They always find fault with others.

I need to talk to Nils about what happened.

The eyes themselves can become selective, ignoring part of what is there, and the brain sometimes insists on seeing things that don't exist at all.

I will be leaving for Australia next month.

I have two tickets to the Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons night game. Want to go?

Whose letter is in this envelope?

Excuse me, but will you show me the way to the station?

My son entered high school.


We're getting married in three months.


You have to do that just right.

He got up enough guts to break the ice at the board meeting.

Price and Alexis were planning to have a second honeymoon.

Denis likes it a lot.

We did everything right.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Boston.

My money has been stolen.

Roxie is part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I decided to sign myself up.


In 1912, the Austrian tailor Franz Reichelt died jumping off the first floor of the Eiffel Tower while trying out his new invention, the parachute coat, which did not work...


You really exaggerate returning at this time.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

How dare you speak like that?

Where was this book published?

What have you come here for?

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Now I'll finally be able to get some sleep.


Who said he wanted to join the special forces?

Why did I have to be here?

I'm not interested in what Tommy thinks.

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It will cure you of your headache in no time.


He checked the durability of the house before buying it.

Kirsten has been roughed up.

You must state the fact as it is.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

I don't feel like cooking tonight.

Is there time?

Why didn't somebody help me?

I didn't know Marshall was going to do that.

Ready or not, the exam begins in ten minutes.

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I thought we talked about this already.


Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow's a school day.

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Better supervision is required. This place is nothing but confusion. For example, there is too much replication which only wastes time and energy.

Please don't bother about me.

I heard that a Perfume song is used in Cars 2.


He asked for my advice.

I should like to see you this afternoon.

My father bought some CDs for my birthday.

This statue is as large as life.

I carefully considered my options before proceeding.


Monsanto controls 27% of the world seed market.

Every high school student has ditched class at one time or other.

Josh asked me out, but I told him where to go.

You need to hurry because the bank will close soon.

Of course, I have a plan.

He drew invisible symbols in the air with his fingers.

When it comes to tennis, she is second to none.

I'd realised that...

He has lost face.

Thanks for having me here.

I thought you were someone else.

My family live in that house.

Nate overslept.


Deborah said that he would give you a book.


I haven't quite finished eating.

Why wouldn't I tell the truth?

I actually really like it.

Edwin blew out the candles.

Richard is trying to be helpful.


I'm not going through a midlife crisis!


The wormhole is unstable.

You don't have to go out with Ole.

I am going to try to get a good tan.


You're prettier than her.


Don't let anyone hear you say that again.


You don't seem to be very happy.

He made believe not to know me.

As a result of some factories using fossil fuels, chemical emissions have already caused serious environmental problems.

I read the newspaper every day.

Ask Clyde to stop doing that.

What're you doing?

I don't ever want us to be apart.


You should go talk to him.

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I'll have everyone call me Nicolette from now on.

You can't let them win.

I understand why you're angry.


You'll be shocked at what you can find for under a 100 dollars!

A wall surrounded the old city.

I've got some matches right here.

Lord told Paola to keep the windows opened.

There's nothing else for me here.

I should have told you about this earlier.

This isn't how I remember it.

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Page wanted me out of the house, so I left.

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Unfortunately, no one deals with this question.

Animals can't speak.

Gigi has two DUIs.

The collar is too tight round my throat.

The teacher put on a crown of flowers which was made by her pupils.


The house whose roof is green is mine.


He was playing the piano and she was singing.

His last play was a great success.

He gave his blood to help his sister.

Toby and Butler followed John.

Why do you always want to do things the hard way?

I teach Spanish.

Philippe usually eats a sandwich for lunch.

What was Bobbie like?

Oops, I did it again.

You've been really decent to me.

Wait a minute, honey!

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Joubert asked his father if he could go to the movies.

I don't want this day to end.

I'll burn the midnight oil tonight.


Harold sometimes drops in on me.

The bathtub was filled with hot water and flower petals.

I go out sometimes for a beer.

You are the very man I want to see.

I've never been anything but honest with you.

We need that from Major.

It's a nice town.

I think I have the key to that drawer.

Did I surprise you?

Do you have a back exit?

To my side, my wife, who I'm presently at odds with, lies sleeping.

I could not make my way at all because of the crowd.

She is a chatterbox.


Jeanne said he appreciated that.

I study once in a blue moon.

I can't reach any of the books on the top shelf.

You can't always avoid problems.

They stressed protection of the environment.


The filly was named "Comet" because she was so fast.


He attended the meeting in place of his boss.

He is such a tall man that he can touch the ceiling.

Children, daddy's back, and he has brought each of you a gift!

It was decided that he should be sent for at once.

Do yourself the favor of looking it up.

Fuel economy is a big advantage of this car.

Siegurd is sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.


I will translate.

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Why doesn't Woody return my phone calls?


I wrote to everybody inquiring after their health in the hot season.

I went home and ate a hearty breakfast.

Many things happen between the cup and the lip.

She put her CDs in a row on the shelf.

They were successful in solving the problem.

Naresh has known Cory ever since they were children.

I'm planning to stay at the Hillside Hotel.

This is the first French book I've ever read.

Molly was a little surprised by Milner's behavior.

I wish I had as much money as Straka.

I told Tim to be quiet.


How many songs has Mariah Carey written to date?


You filed a report with me a couple of weeks ago.

Have you been to the police?

Not anybody likes this book.

I believe you know her.

Do you think our climate has an influence on our character?

You should have breakfast every day.

The origins of these people is shrouded in mystery.


It's very important to her.

Lonhyn told Willie that he didn't have enough money.

Don't you ever give up?