Fortune favours the brave.

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The used car salesman seemed a bit dodgy to me.

I didn't commit myself to attend the meeting.

I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability.

I can be good.

Three people have died.

He arrived an hour late, which annoyed me very much.

Did you buy them a dog?

I've never seen one of these before.

Don't be silly, you can't drive without a wheel!

I wrote it for him.

Promise me you'll be good.

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Some people think there's some kind of mystical relationship with people having the same first name.


I don't think anyone thinks you're crazy.

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We just want to talk to them.


I'm smarter than the average bear.

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It was just as I thought.

They sat under the pergola.

I was just thinking of a new job.

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I'm the only one you can trust.

I wish Brodie had been here today.

We'll be there by 2:30.

Sekkura is our married woman who visits us every Eid.

Did you see them?

I spoke to the minister himself.

Is it safe for us to look now?


Dad bought me a camera.

Reading improves the mind.

Malloy remained outside.


Tell us all the gossip.

I sent them back home.

Should I put this bag in the overhead compartment?


We may surprise everybody.

I had met him many times before then.

Derek never came out of his coma.

I was writing a letter.

Linda had some jewellery on her.


I don't have anything else to add.

Is that your carriage?

Do you have to do this now?

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He sold his country for money.


He has less money than his brother has.

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Our dog is called Johnny.

I'm tickled pink to be here.

The room was bathed in sunshine.

Maybe that's what I need.

I have nothing more to say about him.

Why are we listening to her?

I shouldn't have let her go.

Leonard has published three books.

Mosur had a feeling that Chris would be late.

Fritz has had a lot of bad experiences.

Tell me again why we're doing this.

Saul ran.

How's your job going?

The accident happened the day before yesterday.

Gunnar decided to sit in another seat.


You're through.


I'm setting off tonight.

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"I'm going to put a curse on you", said Brooke.

I have to pass this exam.

Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

Why won't you answer me?

They were laughing at me.


Precognition is the act of using spiritual-power to know things that will occur in the future.

I meant everything I said.

Do you have any idea what's causing the problem?


I have just a few bullets left.

We should cut our losses.

He muttered complaints against the school.

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I don't know what to say...

She taught me so many interesting things.

The landscape was dotted with green and grey shrubs.

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What kind of books do you like?

They could not swim.

Scientists have announced that they have discovered gravitational waves.


Dan played an excerpt of classical music to the students.


Don't even think of going there.

Then, a shout was raised.

The people will decide at the ballot box.

This we can call a work of art.

Can someone guide me on how to use this site?

It's about time you settled down for good.

I remember posting your letter yesterday.

In the event of rain, the game will not be held.

In each of us the genius will sleep.

I remember your face, but I don't remember your name.

Tell Heather I'll be there as soon as I can.

I want three sugars in my milk.

This chapter will focus on the concepts of geometry.

There is no future for her.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.


I don't know how long this'll take.

"What's today?" cried Scrooge, calling downward to a boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look about him. "Eh?" returned the boy, with all his might of wonder. "What's today, my fine fellow?" said Scrooge. "Today!" replied the boy. "Why, Christmas Day."

It is true that he did it, whether by accident or by design.

You are doing it the wrong way.

I have a feeling that something dreadful is going to happen.


I remember that laugh.


He wears an eyepatch.

I have to ask her something.

He is our next door neighbor.

Are you from around here?

What an old book this is!

We have no idea what Varda did.

Was that you on TV last night?

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I can't tell you how angry that makes me.

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Oskar went duck hunting.

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Modern cats don't eat mice.

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They ruined each other by being together.


He chatters at the rate of two hundred words a minute.


He entered his home.

He's quite able at his job.

You talked to him, didn't you?


He did what I wanted right away.

I'm as surprised as Murray is.

People should understand that the world is changing.

We were poor, but we were happy.

You really are the chaff of humanity.


We're doing this to help Brad.


The one who can walk is able as well to dance, and the one who can talk, to sing.

It is sickness to be obsessed with winning, it is sickness to be obsessed with using the martial arts, and it is sickness to be obsessed with putting forth all one has learned. It is sickness to be obsessed with offense, and it is also sickness to be obsessed with defense. It is also sickness to be obsessed with getting rid of sickness. To fix the mind obsessively on anything is considered sickness.

He took the eggs out one by one.

I just want to know why you brought me here.

Little mistakes are like salt in a soup.

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How is livelihood in America these day?


The victim was stabbed repeatedly by the killer.


You can never be happy if you feel envious of other people.

She said that she would come back again, which was a lie.

You always were a good dancer.

Your customs declaration, please.

I'm sure Harv didn't even notice you were late.

She opened the window, though I told her not to.

Pratap's car broke down.

Should I take that as a compliment?

I don't mind sharing a room with Stacey.

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Then little Gerda wept hot tears, which fell on his breast, and penetrated into his heart, and thawed the lump of ice, and washed away the little piece of glass which had stuck there.


Its origin and purpose is still a total mystery.


Stewart reached down and scratched his ankle.

I've always enjoyed being with you.

Mr Parker tried eating with chopsticks.

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I don't look at it that way.

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After all, having an erection the entire day is strange, isn't it?

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We have to be very careful.

It will have been raining a whole week if it is rainy tomorrow.

Love and cough cannot be hidden.

Alastair was married twice.

Alison filled the three glasses with orange juice.

I'm so tired that I can't walk any longer.

Our vision of globalization empowers each and every person on the planet to be the best they can be, not to live in abject subjugation to a corporate governing body.

She wrote 5 novels in 5 years.

I have not seen you for a long time.


Anatole has no idea where he left his keys.

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We won't forgive you.