apples, oranges, eggs, and so on.


Is that enough for you?


Where have you two been?

You're quite a liar.

I felt so out of place.

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I stumbled on a stone.

Hirofumi is going to want to tie up some loose ends.

This is the hat Rudolf bought for me.

The pidgeons of Boston are fat and proud.

We're out of luck again.

Apart from English, he also teaches math.

I started that.

She was in the United States last month.

All of a sudden, the barn went up in flames.


Prices are high these days.


I've got too much work to do.

I keep telling Emily he talks too fast.

Try to encourage me a little.

She grew up in Australia.

I'm sure Stephan is just as tired as you are.

If only I get a chance to see him.

He is wearing sunglasses.

He loves reading.

I will miss you.

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Are you in a bad mood?

That student sometimes pretends to be sick.

I've got longer legs than her.


He belongs to the camera club.


Tell Jeffie I'm ready.

Can you direct me to the train station?

Your cell phone's not working.


She thought of a good plan.


He took delight in teasing the kitten.


He meets me today evening at six o'clock.

She is quite ignorant of cooking.

I stayed home because of the rain.

The aggressive man urged me to sign the contract.

Come back and pick me up later.

Can I ask you something very personal?

We listened to the ocean.


Daniel should've stayed home.

Vance loves Kim's children.

Ring the police!


I'm sorry to disturb you while you're talking.

I was never good at figures.

I won't deny it.

I'm quite content with my life.

You must not eat so much candy.


Can you at least be happy for me?

This stage bogs down in a state of hopeless confusion.

You're courageous.

I don't know the person you're talking about.

Get yourself cleaned up.

I'm only three blocks away.

We can go shopping later.


In the western Antarctic Peninsula region of the Bellinghausen Sea, temperatures are rapidly warming, and changes in the marine ecosystem are underway.

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Have you told them we're here?

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Is there a reason why this is untranslated?


I'm not dancing for you.

Duct tape fixes everything.

I've done everything necessary.


I've considered that possibility as well.

I had such a happy childhood.

That's a lot to ask.

We must not speak ill of others behind their backs.

Lola the cow, Lola the cow, she's smart and she brings trouble, and she goes mooooo.

It was a lovely sight to see.

We have to get Curt to a hospital.

When the bus came, she got on.

Why have you been avoiding me?

Our teacher is punctual for the classes.

Esperanto is an agglutinative language.


The coins are metal.

Hui tried to remember where he had put his passport.

Is everybody okay?

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Randolph didn't look both ways before crossing the street.

I can't make it any clearer than that.

I am happy that I can be yours.

To stop the bleeding immediately press on the wound.

I regard him as the best person for the job.