Pool time

Something about pools makes me feel better, there would be less wars if people could only fight in pools.


Smart phones are too cheap

Recently with the release of Android 7.0 there’s been a lot of coverage about why specific phones of recently vintage will not get the update, and even who’s at fault (see links at bottom, but apparently everybody). The real fault, however, lies in the race to the bottom.

The sad truth of the business is nobody makes any money, save Apple, Google (who don’t actually make devices directly) or Samsung (the Chinese brands may or may not, as their results are not public and the amount of financing they may be receiving from the government is also not available). Apple makes so much per device that they can assign a value to consistent updates and be perfectly fine financially not relying on planned obsolescence  (ironically a trait frequently ascribed to the company by naysayers). Samsung has to use the top to prop up the bottom, and are therefore less likely to do so, not to mention they suffer from what the Android manufacturers all suffer from, the fact that the SoC makers also don’t make any money.

There’s little benefit for most OEMs to update their software as their margins are so thin anyway that would negate the small amount of profit per device, while for the chipmaker they receive zero benefit from extending the life of a device, in fact any action taken that does not lead to a sale is a net financial detriment. If phone makers could see phones for say, $100 more, then some of this could mitigated (note: they can’t).

Non-Apple phones are just too damn cheap, as nearly every competitor cuts support both in the effort to sell more phones and to differentiate in terms of price for competitors, and the end result is an awful security, performance and waste situation. Unfortunately consumers have been trained that cheaper is the primary function of better (just like the Justice Department) and as long as Google gets theirs and passes very little along to OEMs and chipmakers (as they are want to do, given their motivation is the same as any company), there’s no sign anything will change without outside intervention, and that could end up just as bad.



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Can you only imagine if it were Apple instead of Samsung


It would knock Ryan Lochte and Donald Trump off the front page. Instead it’s a hot topic on a phone site.

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On Amazon banning Chromecast and Apple TV – a few days ago!

Bloomberg – Amazon to Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices

As a longtime user of tech ((my first computer was a used scratcher, followed by a used Macintosh SE) thanks mom) I have to say: What the hell, I have a problem with this.

No, it’s not that Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world is deciding not to sell a product from two marginal competitors (and I say marginal as someone who actually uses Prime Video regularly, where else would I find Shaun the Sheep Episodes in the US for my Shaun crazy son). While I think the reasons are faulty and the given reason by Amazon is borderline fraudulent (particularly that a large disclaimer on the top of the product page could solve a majority of the “issues” of Chromecast/Apple TV not having prime*), it doesn’t trouble me that a store, no matter how big decided not to sell a product. It is slightly more troubling that they’re obviously doing so to push a competing product, since for whatever reason they’re not on the current Apple TV or the very open Chromecast, despite having apps on the app store that work as you’d expect.

No, my primary problem with the decision is that they’re banning the sale of them by anyone on their site, specificly third parties. They are well within their rights as I understand them, and they can certainly block 3rd parties from selling specific items (I’m not sure many would argue if this was a safety or taste issue) but given their position as a marketplace I find the decision unacceptable, as I would say if Apple or Microsoft owned a mall one of their retail stores was located in banned any tenants from selling marginally competing product.

Incidentally, I’m also not a fan of the decision based on their vision statement;

“We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for four primary customer sets: consumers, sellers, enterprises, and content creators.”

Not harming one out of four isn’t bad.

*This is assuming that Apple or Goggle are at fault in anyway, I find it as or more likely that Amazon demanded special treatment others didn’t get in pricing, placement and data collection sharing that other competitors did not get, and when told no publicly took their ball and went home.


Just thought it’d be wise to get this out of the way.  I’m in no way a skilled writer. My mind as always thought far faster then I could ever speak or formally write, but not faster then I could type. There will be typos and depending how funny you find grammatical mistakes, some of particular hilarity.

If you’re that type, enjoy.


Hello to you. If you managed to stumble along this site, particularly if you’re reading this any time near when it was first published, I would be shocked.

Regardless of if you’re actually here or not, an introduction is in order.

My moniker here is Deelron, and I’m just a guy. It’s my moniker on most sites that I frequent, and it really doesn’t mean much of anything (a long time ago it was an anagram, I guess during a brief moment when I thought about an anagram). I’m basically what I’m going to be for the rest of my life as a person, and for some reason (likely my young son), I’ve found the urge for a quiet, tumbleweed like place on the Internet to give my own thoughts on news and stories. While I certainly could make do with a pad of paper or a simple text file, I feel there’s something about posting my thoughts publicly that adds an extra something to them, regardless of if anyone reads them or not. Therefore I am, or something of that sort.

So if you find this and like what I say, welcome, and if you don’t, that’s ok to, since this is primarily for me. Thanks for stopping by.