I own one dog and one cat.

You eat in the classroom?

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I was just doing some reading.

These colours are beautiful.

They both looked back at Tricia.

I'm happy for all of you.

What's unusual about that?

Mott enjoys working here, I think.

I don't see Rafael as often as I'd like to.

She speaks English better than any of her classmates.

I'm really upset.

We alternated two hours of work and ten minutes of rest.

It's very likely to rain tomorrow.


They want to go home.

Allan lives close by.

She's a doctor.

I know there's a room available.

I have more important things to do.

European green crabs are invading North America.

He's jealous and irrational.

Duncan has never seen a giraffe.

Police are running an advertising campaign advising people who intend to drive home after drinking, to rethink their third drink.


I want to have something to remember you by.

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You can use my office, if you like.

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I don't know what more I can do for Marshall.

Is there any place around here where we can get something to eat?

The teacher can't have said such a thing.


I can't change how tall I am.

What ails you?

Clifford is very good at matching people.

We need soldiers, not monsters.

We met them by accident by the bus terminal.

Kamiya told David that everybody except John had already arrived.

You raped him!

That's very serious.

Archie learned a lot tonight.

Is that my coffee?

The telephone is just a wonderful device.

Laura is from Brazil. She is Brazilian.

Victoria has made the same mistake three times so far.


This bridge is built of stone.


I was as surprised by Wolf's death as you were.


Tell Srivatsan the truth.

I noticed strange details.

Can leopards run as fast as cheetahs?

I'd like to kiss Dan.

The wrestler had his right leg broken in a bout.


"What the fuck is this shit?" thought Neville.

They found this.

Cathryn told me he was working.

We just wanted you to know that we care.

Bush studied the problem.

I've been subpoenaed.

I have no idea to what extent I can trust them.


Are they actually friends?

I gave some books to Phillip.

The victory is ours.

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Many of John's clients are millionaires.

That photo was taken in my childhood.

I'm pretty happy with it.

She chatted with me while drinking her tea.

They charged me for the broken window.


Nils doesn't eat anything except the vegetables that he grows himself.

That's the one thing I'm sure of.

I am completely exhausted.

Is somebody going to let me in?

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

My colleagues welcomed me very warmly.

Johnathan knows how to fix things.

His face was very chubby.

Did you ask her for money?

The sushi at this shop tastes good.

He wishes to erase bad memories.

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Would you quit doing that?

Bob reached the finish line first.

What's your sign?


They'll be so happy to have Srinivas back.

Contact Murat Jackson for more information.

Did Edmond tell you when he was going to take his vacation?


Although a few countries have laws that permit physician-assisted suicide in some circumstances, physician groups generally oppose such legislation when it is proposed.

There was a detour on the road.

His chances for making a great deal of money are excellent.

He was lying on the grass.

Everyone held their breath to see who would win the presidential election.

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I only want to be a good neighbor.


Many a man has made the same error.

Moran is in your class, isn't he?

The singular case tonight hastens our union. You are mine! I've already told you and sworn it many times, now we will not say nor swear it anymore, now it must be so!


That's exactly what I used to tell myself.

I have no idea what Leo will say.

He is doing penance.

Barbara's head is bandaged.

Liisa was on the verge of tears.


Raanan pressed the button, but nothing happened.

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He managed to avoid damaging my reputation by dropping a hint.

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I wish Jackye were here to help us.

Good company in a journey is worth a coach.

You forgot something.

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Did you say something?

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It was no bigger than a soccer ball.

I can't believe that people think Ethan is intelligent.

You don't need it.


How nice to be in Hawaii again!


Holly Black was born in a decrepit Victorian house in New Jersey.

Why do people hate Beth so much?

Keep out of harm's way.

It isn't surprising that Africans may think of English as one of their continent's languages.

Lonhyn saw Dannie return home alone.

Let's get back on track.

My father led a moral life.


They lost it.


They all laughed at his error.

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Did you paint this?

It frustrates me to no end.

Manny thinks he knows what's going on.

Have you told Ole why you need to go to Boston?

He didn't take an umbrella with him.


I'm going to go wake them up.

Her death was a great blow to him.

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday.

The vase was broken to pieces.

You annoy us with your music.

I am learning in a classical school.

Val and Amanda had a good time together.

The author's juxtaposition of the two characters highlights their flaws.

Her mother is arriving by the 9:10 train.

Gigi asked Daryl if she drank beer.

More than 30,000 people braved the rain and cold to attend the Canada Day parade.


I think you know what I mean.


Don't talk over me.

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What happened to the car?


Please identify yourself.

When did you buy that from him?

She is very becoming in a black party dress.

Mike is still conscious.

My father is very nice.

I don't like this shirt. Show me another.

I didn't see Margie at school today.

I'll bring you up to date with hometown news.

It has no value.

I finished the race.

Dental care is expensive.

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Jacques and Torsten must be very happy.

Christmas is just a few days away.

I'm at a complete loss!

This is our first date.

She smiled, waving her hand.

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Some indigenous tribes in Brazil are threatened by loggers.

Why would he want to go there?

I have to take care of something.

Do you know he is good at making coffee?

Is there reason for optimism?

How stupid I am...

This time my goal is London.

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Meet lots of people while your father is still alive, go to many places while your horse is still strong.

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This is the case.

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The air is pure around here.


We don't have lots of time.

Mrs. Kotter said, don't do that any more.

Jennie said he was very sorry.