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I will lend you whatever book you need.

I don't forget turning out the light.

The reality of spirit-matter is inevitably translated into and confirmed by a structure of the spirit.

I still like Blayne.

Just talk to Kolkka.

I understand what they're saying.

I asked Lewis what he'd do.

I don't know how to change a nappy.

What's in this box?

You've missed the boat.

Are there seedless watermelons?

Bob was not at all ashamed of his extra-marital affair.

I'm glad you're OK.

Be careful. You're going to stir up a hornet's nest.

Each of the three boys got a prize.

Clara was about to leave the house.

Pandora convinced the residents of the town to stand and fight.


We couldn't help laughing at the teacher's joke.

He is sure to make it in the next exam.

I wash my hands before lunch.

Both my parents are quite well.

I'm aware of what is at stake here.


Having crossed all the oceans of the world, he drowned himself in a glass of water.

It has suddenly got cold, hasn't it?

He is above criticism.


I just became president of Poets Without Homes.


Why is it that you're always late for school?

Tollefsen has no interest in me whatsoever.

Boredom is itself boring, hence it tends to feed on itself.

We still need to buy Jimmy a birthday present.

That is quite possible.

I was involved in the trouble.

Don't you think that's significant?


We need Niall back.


Lui's sleeping.

Can you imagine what life would be like without television?

I don't expect that to happen.

Jason has told me so much about you.

Eugene has no idea what has become of Lowell.


I know every word of every song that Gregor ever wrote.

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You should have known better.

All of them say so, but I believe none of them.

Dimitry hasn't seen Kevan for more than a year.

I put up with her as long as I could.

"Okay, okay," said the doctor. "I'll definitely take a look at her."

I find this puzzling.

I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

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Would you like some more water?

That's another thing.

That hat looks good on Lois.


She is quite equal to the teacher in her ability to speak English.

I can do that for Kristen.

Why are you asking these questions?

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Liza did a somersault.

He was able to do everything at will.

They stood idle, instead of putting their shoulder to the wheel.

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She barely was able to get out of bed.

Toerless and David played a game of Russian roulette.

Why should you help us?


I appreciate anything you can do.

I want to be just like Juri when I grow up.

They have the exact same face.


The fact that she had gotten married twice was true.


I think Calvin is bright.

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I'd like you to come back next week.


She waited for her lover at the station.

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It was really nice chatting with you.

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I like living with her.

True bravery is quite another thing from bravado.

I like to dance.


Prices will continue to rise.


The idea that Japanese women are submissive and always obedient to their husbands is a lie.

Masanao definitely knows how to ride a horse.

It was a nice story.

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Is that why you want to kill me?

I want to stay home.

Nobody else would help them.

I worked as hard as I could so I didn't fail.

Politicians are always telling us that better times are just around the corner.

I have a surprise for you, sweetheart.

I was interested in him because his paintings really impressed me.

Did you do all this?

Friendlier people are not necessarily dumber people.

Most people think computers will never be able to think.

Alejandro and Surya are very good friends.

If you want to know, why don't you ask him?

My sister will prepare breakfast.

Sarah squashed the bug.

If you are not sure about the meaning of the word, look it up in your dictionary.

My son wants to become a professional golf player.

If you want to come with us, you're welcome.

Stay calm, and do your best.

A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.


Keith is a diehard Yankees fan, and rarely misses a home game.

That medicine isn't going to help.

What sort of play is it?

Stan isn't able to come today.

We've got a job to do.

The tree was heard to crash to the ground.

It's gotten late, so you better hurry up and sleep. You still need to go to work tomorrow.


Do you think anyone was here while we were out?


They've arrested him.


Don't let him close the door.

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We've got it all figured out.

Troy lost his money, his family and his friends.

Where are all our suitcases?

This road is closed to traffic for construction work.

You'll have a wonderful time.

Yes, it's for that reason that I'm making a cake.

Why is he angry about something like that?

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Well, I didn't buy them, but later someone brought three baby kittens to the Gorilla Foundation.

Lynnette wanted to say more, but he didn't.

There are some people who like the word "tad" a lot.


What's funny about that?

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Won't you please send this letter by Express Mail?

I wanted Manjeri to see me first.

He found himself in a terrible fix.

We'll discuss it.

Don't you ever touch me again.


My neck hurts.

If I wanted to scare you, I would tell you what I dreamt about a few weeks ago.

You haven't told Elijah you're married, have you?

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You're not going to wear that, are you?

These shoes don't fit anymore.

I know that I'm a burden; you don't need to be repeating it.

Regard all art critics as useless and dangerous.

Bertrand overheard us.

We're going.

Coffee with cream is not a very expensive pleasure.

I know Moe did it.

John drank many bottles of wine.


I don't like this plain necktie. Please show me a more colourful one.

But the universe is infinite.

She may be our teacher.

As Laurence and Sharon approached the station, they saw their train pull out.

Wolfgang told me where you hid the gold coins.

Roxana is sweating.

Do you really want to make some money?

I said we're finished.

If you don't start at once, you will be late.


I'm afraid my grandma neither has a henhouse nor a motorcycle.


Have you still not finished your meal?

This is Sanjay's man cave.

Matthew is now on the phone.

I know that place.

That would be absurd.

Some talked of shooting him if he did not leave.

I think he has two sons.

Raanan is a married man.

You'd regret doing that.

I couldn't do anything else.

Do you have a copy?


I just want you to tell Gene what you told me.

"No, not so much. At most comparing sizes, telling dirty stories." "Sizes of what?" "Of 'that'."

He makes it a rule not to eat too much.

Why are we really here?

I'll wait with you.

I am asking questions to my father.

Where were you working last year?

Writing love letters isn't easy for me.

You were very ugly last night.

I viewed the picture at a distance.

It's time to get down to business.